Enable Screen Rotation To Flip / Rotate Windows Screen 90 / 180 / 270 Degree

One of the coolest pranks you can play on your friends in your locality or school is, flip windows screen of their computer. However, before you perform this little trick, you need to ensure that they have enabled screen rotation on their computer.

To check if they have enabled screen rotation:

1> Click ‘Start‘ –> ‘Settings‘ –> ‘Control Panel‘ –> Search for Intel Driver here, in my case it is ‘Intel(R) GMA Driver For Mobile‘. The Intel driver on your system will be pretty similar to the one on my system (in case you are unable to figure out how to handle features of your Intel driver, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out).

2> By default, yo’ll be in  ‘Display Devices‘ tab. Click on ‘Display Settings‘ tab.

3> ‘Display Settings‘ tab will have an option –> ‘Enable Rotation‘, enable it by checking the ‘check-box’. Then click on ‘Apply‘.

This will enable screen rotation and the short cut keys to flip windows computer screen will work if it was not working earlier.

For your convenience here are directions to flip your windows screen vertically / horizontally:

1> For normal windows Press CTRL + ALT + the up arrow key.

2> To rotate windows screen vertically left 90 degrees, press CTRL + ALT + left arrow key

3> To rotate windows screen vertically right 270 degrees, press CTRL + ALT + right arrow key

4> To rotate windows screen upside down, press CTRL + ALT + down arrow key

If you have any issues or are unable to flip the screen leave a comment and I’ll try to sort the problem.

Download Intel Data Migration Software for SSD Drive

Download Intel Data Migration Software for SSD Drive

Require Data Migration Software for recently purchased Intel Solid-State Drives (SSD)? Then you can check out Intel Data Migration Software. Intel Migration Software is a collection of highly effective and simple-to-use hard disk utilities that has been developed by Acronis for modern Intel Solid State Drives.

Intel Data Migration software, which copies contents of your current drives from old previous storage device towards your latest Intel Solid-State Drives for making this migration simple and uncomplicated. This migration application is developed with user-friendly attributes, which has the ability for automatic detection of new and old drives and advice the users with easy cloning process. With the help of Intel Migration Software, all the contents of hard disk like applications, operating system, personal setting, and documents can be moved within minutes towards new from old.

The Intel Migration Software powered by Acronis helps to make the migration process to Intel Solid State Drives more quickly and easily for corporate and home as mentioned by Troy Winslow who is a director of Intel NAND Solution Group.

The Intel Data Migration Software is available as a free download from the Intel here.

Download Intel Data Migration Software
Download Intel Data Migration Software User Guide

Intel Technology To Wake Up PC / Laptop / Desktop From Sleep

Reception of VOIP Calls Made Easy By Waking Up of PC System from Sleep Mode by Intel

Usage of pc / personal computer now-a-days has become a part of our day to day life. Whenever a user does not want to use the machine for long time, they can keep the system in Sleep mode.

When pc is kept in Sleep mode, the user can save lot of power as well as enhance the lifespan of the components which are used in the mother board. The problematic part comes into picture here when user keeps machine in Sleep mode, and there is some event that’s expected to happen at around the time when the system is in Sleep Mode

To solve this problem, Intel has announced the DG45FC and DG45ID technology ( lets assume that we need to handle tasks like VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)) to wake our system from sleep mode. This saves about 20 percent of power consumption.

This technique enables our machine to attend Internet calls without fail even if our system is in sleep mode. Major PC manufacturing companies like HP and DELL are going to adopt this technology in their Upcoming systems manufactured.


  • Used when the usage of PC in certain situations over a short period of actual working time like less than twenty percent of the total.
  • Saves about 60% of power consumption for the PCs which are actually utilized for 30% of the time they switched on.
  • Remote wake technology enables our system to wake up from sleep mode automatically.

This technology does all the above mentioned activities with a server called Sleep Server.

Sleep Server

This server responds to the tasks even if our PC is in sleep mode by the minute virtual images that are created. It does not involve expensive hardware components as it is just software.

