Set your iPhone on DFU Mode

Tutorial To Put Your Device Into DFU Mode

When you decide to jailbreak your device, you have to put your device into DFU or Recovery mode.  These two modes are very important step of the entire process of jailbreaking.   However, you need to choose one of them to complete the jailbreaking process.  Initially, you must understand the difference between Recovery and DFU mode.

The major difference is about iBoot loader as DFU mode doesn’t load iBoot loader while restoring or upgrading your device.  In DFU mode your screen will not flash and remain completely black while loading the new version or firmware. In both the situations whether downgrading or upgrading your device, you need to put your device into DFU or Recovery mode.

Recovery mode is the default approach to upgrade or restore your iDevices. This mode will display your iTunes logo on the screen. DFU mode bypasses the iBoot loading process and continues the upgrading process.  Here is the procedure to put your iDevice into the DFU mode:

  • Switch On your iDevice(iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)
  • Plug in to the computer using USB data cable
  • Launch the iTunes app so that the user will be informed when idevice enters into the DFU mode.
  • Press and Hold the Home and Power button at the same time continuously for 10 seconds.
  • Release Power button, but keep pressing the Home button for some more time
  • Wait till the iTunes detect the iDevice in DFU mode with the notification message or indicating sound that hardware is connected.
  • Ultimately, your iDevice is in DFU mode
  • Make sure that the screen of the device in DFU mode must be black or switched off, if you find it ‘on’ or have the text on the screen such as “Please connect device to iTunes”, retry the entire steps again.

This method to put your iDevice into the DFU mode is very effective. There is another method available to set your gadget into DFU mode without pressing the buttons of your device. In this process you have to download the required files.

  • Initially download the DFU mode zip file from the web
  • Extract the content from the Zip file  and root it to your hard drive
  • Plug in your iDevice and ignore the iTunes
  • Go to the –  Run
  • Type “c:/dfu/dfu iBSS.m68ap.RELEASE.dfu”
  • Wait until the iPhone displays “White” screen
  • Now precede your device in the DFU mode.

Download Mad Monkey Game For Free On iPhone

Mad Monkey Free iPhone Game Reaches the Top 50 Rank

The latest free version of Mad Monkey game has been rolled out in the market by SKH Apps. This free game version will be available at iTunes app store.  The interesting fact about this recently released version is that it has been positioned at the top 50 kid and action games categories at the iPad store.  The simple and attractive graphics and easy handling game mechanics have made it very popular among the people. The cartoon design of monkey which throws items at very high speed and easy to use manuals are the core features of this game.

The game has a smiling monkey which throws the items while sliding forth and back.  Users have to catch the fruit using the single finger. As you start catching more and more items or objects, it makes monkey naughty and frustrated. The monkey starts throwing objects with higher speed so, you fail to catch the objects and it splashes on your screen, which makes the monkey happy. Players will get new graphics and surroundings at each level such as circus scene, picnic theme, and science lab having two cloned monkeys, oriental theme including ninja monkeys throwing sushi. Overall there are several things that keep you entertained. Therefore, this game has gained so much popularity and listed at the top of the iPad store game categories.  It is unarguably the best game to have in your iDevices to keep yourself amused.

What are the system requirements to download and install Mad Monkey game:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • The device must be running on iOS 3.0 version or advanced version
  • 6.8 MB free space on your device

What is the cost of Mad Monkey game:

This Mad Monkey game 1.0 version is completely free to download and is available at the apps store in games categories. Download it free here : Mad Monkey download link.

Our Point Of View:

We consider this particular game as a best game having similarities with classic game called, Kaboomi. However, it is a free version so users can easily enjoy catching the fruits and annoying the monkey.  There are many other free iPhone games available at the Apple store to download. Moreover, it is a family inspired game.

Is Video Calling On Skype Android Phone (Galaxy S) Possible ?

A friend wanted to figure out if there is a way to make Video Calls o Skype from Galaxy S (an Android phone).

Skype has done a good job when it comes to iPhones, but unfortunately they are a long way from catching up when it comes to phones that run Android. They are still away from enabling video call function. They should take some quick measures to get video calling feature as they are losing a chunk of their market share to Tango.

They do have an app which works on Samsung Galaxy S, but the app does not support Video Calling (you can now make skype video calls from HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy provided you are on Android 2.3 ). To run Skype on Samsung Galaxy S – you need to be running Android OS 2.2 or later, you can even have the app on your phone’s SD card !

