A Guide To Insert Images To Your GMAIL Messages

A Guide To Insert Images To Your GMAIL Messages

Inserting Images to a message in GMAIL was a very tedious earlier in the past. In order to ease this activity, Google has added a new feature named Gmail Lab feature to google mail, which helps in inserting images while composing a mail. Now adding images to your message is made simpler.

Google mail user’s need to just follow a set of steps and get this feature activated to expedite the Inserting Images feature while composing a mail.

The few steps to be followed are:

  • Sign in to your Google mail.
  • After signing into google mail navigate on top through settings option which is in the right hand side corner of your screen.
  • Now select the Labs option.
  • Here, you can select an option called as Inserting Images.

  • Under “Inserting Images” check on the enable radio button to get this feature started.
  • Great! Now this feature is successfully enabled.

Excellent, here after each time you try to compose a mail you find an option to help you in inserting images on Google mail toolbar.

Easy Steps to Add, Insert Or Attach A File In Excel Worksheet

Easy Steps to Add, Insert Or Attach A File In Excel Worksheet

It’s really a time consuming process to attach worksheet and related files separately. Microsoft Office excel allows users to attach important files to worksheet for instant access and better use of both documents. With this feature users will be able to access files directly from the workbook. Users will definitely get access to their important documents via excel sheet without opening other tab.

By adding these files to the worksheet, users make it more presentable and effective to understand thoroughly. It really reduces or almost eliminates hassle process of integrating the two files with each other. If you have any doubts regarding how to insert file in an excel sheet, then simply follow the given steps systematically.

  • Open an Excel workbook. Switch to particular worksheet where you want to insert file.
  • Select and highlight the certain cell where you need to put related files.
  • In ribbon interface or menu bar tap on “Insert
  • Select Object
  • A dialogue box will be popped up showing two options namely, “Create New” and “Create From File”.

  • You just choose “Create New” option for creating new files to add in excel worksheet few certain file formats are such as Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, OpenDocument, WordPad Document etc. These above options are just for creating new files then add them to excel sheets. However, here we are going to deal only existing files to add in excel worksheet. So it is better to choose “Create from File” option.
  • Tap on the “Browse” option and choose the specific file to add into the worksheet.
  • There are two more options to add and insert files into excel worksheet:
  • Link To File: Users can insert contents and data into document and create a link to original source file. Changes to source file will be reflected in excel worksheet.
  • Display As Icon:  add or insert an specific icon, which represents contents of the particular file into Excel worksheet.

  • Tick or Mark the respective checkboxes according to your preferences. Until you select or tick the boxes, you will not be allowed to see the options.
  • Optionally, you can change the icon by clicking on Change Icon option. It will happen only when you have selected “Display as icon” option.
  •  Finally, tap on Ok button. The specific file will be added to excel sheet associated with content or as icon.


There is option to shift or move the file in a worksheet. By double clicking on the file, it will open in default editor program. You must adhere to the sequence and the order of this useful tutorial to get targeted result.

How To Insert / Convert Rs To The Indian Rupee Symbol Automatically?

Yesterday, we mentioned how we can insert Indian Rupee Symbol in microsoft’s word. I was casually browsing the internet and came across a mention by Amartya Bag, who has revealed a smarter way to insert Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word.

Here’s the method as mentioned by Amartya Bag :

How to Use the Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office

1. Download the Font (Rupees Foradian) provided by Foradian Technologies Inc (http://blog.foradian.com)
2. Install the font. (Copy the Font to Control Panel -> Fonts Folder)
3. Change the Font from the default (Times New Roman/ Arial/ Calibri) to Rupees Foradian Font.
4. Type the Rupees Symbol in Microsoft Word through the grave acent symbol – ` (the key just above “tab” button in your keyboard).

The process can be tweaked so that you can type in any font in MS Word yet you can get the Rupees symbol:

In MS Office 2002

1) Select the symbol (ie. Just like you do while copy pasting anything)
2) Click on Tools -> Autocorrect
3) In the Replace Text Box type in Rs.
4) Click on Add -> Ok

In MS Office 2007/ 2010

1.If you want to add a formatted text entry, open the document that contains the text that is formatted the way that you want, and select the Rupee Symbol.
2.Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.
3.Click Proofing.
4.Click AutoCorrect Options.
5. In the Replace Text Box type in Rs. (You may also need to change the formatting stle from “Plain Text” to “Formatted Text”)
6. Click on Add -> Ok

You can also do it the conventional way as mentioned on foradian :

Download and Insert Indian Rupee Symbol for Miscrosoft Word

How To Insert Images Inline Within Gmail Messages ?

This one was much needed. We can now insert images within the email messages, which makes more sense at times, rather than expecting the receiver to view the images in attachments.

To attach the images inline with messages in GMail:

1> Login to your Gmail account,

2> Click on Settings, which can be found at the right top corner of the page,

3> Click on labs once the ‘Settings‘ page loads

4> Scroll down and you’ll find ‘Inserting images‘ option, enable and save your options.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Once you have enabled the option, you’ll see a new icon which says insert image, clicking it will pop-up an upload screen to upload images from your computer or from an URL, and you can insert the images inline with the message.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You’ll have option to format the images size to small, medium, large or you can retain the original image. And if you want to remove the image, you can select the image and cut it or use the remove button.