What He Left Behind – Apple Without Jobs – Will It Fail / Succeed ?

Steve Job passed away recently, on October 5th, 2011.  He co-founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne and has stuck with them ever since.  Jobs has also been the CEO for many years until only a few months ago when he stepped down due to concerns with his health, as he figured it was what was best for the company.  He died of respiratory arrest due to his pancreatic cancer that spread to many other organs.

Jobs had resigned from the Apple CEO position on August 24, 2011. With his resignation he suggested that Tim Cook take over as his successor and he got exactly what he wanted. Tim Cook is now the new face of Apple and will carry it forth into the coming years.  Many now wonder what will happen to Apple without Steve Jobs; he was the face of Apple and had been idolized by many Apple users around the world.

Some are questioning if Apple will continue to rise in the technology field without Steve’s brilliant ideas. On top of that it is also going to be interesting to see how Apple copes without their normal presenter. Jobs also had a truly gifted way of promoting the products through his one of a kind speech’s that were given to just about every major Apple release in the past few years.

Just one day before his death the iPhone 4S was announced. This move lead to many unhappy people who were all looking forward to purchasing the iPhone 5 that just about everyone predicted was going to be announced. When the iPhone 4S was announced and the disapproval of users was heard, there was a 0.6% drop in Apple stock market shares which is actually pretty surprising after a major product announcement.  But it’s not all bad news for Apple at this point, the iPhone 4S is said to have surpassed over 1 million preorders already only a few days after the announcement, this is huge because it has already passed the presales record of the iPhone 4.

Will we see a continued dominance from Apple in the Cellphone and Tablet market?  Only time will tell… However, as long as they keep their extremely loyal fan base that line up for every single new Apple product, then I think it’s safe to say they will do just fine because none of the other companies have anything like that.

Is Video Calling On Skype Android Phone (Galaxy S) Possible ?

A friend wanted to figure out if there is a way to make Video Calls o Skype from Galaxy S (an Android phone).

Skype has done a good job when it comes to iPhones, but unfortunately they are a long way from catching up when it comes to phones that run Android. They are still away from enabling video call function. They should take some quick measures to get video calling feature as they are losing a chunk of their market share to Tango.

They do have an app which works on Samsung Galaxy S, but the app does not support Video Calling (you can now make skype video calls from HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy provided you are on Android 2.3 ). To run Skype on Samsung Galaxy S – you need to be running Android OS 2.2 or later, you can even have the app on your phone’s SD card !

Skype has taken care of voice calls over3G, but that’s not enough if they want to stay ahead in competition, as their app seems to have limitations / problems which needs quick attention.

Make video calls from Android phones:

Tango allows users to make free mobile video calls from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices and it works on Wi-Fi and 3G. You can download the apps from : Tango download.


Send Free Text Messages Around The World With HeyWire

Send Free Text Messages Around The World With HeyWire

Would you like to save money for international text messaging? What about Heywire? Heywire is a application for sending text messages through Media friends, which enables the users to deliver free text messages anybody within their texting circle all over the world. They haywire is being built to enable the users to receive and send text on their MAC, iPhone, iPod and PC.

Apart from that, it also enables the users to chat and send messages on Facebook friends, Twitter, or Tweak while they are sending messages. To ensure the users to recognize their identity, every user will be provided an actual phone number for receiving and sending free text messages among Heywire users.


 Simplify texting encounter – texting, MySpace Speak, Tweets and IM.

Produce and send out the identical message by means of text message and MySpace Chat simultaneously.

A genuine telephone number as your text messaging identity.

Fast and reliable information delivery.

Information entries along with photos of one’s connections.

Inbound message push as well as seem notifications.

Text messaging to be able to as much as ten contacts at the same time.

Global coverage when message with HeyWire customers.