Skype has taken care of voice calls over3G, but that’s not enough if they want to stay ahead in competition, as their app seems to have limitations / problems which needs quick attention.

Make video calls from Android phones:

Tango allows users to make free mobile video calls from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices and it works on Wi-Fi and 3G. You can download the apps from : Tango download.


PayPal App v2.7 for iPhone Capture and Deposit Checks Instantly

PayPal App v2.7 for iPhone Capture and Deposit Checks Instantly

The revolutionary improved PayPal v2.7 application for iPhone includes check capture, allowing the users to simply click a picture of a check for immediate pay to their account with the help of iPhone camera. This revolutionary application for iPhone has been designed to eliminate the conventional method of banking kasinoiden vertailu voi olla aloittelevalle pelaajalle hankalaa ja sopivan ensikasinon valitseminen uuvuttavaa. through iPhone instead of visiting the ATM Machines and producing deposit slip. Moreover, this newest iPhone app has been also incorporated with brand new search and filtration option for locating fairly easily and tracking the transactions of past.

Features of PayPal App v2.7

Check capture enables you to take a photo of check and their amount automatically adds to your account.

A history improvement enables it to find past transactions easily.

Conveniently deliver cash gifts and acquire money for group or pay back to a friend.

Keep in touch together with your money, withdraw money, check balance etc.

The PayPal app v2.7 for iPhone and iPod touch is available from App store.

Download Video Converter Factory Pro with Registration License Code For Free

Download Video Converter Factory Pro with Registration License Code For Free

Video Converter Factory Pro, coming from Wonder Fox Soft, is a expert, simple-to-use and all-in-one movie changing software that is made to change almost all frequently-used videos for well-known video and audio players such as Nintendo wii ipod device, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Archos, Xbox 360, and so on. In addition to movie ripper tools, Video Converter Factory Pro also characteristics an advanced movie enhancing operation and video effect in order to improve your favorite movies.


Principal popular features of Video Converter Factory Pro:  

  • Transform video files for you to the majority of common transportable media players and avid gamers
  • Ultra-fast transformation velocity thanks to the distinctive transformation engine
  • Effective video clip enhancing functions – combine, cut along with crop
  • Unique inventive results similar to emboss, mosaic, blur as well as old film are available
  • Converts numerous videos with the help of batch for, which saves time.


Supported Devices:

iPod nano, iPod,  iPod Nano 5G, iPod shuffle, iPod classic,  iPod touch, iPhone, iPod touch 3G,  iPhone 3G, Apple TV

Zune HD, Zune

Window Cellular gadget: Dell Axim X51, Pocket Pc, HP iPaq hw6500 series.


Link to download here.

Reg Name: WonderFox Giveaway

Reg license code for Video Converter Factory Pro: 47273BFD32C8D5EBFF1AC0A8F9FFDA7599D9F87B


Free Update and Upgrade iPod Touch to Latest Firmware OS 3.0

Free Update and Upgrade iPod Touch to Latest Firmware OS 3.0

Recently, the new firmware OS version 3.0 for iPod Touch and iPhone has been published by Apple. This new firmware 3.0 is one of the major updates because with this OS update, you could now get tons of latest features to your portable iDevices. All original iPhone generations and iPhone 3G are allowed to upgrade firmware to iPhone OS 3.0 at free of cost.

On the other hand, the devices in the category of 1st and iPod Touch 2G of 2nd generation should have to pay $9.95 for upgrading the firmware to OS 3.0. Now, you can skip the payment option as well. Of course, Apple showing an unfair practice towards iPod Touch, even if the devices don’t properly incur any of the recurring charges.

To upgrade and update iPhone and iPod Touch’s old firmware versions to OS 3.0 at absolutely free of cost, just go though the following guide.

  1. First, you have to download and install iTunes having version 8.2 or higher.
  2. Now, you have to download following

Note: If you download the file having ZIP extension such as iPod2,, then you have to rename this .zip file to .ipsw file format. If the downloaded file is affixed with .zip file format such as iPod2,, you have to remove the .zip extension from the filename.

While downloading iPod Touch firmware if you deal with any sort of error massage such as “an error occurred while processing your request”, then you should download the IPSW files using the following links.

