Access Apple Music Playlists Anywhere – How To

One of the benefits of owning an Apple device is the Apple EcoSystem. Once you are within the Apple EcoSystem, you can access your content anywhere. You can get them on your iPhone/iPad or MAC without having to do more than a few simple steps. Learn how to Access Apple Music Playlists Anywhere with these simple steps.

Note that you should enable the iCloud Music Library on all your iOS devices and Mac. Thus, you will experience no difficulties in carrying out the steps below.

Access Apple Music Playlists Anywhere

Add songs to Music App in iPhone

Access Apple Music Playlists Anywhere – How To

Let’s learn how to do this on the Mac.

  • Open iTunes on Mac
  • Click on Preferences in iTunes menu
  • Click on General from the top of the screen
  • Here, click on the iCloud Music Library check box.
  • If you are asked for your Apple ID, enter it here and click on OK.

Now, all your content will be available on your Mac. Note that if you make any changes to the content on your Mac, it will reflect upon in other devices that have iCloud enabled.

Now, let’s learn how to do it on the iPhone/iPad

  • Tap on the settings app. Scroll down to the music option and tap on it.
  • Select the iCloud Music Library option and turn it on.

That’s that! Once you toggle the iCloud Music Library on, it will connect with your Mac and you can access all your content on your iPhone/iPad. Any changes you make to them on your iPhone/iPad will be reflected in all devices that have iCloud enabled.

Rotate video in iPhone/iPad

So, that is how you can access your music (and any other content such as videos, pictures etc.) across any Apple device. If you have problems in doing so, let us know in the comments below.

MobileMe Calendar To Update Your iDevice

Latest MobileMe Calendar: Fix The Duplicate Account Appearing Issues

Mostly, users who use MobileMe calendar app experience trouble after updating their iDevice to iOS 4.2 firmware. The issue regarding duplicate events and calendar data appears on the screen after updating.  In order to verify or confirm whether you are encountering this problem or not, follow the given steps.

  • Click on the settings option on your iPad
  • Click on Mail, Contacts and calendars
  • Click on the MobileMe account and ensure that the calendar slider is already enabled.

  • Click on Done
  • Click on the CalDAV, manually by creating an account at the time of configuring MobileMe calendar. If this is enabled then you can view MobileMe data twice on your screen.

Resolve This Problem by following these steps:

  • Once you track down the CalDAV, manually created account, choose the accounts which have duplicity issues.

  • Click on the Delete option

  • Confirm the delete option on a dialogue box.


Our Suggestions:  It is the common issue of all MobileMe app users. The above given steps are safe and easy to apply to resolve the issues. Make sure that you choose the right manually created account to delete after the verification.   However, you can merge your duplicate entries by applying merging solution to fix the duplicate data appearing on screen.  All you just have to do is navigate to Settings>> Mail, contacts, calendars and tap on your account. Select merge option when prompted.

Set your iPhone on DFU Mode

Tutorial To Put Your Device Into DFU Mode

When you decide to jailbreak your device, you have to put your device into DFU or Recovery mode.  These two modes are very important step of the entire process of jailbreaking.   However, you need to choose one of them to complete the jailbreaking process.  Initially, you must understand the difference between Recovery and DFU mode.

The major difference is about iBoot loader as DFU mode doesn’t load iBoot loader while restoring or upgrading your device.  In DFU mode your screen will not flash and remain completely black while loading the new version or firmware. In both the situations whether downgrading or upgrading your device, you need to put your device into DFU or Recovery mode.

Recovery mode is the default approach to upgrade or restore your iDevices. This mode will display your iTunes logo on the screen. DFU mode bypasses the iBoot loading process and continues the upgrading process.  Here is the procedure to put your iDevice into the DFU mode:

  • Switch On your iDevice(iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)
  • Plug in to the computer using USB data cable
  • Launch the iTunes app so that the user will be informed when idevice enters into the DFU mode.
  • Press and Hold the Home and Power button at the same time continuously for 10 seconds.
  • Release Power button, but keep pressing the Home button for some more time
  • Wait till the iTunes detect the iDevice in DFU mode with the notification message or indicating sound that hardware is connected.
  • Ultimately, your iDevice is in DFU mode
  • Make sure that the screen of the device in DFU mode must be black or switched off, if you find it ‘on’ or have the text on the screen such as “Please connect device to iTunes”, retry the entire steps again.

This method to put your iDevice into the DFU mode is very effective. There is another method available to set your gadget into DFU mode without pressing the buttons of your device. In this process you have to download the required files.

