Use Fbackup To Automatically Backup Important Files

Use Fbackup To Automatically Backup Important Files

Nowadays, it is very important for us to perform the backup process of important files, and we can carry out this process either automatically or manually. Saving the backup of any file is a vital activity, because when your system gets infected by virus or corrupted, backup is one and only one way to restore back the essential files.

A software utility named as “Fbackup” is suitable for commercial and personal use. The Fbackup software is provided with two option feature with which you can backup your files manually or you can set up the backup process to run automatically. You can set the scheduled files to backup automatically and save it to any place such as LAN location or USB device. The backup files produced may be in compressed an exact copy format of the previous files.

Fbackup has user friendly wizard which has simple interface with which you can carry out the backup process very easily.

Following are the main features regarding to the Fbackup:

  • You can backup files automatically via scheduling option
  • Provides accurate copies of files
  • Backup by means of standard zip compression
  • The software is easy to use
  • You can download updates very easily
  • Saves to multiple destinations
  • Download free of cost

Google Chrome For Mac And Linux

Google Chrome For Mac And Linux

The Google Chrome is the latest web browser launched by Google. This web browser has come up to people’s expectations and has impressed everyone with its light environment, faster execution and sleek design.

Other web browsers like the Opera and the Apple Safari are still struggling to make a mark among users but the Google Chrome is attracting more users every day.


Unlike some of its counterparts, Google has launched a version of Google Chrome which is compatible with the Mac and Linux Operating Systems. The OS for Mac and Linux comes in two versions, the 32 bit and 64 bit versions. The interface for these versions is almost the same as for the one of Windows. It has tabbed browsing, incognito window, themes, new tab and other features.

The Google Chrome for Linux can be downloaded from the following link Here

Whereas the version for Mac can be downloaded from Here

Thumbs Up for the EASEUS Partition Master

Thumbs Up for the EASEUS Partition Master

Windows Server has come out with one of its best tools ever released. The Partition Manager that comes built in with the Windows Server is of great use and helps partitioning hard disks with great ease and efficiency. Microsoft has come up with an extremely smart application that supplements the Microsoft Server’s Partition Manager.

The EASEUS Partition Manager presents to you a diverse and robust collection of tools for drive management. This application is surely going to give stiff competition to Partition Magic along with various other drive partition applications.


The overall performance of this application has received thumbs up from its users and a part by part review of this application is given below:

The Interface of this program receives an impressing 4 stars. The applications first sight gives an impression of it being century old, but once you use it you get the actual feel of this awesome application. Its application and working is highly impressive.

It works exactly like the Partition Magic, but with a different name. The buttons and fields of this program are clear and can be identified easily. Even if you’re a first time user, you will easily be able to get a successful result. This highlights the user friendliness of this application, which is a very important aspect for a product to be successful.


The Features of this program get a full 5 stars. The Move and Resize Feature allows partitions to be resized in two ways: First, by dragging the left or right frame of the partition and get the desired size.

 You can also type the actual desired amount of the drive. In this way of obtaining a partition you just need to type in the exact size of the new disk (in bytes) and the results are obtained instantly. This operation is performed flawlessly and runs faster than the other application Partition Magic.

The Create and Delete Partition feature of this application helps us create a partition from the unallocated space of our hard drive. This function can also be carried out by other disk management tools, but what differentiates them is the ability to resize unallocated space while creating a partition.


It also allows deletion of partitions. The “Delete Partition & Destroy Data” feature helps us remove partitions completely and not allowing it to be recovered.

The Partition and Disk Copy feature is of great utility. It can also be classified as backup. A same disk or partition can be obtained using this feature of this application.

Some of the other useful features are format partition, convert partition, explore partition, unhide and hide partition etc. If you are confused and are unable to use any of the feature, then there’s a user guide to help you successfully play with your disk.

The System Requirement aspect of this program gets 5 stars. It is compatible with all the previous as well as current versions of Windows Operating Systems.


The Technical Support also gets 4 stars. As the support is based in China, the results will be obtained after 12 hours of your request. It only provides e-mail support. It also gives you an impressive thirty days cash back guarantee.

The Partition Master from EASEUS doesn’t provide support to dynamic disks. In fact none of such applications provide this feature. The hardware RAID feature of this application makes up for this loss.

The overall rating of this impressive application is 4.5 stars. You can download the trial version for free, whereas the full version or the server edition will cost you 149 US$. You can avail more information of this product from the following here