Link for 1st generation iPod Touch Here

Link for 2nd generation iPod Touch Here

  1. Now, connect your iPod Touch device to computer.
  2. Execute the file iTunes 8.2 or higher.
  3. Choose the iPod Touch device from the list of devices.
  4. Backup of your iPod Touch in case of any accidental file lost. This step is optional yet important.
  5. Probably there are two ways with which you could update you iPod to firmware OS 3.0. If you want to install a firmware suit on iPod Touch without keeping any existing data file and songs, movies, videos, music, apps and other media files on iPod Touch, then follow steps given below:
  • If you are Windows user, you have to hold Shift key and left click on Restore.
    • For users of Mac OS X system, just hold Option button and then left click on Restore.
  1. If you would like to retain and save all your data as it is in your iPod Touch and want to upgrade your device without losing a single file, go through following steps:
  • When you go to main screen of iTunes, you’ll see 2 options as “Check for update” and “Restore”. Just click on “Check for update” option.
  • A webpage will be displayed with features of iPod Touch OS with firmware version 3.0. There will be an option where you can buy it for $9.99. You simply click on “Cancel”.
  • iTunes will be back with the previous main page iPod Touch. You’ll see now that the “Check for update” option has been changed “Update” option.
  • Windows users have to hold Shift key and then left click Update.
  • Mac OS X system users have to press and hold the Option key, left click on Update.
  1. Browse to the downloaded file for iPod Touch OS 3.0 Apple Device Software Update IPSW and select it.
  2. Once selected the file, the process of upgrade will be started. Your iPod Touch may be restarted for few times. You have to keep connected your iPod Touch device to computer until updating process gets finished.
  3. When completed the upgrading, your iPod Touch will be successfully running on OS firmware 3.0 without spending a cent.
  4. Optionally, if you would like to restore iPod Tunes to firmware OS software of version 3.0 to default, you will be provided an option by iTunes where you could select to either restore it from backup or create a new iPod.

Direct Download Links For iPod Touch and iPhone OS 3.0 Firmware Software

Direct Download Links For iPod Touch and iPhone OS 3.0 Firmware Software

Recently, a new version OS 3.0 Firmware Software of iPhone has been released by Apple. This latest firmware in now able to power first generation and second generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and iPhone 3GS. This new firmware OS update for iPod Touch and iPhone includes with plenty of new and much expected features like full Bluetooth support, Internet tethering (can be enabled with hack), MMS, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, cut-copy-paste functionality, landscape keyboard and many more.

The firmware software iPhone OS 3.0 was authoritatively announced on March 17th 2009at Mac World Expo. With new firmware software version 3.0 you could get full advantage from the new hardware of iPhone 3GS and it is going to release on June 19. Besides, firmware software OS version 3.0 can also be used and downloaded freely by 3G owners and iPhone 1st generation users through iTunes. While some of the features such as video recording capability and MMS may be disabled in the iPhone 2G models. However, to update your iPod Touch to the firmware version 3.0 you will probably have to pay $9.95.

Once upgraded, you will see the baseband of your iPhone as 04.26.08. Characteristically, the Dev Team for iPhone has been launched Pwnagetool and Quickpwn to jailbreak. Ultrasn0w has also been prepared to unlock. All these tools are compatible with iPhone OS firmware version 3.0. You have to sync your iDevices with iTunes 8.2 or newer one, check for updates for accessing the latest version.

All New Features in iPhone OS 3.0 Update

  • Push notifications
  • Receiving and sending MMS messages
  • iPhone can be rotated to landscape for using larger size of keyboard mailing, Notes, Messages, and Safari
  • Function like Cut, copy and paste are quickly performed from application to application
  • Widespread search to search all of your email, contacts, notes, calendars and all the things in your iPod
  • Use voice memos to save a meeting, memo or any other audio recording anytime and anywhere. Built-in iPhone microphone or mic on headset would be used to record Voice Memos
  • Enhanced Calendar (CalDAV)
  • Get quicker performance; fill user names and passwords automatically.
  • Share Internet connection along with computer or laptop with the help of Internet tethering feature via USB cable or Bluetooth
  • Connect Bluetooth stereo headphones car kits and some other accessories easily
  • Support the connection for peer to peer with Bluetooth
  • Automatic Wi-Fi login
  • A2DP support
  • Parental control
  • Support to sync all your notes from your iPhone to your PC or Mac.
  • Simply shake your iPhone to shuffle various songs the music library.
  • Supports 30 languages
  • Includes 40+ keyboard layouts.
  • Remote Wipe has been introduced to easily locate your iPhone when you lose it

For safekeeping, if you want to download the software upgrade, just go through the following link to download the .ipsw firmware files. Learn how to upgrade and update iPhone to firmware OS 3.0 or use hack to upgrade iPod Touch to firmware OS software 3.0 for free.

