Your Gmail contacts can be integrated with Gravatar

Your Gmail contacts can be integrated with Gravatar

With the help of greasemonkey script add-on in Mozilla Firefox you can integrate Gravatar with Gmail Contacts. Because of add-on, every individual’s gravatar icon is displayed on the left of the email ID.

This Gmail Hack is made by Jon Fox. The graver icon is displayed only while reading a single person’s mail; it doesn’t work with multiple messages. This is a whole new and fresh idea. To make this trick happen a person should have a gravatar account.

You can try this trick with your Gmail and for that you have to download the hack.

How To Integrate Instant Messengers MSN, Yahoo, GTalk With Twitter

To begin with, I haven’t used this service yet. So I’m not sure how effective it is. I came across this one and thought would put it across to my readers so that you all can benefit from it.

Twitter has really grown leaps and bounds in such a short time, (Related Post: Google may already be feeling the heat 😉 ) that everyone, yes even Obama and Whitehouse are on twitter now. That’s the beauty of internet.

If you are a twitter addict, you can use the service from and integrate twitter to your day to day Instant Messengers – MSN, Yahoo And / Or Gtalk.

1> Register at and select your messenger service. If you want to integrate more than once, then you need to register as many times. You’ll be given an unique IM ID.

2> To confirm you ARE the actual user, you’ll have to add the specified mail id they give you, like if you are on gtalk then you must add [email protected] and send the ‘Unique IM ID’ that was given to your in step one.

3> And you are registered !

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There are a lot of commands you can use while accessing through your favorite messenger. Some of them are:

  • t [status] – to twit this status
  • d [username] [message] – to dm that fellow twitter
  • d [username1,username2,username3,…] [message] – to mass dm
  • follow [username] – to follow that user
  • unfollow [username] – to unfollow the user
  • mute – to stop receiving friends updates
  • talk – to start receiving friends updates again
  • report [error] – to send an error report

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