  • Initially download the DFU mode zip file from the web
  • Extract the content from the Zip file  and root it to your hard drive
  • Plug in your iDevice and ignore the iTunes
  • Go to the –  Run
  • Type “c:/dfu/dfu iBSS.m68ap.RELEASE.dfu”
  • Wait until the iPhone displays “White” screen
  • Now precede your device in the DFU mode.

Download Mad Monkey Game For Free On iPhone

Mad Monkey Free iPhone Game Reaches the Top 50 Rank

The latest free version of Mad Monkey game has been rolled out in the market by SKH Apps. This free game version will be available at iTunes app store.  The interesting fact about this recently released version is that it has been positioned at the top 50 kid and action games categories at the iPad store.  The simple and attractive graphics and easy handling game mechanics have made it very popular among the people. The cartoon design of monkey which throws items at very high speed and easy to use manuals are the core features of this game.

The game has a smiling monkey which throws the items while sliding forth and back.  Users have to catch the fruit using the single finger. As you start catching more and more items or objects, it makes monkey naughty and frustrated. The monkey starts throwing objects with higher speed so, you fail to catch the objects and it splashes on your screen, which makes the monkey happy. Players will get new graphics and surroundings at each level such as circus scene, picnic theme, and science lab having two cloned monkeys, oriental theme including ninja monkeys throwing sushi. Overall there are several things that keep you entertained. Therefore, this game has gained so much popularity and listed at the top of the iPad store game categories.  It is unarguably the best game to have in your iDevices to keep yourself amused.

What are the system requirements to download and install Mad Monkey game:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • The device must be running on iOS 3.0 version or advanced version
  • 6.8 MB free space on your device

What is the cost of Mad Monkey game:

This Mad Monkey game 1.0 version is completely free to download and is available at the apps store in games categories. Download it free here : Mad Monkey download link.

Our Point Of View:

We consider this particular game as a best game having similarities with classic game called, Kaboomi. However, it is a free version so users can easily enjoy catching the fruits and annoying the monkey.  There are many other free iPhone games available at the Apple store to download. Moreover, it is a family inspired game.

Tips to Search and Erase Music/Movies Duplicates On iTunes

Tips to Search and Erase Music/Movies Duplicates On iTunes

Apple iPad/ iPhone is at developing trend being an overall multimedia mobile device. So that as you store a growing number of media data files such as music and also movies in it through various media sources, your iTunes library can become unpleasant with some duplicate files that might take up your hard disk place unnecessarily. Should you wonder the way to course as well as remove them from a database, here are a few easy steps that one could stick to make it happen.

First, start iTunes. On the still left pane beneath Library, click either Movies or If there is one thing that can easily and naturally help you to Natural Detox Drink your body, it’s definitely water. even Music in which you imagine the duplicate copies may possibly exist.

Next, navigate to file menu and through the dropdown cascading menu, click on show Duplicates and it starts researching the entire database as well as filter out of duplicate copies for even more action.

As an alternative, press Shift button although holding that straight down, repeat again step 2.will allow users to be able to select Show Exact Duplicates which could precisely limit the research just in case you have too enormous listings even with attempted within step 2.

Now, cautiously compare the Name, Some time and whatever information as soon as you are sure that they are duplicated, highlights your databases then Remove option press will be sending these to recycle bin.

When completed, click on the ‘Show All’ button at the bottom from the page provides the particular show back to complete list.

Convert Audio Files To Different Formats Using iTunes

How To Convert Audio Files To Different Formats Using iTunes

iTunes is basically a music jukebox that organizes and plays digital music as well as videos on your PC. It can easily handle several tasks related to digital media such as burning CD, syncing digital media files with your iPhone or iPod, purchasing videos and music online etc. It also lets you enjoy movies, videos, music and television shows right on your PC or Mac.

You may save your media collection in the iTunes library and browse any digital media instantly, anytime you wish. Moreover, iTunes also has an ability of converting audio files to different formats. Different users might have various different reasons for converting audio files.

  • User might have AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) files on iTunes which might not be compatible with the Zune media player which is capable of playing MP3 but not AAC files.
  • User might need to email a WAV file to a client but the file seems to be too big and he/she has to convert it to AAC file in order to reduce its size.
  • User needs to set a downloaded song as a soundtrack to his/her music video and he/she is unable to import the song even by editing the program as it does not support AAC or MP3.
  • User wishes to remove the Digital Rights Management (DRM) from an AAC audio file that he/she had purchased from iTunes store.


There are numerous other programs which convert audio files to different formats but majority of them are quite complicated and expensive. On the contrary, iTunes is fast, easy to use and above all, free. You need to follow the below mentioned steps for converting audio files to different formats using iTunes.