Download Links For iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update (Build 7A341)

iPhone 2G OS Firmware 3.0: iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

iPhone 3G OS Firmware 3.0: iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

iPod Touch OS Firmware 3.0: iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

iPod Touch 2G OS Firmware 3.0: iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Users of the iPhone or iPod touch have numerous ways to send text messages or free sms across the globe. The utilities help them avoid paying the mobile service providers and thus makes texting absolutely free for a limited or an unlimited period or quantity.

For users of the iPhone or iPod touch the above methodology might be extremely troublesome or they might want to escape from paying to the service providers. To the rescue of these users, a free application known as textPlus has been launched by GOGII. This free application developed and provided by GOGII allows the iPod touch and iPhone users to receive and send free sms (text messages). 

The innovative and interactive technology of GOGII has been leveraged by textPlus. It allows users to get indulged in group conservations with other users already having textPlus installed in their iPhone or iPod touch. Thus, it helps users to be connected with their group at all times.

With textPlus, iPod Touch and iPhone users send unlimited and free text messages over Wi-Fi or a wireless network absolutely free. They don’t even need EDGE, 3G or GPRS technology. Some of the other features provided by textPlus are that users can write messages even in the landscape mode and also allows group chatting over text messages.


The group chatting gets an extended feature similar to that of a chat room. Like a chat room, here too replies can be viewed by all users logged in the chat room at that particular moment. textPlus can also send SMS notifications that are optional. These messages or notifications are optional and will charge the user standard sms rates.

The best part of having textPlus installed in your iPhone or iPod Touch is that you can also chat with your friend who doesn’t have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. The user can use the normal phone and send sms to you but will be charged with normal SMS rates.

For further information on textPlus please visit the following link

You can download this useful application from the Apple Application Store or can even send a text message to 60611.   

Splashnotes And Splashphoto Application For Iphone And Ipod Touch

Splashnotes And Splashphoto Application For Iphone And Ipod Touch

SplashData is the pioneer of all the software providing companies for smartphones. Recently, SplashData has announced about its applications SplashNotes and SplashPhoto, which you would get it from App Store.

SplashNotes is a very handy tool with which you can take notes and outline them, and SplashPhoto is a photo album manager designed for smartphones. You could enjoy using these applications with your iPhone and iPod touch. It also provides wireless synchronization for Mac OS X and Windows OS applications that are separately available.

The SplashPhoto application has a functional two-way synchronization to Mac OS X, or you could select the free PC desktop version. By using this desktop application, you’ll be able to organize your favorite photos in personalized groups.

Once synchronization is finished, all the photos are arranged accordingly on iPod touch and iPhone. In addition, you could download and upload image files from Picasa and Flickr. All the images captured using iPhone are geo-tagged automatically and therefore, they could easily be mapped on Picasa and Flickr.


“The inventive features in the iPod touch and iPhone, for example amazing display and Multi-Touch user interface, helped us to produce such realistic apps that would be used in wide range,” said SplashData’s CEO Morgan Slain. “We think SplashNotes and SplashPhoto are creating a great collaboration and communication and now we are looking forward to continue producing great mobile apps that make a variation.”

You could put your outlines on the desktop and synchronize your notes with SplashNotes in your iPod touch or iPhone. You could create outlines having any size, intricacy it, and add photos and notes for immediate recall. It displays a list containing checkboxes with which you could convert outlines into task lists. You have to spend $4.99 for each one, which you could get at the App Store.

Get New Cooking Star Application In Iphone And Ipod Touch

Get New Cooking Star Application In Iphone And Ipod Touch

Recently, one of the most popular application namely, Cooking Star of Glu Mobile, has been announced to introduce in iPhone. Cooking Star is one of the most deliciously fun set of mini-games in which you could get to touch, tilt, tap, flick and flip, as a Star Chef cooking delicious meals and master the menu.

All the advantages such as Multi-Touch user interface and accelerometer of iPod Touch and iPhone features have been considered to develop Cooking Star. There are eight mini games in the Cooking Star and you could master each one of the mini-game to unlock the real recipe and consequently you could build your own cookbook.


According to the Glu Mobile’s senior vice president in the global publishing department, Mr. Jill Braff “stated that the New Cooking Star application is one of the exceptional examples of Glu’s unique IP games products. He also mentioned that, “Our stress is on providing a broad range of titles to the most excellent mobile platform and devices”. Further he added “Our team has made an amusing informal game for iPod touch and iPhone users in which you would be encouraged for playing with your food.”

Such a funny and innovative application has been made available in App store at cost of $2.99.