Find Router IP Address from iPhone –

We don’t always have a need to find the router’s IP address. But it is important to note it down, in case you want to configure your router via the admin panel. For this, you will want to have the IP address. You can find router IP address from iPhone or iPad if you want to. Make sure you  have connected to the WiFi network from the router before you follow the steps below.

Find Router IP Address from iPhone

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Find Router IP Address from iPhone – How to

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the WiFi option.
  • You will get a menu which shows the name of the WiFi network that you are connected to. Tap on the “i” icon that is next to it. You will get additional details about the WiFi network.
  • You will get a menu that will contain IP addresses and the Subnet mask details. Under them is the Router and the corresponding IP address. This is the one that you would want to note.

That’s all for now. That is how you can Find Router IP Address from iPhone or iPad. This will come in handy the next time you want to change the WiFi password through the admin panel of the router.

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Disable Email On WordPress

Tips for Disabling the Email with “Please Moderate Comments” from wordpress

Whenever there exists comments, which are being kept for the purpose of moderation, wordpress will send an email to the page author or the post together with the title, which is similar to “Blog Name”, “Please Moderate: “Post Name or Page Title”

The email includes the following content “A new comment on the post “Post Title or Page Title” is looking forward to your authorization, along with the comments details such as author’s name, URL, email address, direct connection to those IP address for who’s service that comment was made.

Users can directly click on those links, which are provided for approval, and sending the comment to spam or trash as well as for browse moderation panel.

The “please moderate” electronic mail is probably not useful for every blogger although, particularly when the number of such emails may come upon plenty in routine. People who favor not to be notified with e-mail if you have comments, which are kept in moderation queue, are able to disable and turn off email notification for avoiding email’s, which are sent by the wordpress.

For Stopping and Disabling, the “please moderate email in wordpress” follows these instructions:

Login to > wp-admin then > Setting then click > Discussions. Now have a look at the Email, you will find two options “Anyone Post a Comment” and “A comment is held for moderation” you should uncheck the second option which is “A comment is held for moderation” to stop receiving email from the wordpress.

Connect Two Computers with LAN

How to Connect Two Computers with LAN?

These days, we have to connect computers with each other for several reasons. You might want to set up a Local Area connection inside your office using either your desktops or laptops. If you are a student, you can also interconnect more than two computers to play games.

There are numerous solutions to accomplish this task. Generally, this procedure could be divided into two parts, wireless and wired LAN. Here, you will find out how to connect two computers.

For connecting two computers through wired LAN, there must Ethernet card installed on every computer. These days almost all the manufacturers provide pre installed LAN card on their motherboards. In case there is no LAN card installed on your computer, you can get one done easily. These cards are similar to the video cards and you can install them effortlessly on the slot provided in the motherboard.

After installing the LAN cards on your computer, the next step is to connect the LAN cable with the computers. For these kinds of connection, crossover cable is needed.

Now you have to set up your computer to connect to each other. Let us assume that the computers are working on Windows XP. Now follow these steps

Click Start > Right Click on My Computer > then Click on Properties


Then, from the top menu click on tab named as “Computer Name”


Now, click on “Change” button just below the “Network ID” and a new window will pop up.

You will then find a “Computer Name” field. Remember to give a name, which you gave while installing window XP, otherwise it will give a default name. Therefore, it will be better to assign names as system_one, system_two and so on.

There you will find “Member of” field, in which you will find “Workgroup” option. It will have a default name “MSHOME”, you can assign all other subscribers with this group and press “OK”

Your one computer is configured now and you’ll need to repeat the same procedure for the second one. Make it sure to keep the same workgroup with other computers, names can be different.

After configuring both computers, you’ll need to physically connect them.  Plug crossover cable in LAN port of both computers.

Now from the “Start Menu” open “Control Panel” > Click > “Network and Internet Connections”

From the “”Pick a Control Panel icon” > Click > “Network Setup Wizard”

Later, you will find “Welcome to the Network Setup Wizard” page, go to the bottom and right Click > “Next” bottom.

Click Next button again. On doing so, you’ll get the window with three options in it, select the radio button with “This computer connects directly to the internet. The other computers on my network connect to internet through this computer” and Click > Next.

