11 Unrevealed Facts about Upcoming Google Chrome Operating System

11 Unrevealed Facts about Upcoming Google Chrome Operating System

The giant search engine Google is planning to launch its operating system in the market. As it was captured a huge chunk in the market with its unique search engine, it has become an undisputed leader in this field. Now Google is thinking to expand its market share with its latest operating system (Google chrome OS).

Many people think that this will give the huge competition to the giant operating system company Microsoft. Some people have even named this as window’s killer. However it will take years to beat windows operating system in the market, because Windows has already captured entire computer market. However Google has featured its operating system with some latest and fresh features that make it more useful and efficient.


Google operating system will be released as an open product in the market, which means you can use this operating system at free of cost. You might be quite shocked, but this is true that this multi million dollar project will be totally free for everyone. You just have to simply download and use it on your computer without having to shell out any money. 

The project is currently being conducted, however here you will get 11 undisclosed feature of upcoming Google chrome operating system. There is no doubt that this operating system will give huge competition to its rivals by developing a complete unique operating system.

If you are totally unaware of its features, then there is a list of 11 basic features of Google chrome OS

  • It will eliminate Falun Gong references from files.
  • Your computer hard disk will be defragged automatically every month.
  • It will change desktop icons automatically everyday.
  • There will be your family images are tagged by text for diet plans and skin care plans.
  • It will acquires, develops invests in and abandons your ideas.
  • There will be a hot key on your desktop named “I am feeling lucky” for tax preparation.
  • Masseuse will come automatically on every Monday afternoon
  • It will stop working as soon as it smells something suspicious.
  • Maximum system crashes will occur in starting days.
  • Its beta version will be available up to 2038.
  • 20% of time it will stop working from what you want to get it done by it.

Download And Install Firefox Add-On Interclue 1.5.7 To Preview The Link Before Clicking On It

Download And Install Firefox Add-On Interclue 1.5.7 To Preview The Link Before Clicking On It

There are plenty of malicious and malware websites all over the internet. Most of the times, we click on the links accidentally without observing them. Due to this your computer gets corrupted mostly by viruses, and sometimes your critical data could be stolen.

The question is that how to make sure that every link we are clicking is secure or not? Introducing now, Interclue add-on of the Firefox allows you to preview the provided link even before you decide to click on it. This will help you to keep your PC safe from the dangerous attacks of viruses, and thus you could safeguard your private data.

All you have to do is install an Interclue add-ons, which is available for your computer Firefox browser. After installing it, hover your mouse on the links you are going to click and Linkclue icon will appear at the ending side of the link. After that, just move the pointer of mouse over this particular icon, you will see Clueviewer window (actually it is a small window which is allied with the selected link) showing the details and summary of the link. As soon as you shift the mouse pointer away from the Linkclue icon, Clueviewer window will be automatically closed.

There is a method to create the Clueviewer stationary on the similar position even when you move the mouse pointer away. For this, simply hit on the pin icon situated at the top right side of the pane, the Clueviewer window will become stationary. This window will be stationary until you close it.

Interclue not only provides overview of link but it also helps you to prevent getting the subsequent most allied link. This is supportive especially when there is an entire group of links that you might get in different search engine results. Additionally, the arrow buttons, provided as up and down function, can shift you to the subsequently next or earlier links which are closely related to the previewed link.

Following are some important features offered by this particular Firefox add-on:

  • You can see preview of the link for self confirmation
  • you can take page snapshot
  • It also shows date and files size of the link
  • Offers some helpful metadata and stats
  • you may bookmark the link
  • you can also email the content summary related to link
  • you can copy and paste the content summary to the clipboard

Interclue Download