You can download Heywire application for iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch free from apple store:

Download Daniusoft MOD Converter free with Key Code

Download Daniusoft MOD Converter free with Key Code

Daniusoft MOD converter is an effective camcorder movie clip-ripping tool coming from Daniusoft. The Daniusoft MOD Converter has built in feature to convert MOD, TOD files to many from the well-known video clips structure with quick transformation charge and superior quality. This particular transformation software program in addition is able to transfer movie coming from video cameras for you to portable participant which include iPhone, iPod, Apple company Television, Microsoft zune, Playstation portable, Wallet Pc, PS3, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen, Xbox 360, PMP, Smart Phone, Mobile phone and so on. Moreover, it characteristics with several editing features for instance video showing, film cutting, as well as video clip effect adjustment pertaining to customers to convert MOD video clips in accordance with their particular favor.

Features of Daniusoft MOD Converter

• Able to transform MOD TOD files to be able to Avi, , MPEG, MP4, M4V, WMV, MKV, 3GP, ASF, FLV, VOB, Audio, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA, M4A and etc.
• Able to replicate films through video cameras to try out upon apple iphone, ipod device, Zune, PSP, Apple Tv, Innovative Zen, Wallet PC, Walkman, Cell phone as well as Fordelene med spillet er selvfolgelig at den er inspirert av mange norske norske spilleautomater pa nett , men vi ma altsa understreke at dette spillet aldri har v?rt en original spilleautomat som sadan. etc.
• Extract Audio from MOD TOD Video clips as well as convert Mod to be able to MP3, M4A, AAC, MKA, WMA, and WAV etc.
• Precisely Trim Videos simply by establishing the commencement time and finish time.
Capture your chosen photos from the movie record anywhere and anytime.
• Adjustable resolution, bit rate as well as shape price with regard to result movie file.
• Easy to customize trial rate, bit rate, as well as channel for output audio tracks file.
• User-friendly Functions

Visit Daniusoft facebook, and and click on the “Like” button to become the fans of Daniusoft, then enter the first name, last name and email address and click on “Get It Free Now” button.

Resolving Problems Related To Watching Movies On Media Player

Resolving Problems Related To Watching Movies On Media Player

Are you having difficulty in watching some digital movies on media player? Just read this article which will help you.

When surfing on internet, sometimes we get some very interesting digital videos which we like to watch again and again in our leisure time but sometime our browser does not support with that version of Media Player and we become very desperate to watch that video but waiting for that video to download online casinos will become one more torture when your internet is giving you a slow speed.

So what is the solution to get those digital videos? Yes, of course, there is one solution and that is FreeMake, a free video proselyte for the Windows users which has many useful tools.

The users of FreeMake get more comprehensive features unlike other video converters. The features of FreeMake are as follows:

• It is very easy to proselyte videos into most famous video formats such as WMV, 3GP, MP3 DVD, AVI
• automatically upload selected videos to YouTube, burn files to DVD
create DVD photo slideshows with melodious background music
Convert audio/video files which are supportive to various devices of multimedia such as iPhone, iPod, PSP, Blackberry, and Xbox.

Apart from all these features, FreeMake contains the following special editing features like rotate, cut, join multiple videos and store them into one file, and flip.

Download Freemake

A Social Networking Game For Ipod Touch And Iphone

A Social Networking Game For Ipod Touch And Iphone

The publisher and leading developer in mobile games, PressOK Entertainment launched the mobile phone version of the popular PC game Bumper Stars. The game has been specially designed for Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone. The mobile version too promises the same level of fun and excitement as its earlier version.

The game as described by its manufacturers is a mixture of pool, shuffleboard and pinball. This launch of the mobile version of Bumper Stars helps users enjoy the games on their iPhone and iPod touch. The game can be played in both multi player and single player mode.   

The Vice President of the Business Development Center of PressOK Entertainment quoted that the company always looks forward to launch more and more interactive games that allows the user to stay connected with his handset and enjoy the benefits of playing an adventurous and interactive game.

The company along with the games provides Facebook Connect, a tool that helps users to challenge their friends on Facebook directly from their phones. They can instantly play against them and beat them.  You can also update and break highest scores and then update them on to your profiles.

Wade Tiney, Large Animal Game’s founding member and CEO quoted that Bumper Stars has got the best support in the iPod Touch and iPhone. This mobile version enables users to challenge and play with their friends from wherever they are. It also gives an opportunity to those who haven’t played the game on the computer before.