After finishing the wizard from the control panel open “Network and Internet Connection” and Click >Network Connections”

Double click on “Local Area Connections” and Click on “Properties”

Now from the “This connection uses the following items” scroll the bar down and Double Click on > “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”

You will observe that the default option is selected as “Obtain an IP address automatically”, check on the “Use the following IP address” option and change it to IP address of your own choice such as Remember to use different IP address for different computers. The next tab will be of “Subnet Mask” and use “” which will automatically comes after entering IP address. Both computers should have same “subnet mask.” IP configuration window will be as follows.

Then, click on “OK” button.

Our Conclusion


  • Plug Crossover cable into the LAN port of both computers
  • Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center
  • Click the Unidentified Network from the Network Map
  • Then Click > Turn on network discovery and file sharing.
  • From > Network discovery and file sharing select
  • No, make the network that I am connected to a private network
    • OR
  • Yes, turn on network discovery and file sharing for all public networks

Hide Your IP For Anonymous Browsing With NotMyIP

Hide Your IP For Anonymous Browsing With NotMyIP

If you wish to hide your IP to anonymously browse the internet and overcome censorship, the best proxy tool that can help you do this is NotMyIP. This tool is similar to Hide IP utility. NotMyIP proxy tool uses high quality proxies and is a free version of Anonymity Gateway which is a premium product.

You can use Anonymity Gateway for bypassing access restriction like blocked Facebook access, blocked MySpace access etc. You can also bypass download limit that is imposed by file sharing services such as MegaUpload, RapidShare etc. Once you start using NotMyIP, all the traffic (incoming as well as outgoing) is routed via NotMyIP proxies.

NotMyIP does not need any additional add-ons, plug-ins or any kind of manual configuration. It works well with most web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. The best part is that this utility comes with high speed proxies to ensure that the proxy routing works properly at all times. This eliminates the need for users to search for new proxies on the internet.

NotMyIP comes with three different IP addresses and three premium US proxies that are available for free. However, you can expect a slow browsing speed with NotMyIP as numerous users share the same proxies.

Use Remote Access Console Or From The DOS Prompt To Add New Route

Adding New Route To TCP/IP Routing Table By Using Remote Access Console Or From The DOS Prompt

Every windows box that is connected to a network, either it is wide area network or local area network has an IP routing table. This table contains rules that define where and how all data packets must be sent.

Generally, it is very normal process to connect your computer with the internet. However, some time the computers that are connected to complex network will require advanced network topology, and they’ll also need additional requirements of routing the paths.

In simple word Sometimes network interface routers requires more relevant information and optimization paths to connect computer to the remote servers of Internet service provider. In such circumstances, you can resolve this problem by adding manual routes in routing tables through command prompt.

How to add IP route rules in to routing tables in DOS command prompt with route command prompt-

1. Click start and open command prompt.

2. Below is the syntax of route command to add routing table:

route ADD [destination IP address or subnet] MASK [subnet mask] [gateway IP address] [metric] IF [interface] 

Every part of this syntax is not mandatory. There are also some optional parts in this syntax such as network interface and metric.

For example, the command to add route to subnet network through gateway router: route ADD MASK

To make route persistent across boots of the system, use -p flag in addition to route add command. Else, route will not be preserved once the system reboots.

For example: route –p ADD MASK

3. Press enter to start the rote command

4. Now check that your route settings are added correctly by viewing routing table

If you face any difficulties, then you must scan the route commands again. If any information is incorrectly entered, then you have to delete that route and enter the new rout commands all over again.

5. Add new rout table using routing and remote access console:

  • Go to start > Administrative tools>Routing and remote access?

  • If your computer is already configured, then you can skip to step 5 directly. However, if your computer is not configured, then you have to configure it. Right click on action menu and select configure routing and remote access.

  •  During this process you select custom configuration option to enable routing access


Following these steps you can easily configure optimized network connection. These two methods are useful to get connected with your computer.

Scammers Worldwide Are Exploiting Your Computers By Sending Emails In Your Inbox

Scammers Worldwide Are Exploiting Your Computers By Sending Emails In Your Inbox

Most Scammers worldwide are using mails to download malwares and viruses in your computer. In case you receive emails from unknown senders, it is better that you delete it without opening them.

Certain emails with titles like “take care” and “are your loved ones in great health” are being mailed by scammers to your inboxes. This is to win your faith so you open them and let the viruses enter your system.

Many reports also point that these emails show that they have news for local bomb threats. They also display links to secure sites like Google and Wikipedia. In this way they fool the reader in opening them and transporting them to an insecure website that transmits viruses automatically.

