Set Your Audio Language On DreamBox Satellite Decoder

Set Your Audio Language On DreamBox Satellite Decoder

When using DreamBox Satellite Decoder to receive multi-channels of multi-languages from different countries, you may get annoyed by frequently changing the audio settings for the channels, which you are not acquainted of. You can configure this to fix some of your favorite language as default settings by following some below mentioned simple steps.


User will not be able to access these settings with the help of remote control and thus, you will need to make the settings by accessing Web Interface of DreamBox Enigma on your PC screen for configuring it by following below steps:

With Ethernet cable, connect your PC with DreamBox.

  • With the help of DreamBox remote control, navigate to Menu->Setup->Expert Setup->Communication Setup and note down the Internet Protocol code for the DreamBox.
  • Launch Internet Explorer on your personal computer’s screen and enter the following Internet Protocol Address in the field of address. For example, Type
  • Once propmted for a password, enter ‘Root’ in User Name field and ‘DreamBox’ in password field to get the permission to the DreamBox. Go to ‘CONFIG’ from the main menu, then browse through ‘Audio Channel Priority’, later in this field, enter the specifications of the audio channel’s priority.For example, select English#audio 1, as the priority level when the PC restarts.
  • Click on Save button and restart your system with your remote control and it is done.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to pre-configure and select your favorite language without taking much efforts to  select manually each time before watching your favorite programs.

How Can I Check Which Other Sites Are Hosted On The Same IP / Server On Which My Site Is Hosted

I always wondered which other sites were hosted on the same IP on which my site was hosted. And the reason to hunt various sites hosted on my server are many.

Firstly, my site is hosted on a reseller account, as at this point I have no reason why I have to shift my site to dedicated server (cost cutting).

I constantly watch who my neighbors are. They share the same IP as my site, which means SE’s see some similarities among us. So I need to ensure I do not have too many ‘Bad Guys’ around me. Universal fact is that if you are often seen with a group of ‘Bad People’, inadvertantly you too are ONE.

Sometimes I get just too curous and can’t resist myself from peeking on my neighbors 😀 .. Bad habbits dun die soon … do they 😛

I use YouGetSignal’s reverse IP domain check service to Find Other Websites Hosted On A Web Server.