Intel is going to introduce its first PC incorporated with this technology in the coming months. Let us hope that this technology is adopted by all PC manufacturing companies in near future to save our environment.

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Chrome OS, Availability, Pricing, Reviews – Will It Be In India Anytime Soon?

I’m sure many of you are eagerly awaiting Chrome OS from a very long time. It was Acer which heralded the news of Chrome OS being launched soon. Well, Digitimes says that it will be released this month before the holidays. The information was leaked out by ‘component players’ the middle men, who are busy working on iPhone 5, and still can find time to make such comments.

News is out that the Google will be launching a self-branded device and has its mobile OS slightly better suited for bigger screens. But all this is yet to be seen! Although Chrome OS cannot be obtained as a download to install, it can only be shipped on other hardwares from Google’s partners. Due to the fact that the sole application on the device will be a browser through a media player, Google Chrome OS targets those who are at their PC most of the time.

Google Chrome is initially meant for secondary devices like netbooks, rather than for user’s PCs and will run on hardware using an x86 or ARM-based processor. It utilizes one-sixtieth of the drive as Windows 7. Considering the fact that Chrome is an open source project, it is sure interesting to view the Google Code page often, to be aware of the changes that take place.

In can be technical most often, but they do come up with a few interesting features/designs as well. Its main aim is to give us a light weight Linux distribution for a great web browsing feel.

Some of the software features are:-  GNOME 2.30 desktop environment, Google Chrome 8.2.552 web browser, Flash Player 10.1 plugin, Google Picasa 2.7 photo manager, Wine Windows emulator 1.2, Open Office.org 3.2 office suite, GIMP 2.6 image editor, Pidgin 2.6 instant messenger

Chrome OS requires a processor –[Intel Pentium, Xeon or newer, AMD Duron, Athlon, Sempron, Opteron or newer], RAM – min.256 MB; Hard disk-min 1GB; and Graphics card which supports most of the latest graphic cards!

Win A Free Intel Core i5 Laptop – Intel Scavenger Hunt Contest

Scavenger hunts are loads of fun, but are quite rare at higher levels, when you have passed out of those backyard parties. That is exactly why Intel has come out with this novelty idea of scavenger hunt mainly for its Smartphone users. Here, we are speaking about a contest only for the authorized residents of the US who are above 18 years. It is important that participants have not made any kind of shopping solely for the purpose of entering the contest.

It is quite a thrilling activity intended to find out how the company score’s in the eyes of the public basically at their activity levels. The only requirement is an iPhone or any other phone with MMS facility. You need to follow three basic steps in order to enter the contest.

First is to collect pictures related to Intel, go on to adding as many points as you increase the number of images and at last you stand a great chance to win many exciting prices!

Don’t you think it is easy? Various Intel ads carry many points within them, and with Intel’s Insight iPhone app, it is possible to trace them. The points need to be accumulated by clicking any of the Intel related pictures. You also can trace the hints that guide you to the next set of points. Although it is basically an iPhone users contest, non iPhone users too are free to take part. For further details they can MMS ‘CORE’ to ‘6174604517’ and get on with the hunt.

Employees of the Intel Corp. or their near relatives are not eligible to take part in this contest. The sponsors are Intel Corporation, 5000W Chandler Blvd, Chandler AZ 85226, Administrator.ePrize, LLC, One ePrize Drive, Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069. The duration of the contest is 16th Sept 2010, 12 am, Eastern Time [ET] to 30th Nov, at 11.59ET. The official time keeper is Ansible Mobile’s computer.

You initially fill up the application, which can be found at any Apple Appstore, and during the course of the filling, you will be furnished with various hints to guide you further. These hints may be a detail of an object called Asset, which have been formed by the sponsor. As you accumulate your points, you will be intimated through the application itself. This was the procedure for iPhone users.

For non-iPhone users, after they type, they will be asked if they would opt for Intel insight and on consent, they will receive three messages a week throughout the contest. Once you consent to take part, you will need to furnish them with your details, and your hints too will come through messages. Here also you will need to collect points.