The scammers use specific IP addresses to send emails to the recipients. They do this by using the IP tracking techniques that shall track your IP address to your home locations. For the bombing news they use secure and reliable news agencies like Reuters to win the faith of the recipients.

Like this the user gets forwarded to spam websites which directly download malwares in the victim’s system without their knowledge.

Bit Blinder To Help Anonymous Downloading

Bit Blinder To Help Anonymous Downloading

Nowadays, browsing internet without precautions results in many complications. To protect we just tend to install antivirus. Yes, it is a good option but on huge network protecting the IP address is a huge concern too.

Most of the individuals have downloaded torrent files using various bit torrent clients to protect their IP address but still they are exposed to everyone.

Every single torrent client displays IP addresses as either peer or seeder. A new trick will conceal computer’s codes while downloading the torrent files and display them as anonymous.

Bit Blinder is open-source application which encodes IP addresses and links to the torrent-tracker. All the torrent packages are guided through a secure link with no other alternate option of exposing your computer codes from peer or seeder list.

Bit Blinder is a secure path provider that encodes every activity as unknown torrent downloading device “TOR-Networking” to commence file transfer process amid all the torrent groups.

This helps in downloading torrent files as an unknown IP, and a network browser gets permit to browse websites as an anonymous surfer.

An individual is required to get an account registered, and then move ahead to download Bit Blinder, and on sign up, Bit Blinder offers 9 Giga Byte free Download Limit.

Simple Trick To Change Your PC’s IP Address

Simple Trick To Change Your PC’s IP Address

There are several reasons why people need to change their computer’s IP address. One of the main reasons is IP download limit imposed by various file sharing sites like Megaupload, Rapidshare etc. By doing so, these file sharing sites make sure that limited download slots are allotted to free users.

These websites keep a track of your IP address and permit the next file download from a particular IP address only after a certain time period. However, it is possible that you bypass this restriction by simply changing your computer’s IP address. Normally, you try to change your PC’s IP address by turning off your internet modem and turning it on again, but this trick is not successful all the time.

Nevertheless, you can change your PC’s IP address without restarting your internet modem. You do not need to make use of proxy websites, IP hide tools or proxy IP anymore. You need to simply use the below mentioned trick to change your PC’s IP address in less than a minute.

  1. You need to copy the below mentioned commands and paste them into a Notepad.
  2. Echo ipconfig/flushdns


    echo ipconfig/release


    echo ipconfig/renew



    Then, save this file by the name “ipchange.bat”.

  3. Double-click on the file to execute the commands. If you are a Windows Vista user, you should not double-click on the file “ipchange.bat“. Instead, you need to right-click on it and select the option “Run as Administrator”. 
  4. Once the above mentioned commands are executed, they will automatically reset your internet modem and a fresh IP address will be assigned to your PC.

 You can use the above trick only if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides a dynamic IP, wherein the PC gets a fresh IP address every time you reset or restart your internet modem.

Pick Up Your Email, from any computer, anywhere in the world

Like FuseMail, allows you to check roughly any email account from just about anywhere. In ad hoc mode, you do not even need to register : Just enter your email account and password. ( This feature is quite a sketchy and got me a bit worried, but according to the privacy policy, passwords are never stored. ) The service does its level best to discern server settings for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and other favored mail services ; you may provide POP or IMAP settings by hand. Intellilogin will mechanically work out your Server name or IP address of your e-mail server. So by entering only your email and password, you’re able to retrieve your e-mail inside seconds.

Pick Up Your Email, from any computer, anywhere in the world

Complicated Login enables to to cite your own custom Server name or IP address of your e-mail server. Secure Login brings you to a secured connection ( SSL ) which you may see a https at the hyperlink. Each info you submit will be encrypted with 128 Bit. There’s even Outlook Internet Access for emails that is on exchange servers. By registering and making a free account with mail2web, you can store your email server names and get an individual default page on the mail2web servers ( including a picture, fave reports groups, and favourite links ).

The contact importer offers a handy capability to parse CSV files to find just the right fields for your address book. There is also a WAP version of the email customer for accessing mail on WAP-enabled telephones. For PDA users, you can also find a PDA mail2web version. Though does not provide all the functions of a premium service ( there’s no antispam filtering, for instance ), what it does it does terribly well. Whilst you may see a good several banner adverts here, the visible design remains clean and even elegantly laid out. Basically everybody is ready to use this service I know I use them on my PDA. For desktop, I suggest ePrompter.

Those who have an iPhone can now get a free push email for their iPhone from