  • Click on “Start” button to display the Start Menu on your PC. Select “iTunes” to launch the application. Incase of Mac, you will find it in “Applications” folder.
  • Within iTunes application, go to “Preferences” to open the “Preferences” Window. Go to “Importing Options” screen. Based on the iTunes version that you use, the location of “Importing options” might differ.  
  • For instance, in older iTunes versions, there is a separate orange icon within the “Preferences” Window for importing. In the newer iTunes versions, importing options are hidden in the form of a nested tab “Importing” within the section “Advanced”.
  • Select the format you wish to convert the audio files to. Note that, iTunes can covert from/ to various formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC and Apple Lossless.
  • For instance, if you wish to convert an AAC audio file to MP3 so that you can listen to the song on your non-iPhone/ iPod music player, you need to select “MP3”. You are also allowed to select the bitrate quality which is set to 128 kbps by default and is good enough for any average person. You may select a higher bitrate value if you wish.
  • Exit the “Preferences” Window. Now, you need to go to the iTunes library and find your song(s) that you wish to convert. If you wish to select multiple songs, you may hold down the “Apple” (“Alt” incase of Windows) or “Shift” key while you make the selection.
  • Go to the Advanced menu and select the option “Convert Selection to..”. Alternatively right-click on any of the songs which you have selected and choose the respective option from the right-click context menu.
  • You will notice an orange colored spinning ball within the source window of iTunes once the conversion process starts. You may click on the spinning ball to view the progress.
  • The time taken for conversion will differ depending on type of conversion, number of songs selected and your computer speed. If you want to speed up, you may close other applications running on your PC to accelerate the conversion process.
  • Once the coversion process is over, iTunes will notify you with a chime. A similar chime sound is played by iTunes when it finishes burning a CD.

  • Incase any of the songs selected for conversion was bought from iTunes store and is not in the iTunes plus format, iTunes will show an error message notifying you that the file is protected and can’t be converted to a different format.
  • To resolve this issue, you simply need to burn such song(s) onto an audio CD and import them back to iTunes.
  • There are some applications such as Hymn which are capable of removing DRM protection from the songs which are bought from iTunes store. However, Apple disables such songs with DRM being altered.
  • Once the selected songs have been converted to the desired format, you may search for the files in iTunes Library. There will be two versions of every song that you have converted. One will be the original file and the other one, the converted version.
  • You may as well delete the old version if you wish to keep only the newly converted one. The easiest way to distinguish between to old and new version is by checking the “Date Modified”. The song with the latest date is the one that you have converted.

A Social Networking Game For Ipod Touch And Iphone

A Social Networking Game For Ipod Touch And Iphone

The publisher and leading developer in mobile games, PressOK Entertainment launched the mobile phone version of the popular PC game Bumper Stars. The game has been specially designed for Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone. The mobile version too promises the same level of fun and excitement as its earlier version.

The game as described by its manufacturers is a mixture of pool, shuffleboard and pinball. This launch of the mobile version of Bumper Stars helps users enjoy the games on their iPhone and iPod touch. The game can be played in both multi player and single player mode.   

The Vice President of the Business Development Center of PressOK Entertainment quoted that the company always looks forward to launch more and more interactive games that allows the user to stay connected with his handset and enjoy the benefits of playing an adventurous and interactive game.

The company along with the games provides Facebook Connect, a tool that helps users to challenge their friends on Facebook directly from their phones. They can instantly play against them and beat them.  You can also update and break highest scores and then update them on to your profiles.

Wade Tiney, Large Animal Game’s founding member and CEO quoted that Bumper Stars has got the best support in the iPod Touch and iPhone. This mobile version enables users to challenge and play with their friends from wherever they are. It also gives an opportunity to those who haven’t played the game on the computer before.

The mobile version of Bumper Stars can be downloaded from iTunes Application Store for a price of $2.99. The company plans to launch the version for Android, Blackberry, BREW and J2ME platforms. Currently iPod touch and iPhone users can have a full feel of this game and have an exciting gaming time.

Free Update and Upgrade iPod Touch to Latest Firmware OS 3.0

Free Update and Upgrade iPod Touch to Latest Firmware OS 3.0

Recently, the new firmware OS version 3.0 for iPod Touch and iPhone has been published by Apple. This new firmware 3.0 is one of the major updates because with this OS update, you could now get tons of latest features to your portable iDevices. All original iPhone generations and iPhone 3G are allowed to upgrade firmware to iPhone OS 3.0 at free of cost.

On the other hand, the devices in the category of 1st and iPod Touch 2G of 2nd generation should have to pay $9.95 for upgrading the firmware to OS 3.0. Now, you can skip the payment option as well. Of course, Apple showing an unfair practice towards iPod Touch, even if the devices don’t properly incur any of the recurring charges.

To upgrade and update iPhone and iPod Touch’s old firmware versions to OS 3.0 at absolutely free of cost, just go though the following guide.

