Download GChat Application For My iPod Touch / iPhone

Fully Customized Google Talk Version For iPod Touch And Apple iPhone app

Google is undoubtedly the world’s most popular email providing service. Now, Google has launched a new edition of Google Talk which is especially designed for iPod Touch and Apple iPhones. The main reason for Google supplying their services to competitor’s devices like iPhones and iPod Touch is clearly to gain control of larger market.

This application not only allows users to send or receive Gmail messages, it also allows the Apple iPhones and iPod Touch users to chat with their friends who are listed in their Google Talk list of contacts.

As the above application is designed for iPod Touches and iPhones, you can simply go to Google Talk using the Safari browsers, which is already installed in these devices. Then after signing in you can start the instant messaging utility. The Google Talk, which is customized plus tailor-made for Apple users, does not need any third party software to be downloaded or installed in the Apple phones.

This latest Google Talk designed for Apple devices is somewhat different as of the Google Talk on your computers. This customized Google Talk for Apple devices have to be run through Safari browser. If the user navigates to another browser window or to any other application, the status will be removed to “unavailable”. However, their last Google Talk session restarts when they come back to the main browser.

Except these restrictions, normally other features that are accessible in the usual Google Talk version are still unchanged.

Dowload link.

Free Stream Live TV, Shows / Movies On iPad And iTouch With FilmOn In HD

With the support of UK financier Alki David, FilmOn the free streaming service, brings users to live streams of various TV stations in LA, from browsers to iPads. It is a small price to pay for greater benefits, which means to say that NBC,CBS,Fox, and ABC are now reachable for those who pay $9.95/month as a minimum package, and a higher price of $24.95/month lets you watch movies by the pay-per-view scheme. There is no free access to XXX station.

David has said that ‘FilmOn which is currently on talks with the important cable providers has ideas of providing total syndicate cable TV service all over US by 2011. You can also avail free service from BBC news, Sky News, CNN International and Dubai Sport. Users, who do not hold an iPad and yet wish to obtain the services, will have to be satisfied with a choice of 4 important broadcast networks only.

In such cases they are free to choose viewing either on their browser or on a FilmOn supported player which can be downloaded. But now the question arises as to who will carry the burden of this free service? Because few TV networks are quite upset and have filed a law suite on FilmOn. But financier Alki David believes he is doing nothing illegal and stands for his services. He is prepared to fight a tough battle if need be.

FilmOn is a superior quality TV streaming service bringing live streams from 25 channels Bloomberg, ITV included. What is important to note is that it does not require an app and you are free to view the channels on your iPhone’s mobile Safari Browser. It comes from very good quality with no complaints, and poses a tough competition in the field therefore the need to use high coaxing marketing techniques.

The idea of the company is to lure as many users as possible through their free services. It furnishes you with audio streams as well. The drawback of constant commercials which cannot be avoided unfortunately, if it can be overcome, then ther is great news for FilmOn. All you need to do is navigate to on your iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad and choose the TV channel you wish to watch.

Visit FilmOn.

How To Watch Live Cricket On iPhone / iTouch Or Other iDevices

There are not many who do not like the game of cricket. It is a game which people all over the world rave about. So this is definitely for those cricket lovers out there who would not like to miss even a single ball. You can stay connected with cricket scores and videos of great moments through your iDevices.

Up to date it was Willow who had made all this possible, but now Apple too has shared the responsibility of bringing to the fans live cricket. Willow enables you to watch video highlights and scoreboards, most popular videos, watch video commentary, interactive scoreboard, latest results will be streamed as well !

If you are keen on learning more about India vs. New Zealand, you can do it by downloading Willow TV application on your iDevice via the iTunes Store. You can even witness the first match of 3 at Ahmedabad. A better more advance version with much more details, [especially live streaming] will soon be launched.

For more information go to Its monthly subscription comes at $14.99/month live streaming added with highlights and replay. Personally, instead of making the fee per month, they should come up with a pro-rata basis, i.e. users pay for what they watch, as users choice will be kept in mind and they will not be forced to pay for the matches they do not wish to watch.

Interactive video scorecards and 2009/2010 Archives are also available. They have packages for details of tours of Srilanka and Australia etc. to sum up; it is an all-in-all cricket app, which will be the joy of cricket lovers!

How To Take ScreenShots On iPhone / iPod / iTouch – Free App

How to Take Screenshot Image in iPhone 3 G or iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0 with No Screen Shot Feature

The new iPhone and iPod Touch powered OS version of firmware 1.x do not contains an inbuilt function or application to capture the screenshot or to take screen snapshot image. Due to this drawback of iPod Touch and iPhones, the users tend to hack the iPhone or iPod by installing and running a third-party software, which provides screenshot capture utility.

However, no such effort is necessary as the new OS software version of iPhone firmware has a built-inn utility, which helps the user with taking screenshots. Users of iPhone and iPod Touch who upgrade the original firmware software to firmware OS v2.0 and above are provided with this utility. The users of Apple iPhone or iPod Touch with other features such as App Store along with iPhone 3G, can derive the benefit from the built-in screenshot capture utility added newly.

This inbuilt feature provides very easy method for taking screenshot, and there is no need of downloading and installing any sort of third party application.