The mobile version of Bumper Stars can be downloaded from iTunes Application Store for a price of $2.99. The company plans to launch the version for Android, Blackberry, BREW and J2ME platforms. Currently iPod touch and iPhone users can have a full feel of this game and have an exciting gaming time.

Order Your Favorite Chipotle Food Using Chipotle Ordering Application

Order Your Favorite Chipotle Food Using Chipotle Ordering Application

The chain of various restaurants specializing in tacos, and San Francisco Chipotle Mexican Grill introduced the new application. This application allows users to order their favorite meals via mobile phone easily without putting much effort.

This application is designed to support iPhone and iPod devices. Users can easily create their own order list and place it at the chipotle location via a secure credit card payment. The chipotle ordering application allows users to obtained and save their chipotle meals online by single click on the iPhone or iPod.

This application allows you to choose your meals and location to place order. Moreover, users are equipped with this application to find out the nearest location of chipotle restaurants to get prompt delivery.  The use of iPhone and iPod devices is drastically increased and enabled people with so many features to make their routine work easier and simpler. According to Steve Ells, CEO of Chipotle “We are changing the way people thinks about fast food, and iPod and iPhone assist us to engage with customers directly and serve them timely”.

Since we cook high quality meals, it is our primary duty to make an easier way to distribute food to the customers i.e. easy accessible.  It is a complete free to download application from Apple App store. You will be able to save your chipotle meals online via this chipotle ordering application. It will give you hassle free online option to order your meals.

Open Windows 7 Jump Lists With Slide Menu

Open Windows 7 Jump Lists With Slide Menu

Generally, to access jump list in Windows 7 OS, you have to right click on the button which is present on Taskbar. You will be prompted with the pop up list, which is nothing but the jump list. However, while using some of the devices instead of mouse such as a TackPoint pointing stick, pointing device (TouchPad) or using your finger on a touch screen, then you would experience the real hassle to do so.

To avoid this, Microsoft provides a shortcut in Windows 7 to pop up Jump List. User just need to left-click on the mouse button and slide across the icon or Taskbar button to display the Jump List. If you are using TouchPad or touch-screen monitor, simply touch and point your finger to icon or the button on Taskbar and slide it up to open the Jump List. This is as easy as swooshing the list in your iPhone and iPod Touch for browsing.

Download Skype Version 1.3 For Free For Ipod And Iphone

Download Skype Version 1.3 For Free For Ipod And Iphone

The best VoIP service is, no doubt, Skype. It allows any of their users to call and chat with their buddies for as long as they want for free on the computer. Other than direct calling it also supports voice mails, text messaging, and lots of other features too.

With the brand new release of Skype for mobile, called Skype Version 1.3, any Apple iPod or iPhone users can call their friends and families using Skype for free. As we all know that calls from Skype to Skype is free and now as Skype is available on iPod and iPhone, all the Apple iPod and iPhone users can call their Skype buddies without spending a single penny.

Features of Skype version 1.3 for iPod and iPhone are mentioned below:

  • Communication is faster using Wi-Fi
  • You can message faster with quick typing.
  • For new users all the help, hints and even tips are mentioned in this section.
  • All the old flaws are overcome in the latest version.
  • Stability of the device and application is improved and enhanced.

Download Kindle Application on iPhone and iPod

Download Kindle Application on iPhone and iPod

The free kindle application has been released by an online retailer Amazon, based in Seattle. This latest Kindle for iPhone application brings so many other applications for your iPhone and iPod. By using this application, the users can get different application easily without getting connected to kindle store online.


If the users already have active account, then they can transfer prior purchased kindle applications to their iPhone or iPod. You can sync two iPhone and iPod with each other, so that both users can remain in same page at a time.  You can customize the page such as text size, notes, etc on eBooks with this application as similar kindle application easily.

This free application has been released after few days of the releasing second-generation Kindle. Users can download this application directly from the Apple’s online apps store. You just need to download this application, and browse over the different eBooks to read them.