  1. First, you have to download and install iTunes having version 8.2 or higher.
  2. Now, you have to download following

Note: If you download the file having ZIP extension such as iPod2,, then you have to rename this .zip file to .ipsw file format. If the downloaded file is affixed with .zip file format such as iPod2,, you have to remove the .zip extension from the filename.

While downloading iPod Touch firmware if you deal with any sort of error massage such as “an error occurred while processing your request”, then you should download the IPSW files using the following links.

Link for 1st generation iPod Touch Here

Link for 2nd generation iPod Touch Here

  1. Now, connect your iPod Touch device to computer.
  2. Execute the file iTunes 8.2 or higher.
  3. Choose the iPod Touch device from the list of devices.
  4. Backup of your iPod Touch in case of any accidental file lost. This step is optional yet important.
  5. Probably there are two ways with which you could update you iPod to firmware OS 3.0. If you want to install a firmware suit on iPod Touch without keeping any existing data file and songs, movies, videos, music, apps and other media files on iPod Touch, then follow steps given below:
  • If you are Windows user, you have to hold Shift key and left click on Restore.
    • For users of Mac OS X system, just hold Option button and then left click on Restore.
  1. If you would like to retain and save all your data as it is in your iPod Touch and want to upgrade your device without losing a single file, go through following steps:
  • When you go to main screen of iTunes, you’ll see 2 options as “Check for update” and “Restore”. Just click on “Check for update” option.
  • A webpage will be displayed with features of iPod Touch OS with firmware version 3.0. There will be an option where you can buy it for $9.99. You simply click on “Cancel”.
  • iTunes will be back with the previous main page iPod Touch. You’ll see now that the “Check for update” option has been changed “Update” option.
  • Windows users have to hold Shift key and then left click Update.
  • Mac OS X system users have to press and hold the Option key, left click on Update.
  1. Browse to the downloaded file for iPod Touch OS 3.0 Apple Device Software Update IPSW and select it.
  2. Once selected the file, the process of upgrade will be started. Your iPod Touch may be restarted for few times. You have to keep connected your iPod Touch device to computer until updating process gets finished.
  3. When completed the upgrading, your iPod Touch will be successfully running on OS firmware 3.0 without spending a cent.
  4. Optionally, if you would like to restore iPod Tunes to firmware OS software of version 3.0 to default, you will be provided an option by iTunes where you could select to either restore it from backup or create a new iPod.

Upgrading Iphone Operating System Firmware To Version 3.0

Upgrading Iphone Operating System Firmware To Version 3.0

IPhone operating system software 3.0 has slammed the market. It was one of the most awaited software, which is the latest version of the Apple’s iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and also the iPod touch series. This new version is worth upgrading since it contains many new enhancements and a lot of new goodies.

The list of enhancements added contains features like support for Multimedia Messaging service, also facility for editing like cut, paste, copy etc. iPhone 3G is available factory installed with this new operating system but the users of the older generation of iPhones need not feel disheartened.

The previous versions of iPhone operating system like OS 2.2 and 2.2.1 can be easily upgraded to OS 3.0 by following just a few simple steps.

  • Before you do so, make sure that you have iTunes 8.2 installed on your computer, without which it is not possible to upgrade your iPhone.
  • Simply connect your mobile device to the computer and run iTunes 8.2 in your PC.
  • After this just go to the option Devices and select the option iPhone under it. You will find this option in the left pane in the Source List.
  • Update to the latest operating system by check marking the option Update which is given under iPhone Summary tab.
  • Now choose the Download and Install option. You must not disconnect your mobile device from computer until the update is finished.

After the completion of previous step, the iPhone 3G or iPhone will run the firmware operating system 3.0. Upgrading to the latest OS 3.0 is free for the users of iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G, but the users of iPod touch need to pay a small amount of $10 for upgrading it. However, there is an alternative hack option also available.

Use Different Media Players To Play Lyrics And Song Simultaneously

Use Different Media Players To Play Lyrics And Song Simultaneously

Use MiniLyrics to run and play lyrics and songs at the same time in two different media players. Its features are mentioned as below:

  • It is works with 21 different media players and some of them are windows media player, iTunes, Real Player, JukeBox, Winamp, Jet Audio, VLC Player and many more.
  • As soon as the song starts playing, the lyric is displayed automatically.
  • Although, it is a trial version but it never expires.
  • Lots of customized skins are available for free.
  • It has got a huge database or collection of Hindi and English song lyrics.
  • It automatically searches for the lyrics of the song being played and also gets downloaded automatically.
  • The synchronization between the lyrics and song is really smooth.

  • Last but not the least, it runs on windows 7, vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME and even Windows 98.