In order to take the image of the screen or to take the screenshot in devices of apple such as iPhone 2.0 device, also in iPhone 3G (by default iPhone 3G has firmware software version v2.0), and iPod Touch 2.0 you have to just press the “Home”option and key naming “Sleep/Wake (On/Off)” present at the top of the mobile screen simultaneously.

As soon as completing the above process, the screen of Apple device will make a flash and the screenshot image will be stored and saved automatically in the iPhone or iPod Touch.

IPod Touch Backlight Is Not Lighting Up – How To Repair It?

IPod Touch Backlight Is Not Lighting Up – How To Repair It?

I recently got an IPod touch and got it working. Things were working fine until the backlight stopped working. It lights up, but even though the light keys are turned all the way up, the background is too dark to identify anything at all? Can anything be done about it?

Answer 1:
Try installing SBSettings, this might fix the problem.

Answer 2:
Try restoring or the recovery mode and if that doesn’t work you can try the DFU mode.

Answer 3:
This is one of the most common hardware failure problem which is always reported by iPhone / iPod / iTouch users. The solution to this one is replacing / repairing the backlight hardware of your device.

GreenPoison Is Only For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad 4 and not iPhone 3 and iPod Touch 3G

It has been earlier announced that greenpoisOn can be reached for download from October 10th. It is also important that you make use of the official site, instead of the malware version which is already circulating for a price!! Among the users, you have a group of contented users of the greenpoisOn device, while there is a group of unhappy users, as they have to wait for other tools to jailbreak their iDevices as the yet to release greenpoisOn recently released greenpoisOn can only jailbreak iPhone 4, iPod Touch4G,iPad, and Apple TV 2G on iOS 4.1 and iPad on 3.2.2.

Yet another point noteworthy is that greenpoisOn uses tethered SHAtter Jailbreak. That is to say, that your iPhone is to be connected to the computer, each time your reboot. But it is fortunate that comex has found an answer to this, making the greenpoisOn jailbreak untethered. It is as simple as this that you do not have to be connected to your computer each time you reboot.

The Chronic Dev-Team and MuscleNerd have also confirmed that greenpoisOn is untethered. Since greenpoisOn supports only the 4th generation iDevices- iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, iPad- latest Apple TV 2G, it is quite disappointing for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G users as they cannot make use of this. Interesting news for the future is that greenpoisOn will not only jailbreak all iOS 4.1 and iOS 3.2.2. devices, but it will also take care to hacktivate iPhones 4running iOS 4.1, which means to say that greenpoisOn will work your iPhone 4 without a SIM for iTunes activation.

It also discloses the unlocking secrets. Previously busy with their latest release of jailbreak tool for iPhone on iOS 4.1, the Dev team were not concentrating on the unlock tool. But now there has been a solution to this problem and the news that greenpoisOn will hacktivate the iPhone 4 is proof enough that there will be an unlock tool, somewhere ahead. So it confirmed that greenpoisOn will work with all Apple devices that carry the A4 chip. It is also true that with greenpoisOn and the SHAtter exploit, it is possible to jailbreak Apple TV’s iOS 4.1 installations.

Skip / Cancel / Disable iPhone – iTunes Backing Up / Sync

Boosting the Sync Process Speed in Iphone by Disabling the Backup Feature

The most prominent features of IPhone smartphones having their mobile operating system 2.0 is the capability of taking complete backup images. Even the iPhone 3G smartphones have this identical feature, where you can even backup the installed applications as well.

During the process of synchronization of mobile devices with the computers, it is not just the documents and the libraries which get backed up. As a matter of fact, you could backup even the changes that are made in the applications, including the games.

However, this backup process of entire data in the iPhone apps will take few moments for completion. This delay in the synchronization process is mainly caused due to the loaded iPhone applications in the devices.

The backup is very essential for the purpose of restoring data because in some cases iPhone get corrupted, or the operating system installed could crash. However, the users who don’t have the need of the applications backups, or the ones who will not lose anything great by losing the applications data, might want to disable the backup feature for boosting the synchronization speed.

Even the iPhone 3G or iPhone users, who use other backup methods like iTunes syncing can disable the applications backup features in order to improve the syncing speed of their devices.

In the past, the iPhone users had to cancel the data backup process in iTunes manually, when iPhone backing up process was running. However, terminating the backup process in the halfway may damage the backups and the files could get corrupted. This would create other unwanted complications while restoring the data back into the device

Here is main workaround provided for forcing iTunes to disable the backup process, as well as for skipping the backing up of the complete iPhone image.

The procedure is as follows:

1. First of all quit iTunes on your system
2. Then you can launch the
3. Type (or copy and paste) the following command, and then hit Launched the

defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true

4. Now launch the iTunes application
5. Now connect the 2.0 OS powerd original iPhone or iPhone 3G to the computer to start the syncing process. The backup process should now bypass and skip backing up the applications, and only music or podcasts will get synced.

The above commands will change hidden setting inside the iTunes preferences. It disables and turns off the backup process.

If you change your mind and plan to re-enable the application backup feature in your iPhone again, follow the above mentioned procedure but with a slight change in the command:

defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false