In case you wish to drop out of the contest, then text ‘Stop- 617-460-5714 or ‘HELP’ in case of any queries. It is the sole right of the sponsorers to reject or disqualify any participants.

The attractive prices announced just tempt each one to take part!

Core i7E level – If you are the lucky on to reach this level, then you can win yourself a brand new Intel Core i5 processor based laptop.

The rest of them will be eligible for BestBuy cards and the denominations are as follows:

Core i7 level – lucky 2 will get $250 BestBuy Cards.

Core i5 level – 5 of them will get $100 BestBuy gift cards.

Core i3 level – 10 get lucky who get anywhere between 500 to 2499 points win$25 BestBuy Cards.

Hints are usually hidden in the pictures you click!

Want the insight application for your iPhone ? Download it from here.

Intel forays into Home Energy Management

Launching a website last week showcasing its Home Dashboard Concept, Intel has announced that it is ready to enter the home energy management sector (apple’s energy management solution). This emerging niche already has biggies like Panasonic, Google, Apple, and Microsoft making forays into it.

Apple has already applied for two patents for a home energy management application – in which an Apple device connected to the main power line will direct the power consumption at all outlets. Consumers can track their power use and get tips to reduce power consumption on an LCD, according to the patent.

Microsoft is offering the Hohm application that allows customers online access to bills and real-time snapshots of power consumption. However, you need to install specialized smart-meters for the Hohm. Google has its PowerMeter, that disseminates power-usage information to users to help them devise ways of cutting down on their power bills. It releases this data through partners that make smart meters such as Energy Inc. – makers of the home-monitoring utility, The Energy Detective (TED).

Intel’s Home Dashboard Concept will act as a hub to manage and monitor power devices that are connected to it with smart plugs. This device is also a WiFi hub, and can get energy guidelines from the Internet directly. Moreover, it has profiles such as “Away” that automatically puts everything on standby and turns down the thermostat.

Even though it is still at the concept level, the design released by Intel promises to be more sophisticated and advanced than the existing products, such as the TED. However, the big question that remains is the price tag that the company is going to put on it – and how much consumers are willing to pay for technology that saves power to save money.

Intel and Cray team up on supercomputers

Intel is all set to embark on a partnership program with supercomputing specialist Cray Systems.

The two companies will develop the main components for a new generation of supercomputers using multi-core chips and advanced interconnection methods.

The new systems will be targeted at traditional supercomputing markets, such as engineering calculations and scientific modelling and analysis.

Cray president and chief executive Peter Ungaro said: “This collaboration provides the HPC market segment with access to the best microprocessors the industry has to offer at any point in time, in the most advanced supercomputers in the world.”

The two companies expect the initiative to bear fruit in 2010, when Cray plans to ship the first of its Cascade line of supercomputers.

The Cascade project, which is partially backed by a grant from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is an attempt to use multiple processor types and computing methods in a ‘hybrid’ supercomputer.

The move also marks a win for Intel. Cray had originally planned to base Cascade on chips from rival vendor AMD.

Here’s one to even faster supercomputers. 🙂


Shortcut Key To Flip The Screen In the Windows TO 180 Degree..

This ones a cool one to play pranks on your friends, especially if your friends do not know how to get it back to the normal state 😉

The shortcut is

for normal windows : Ctrl + Alt + <Up arrow>
and for 180 deg it is : Ctrl + Alt + <Down arrow>

How ever you should know that these are default shortcuts for Intel Extreme Graphics Controller, and you can change them. To check / change or disable these keys go to control panel–>Intel Extreme Graphics–>Hot Keys.

Have fun :).


Some users have written to me saying the shortcuts do not work. This happens when you have not enabled rotation feature in Display Settings under Intel Graphics Media Accelerator media. You need to enable rotation in order to be able to Rotate / Flip your windows screen upside down / 90 / 180 / 270 degrees.