Simply Convert Video File To Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) Format Using ConvertToWMV

Simply Convert Video File To Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) Format Using ConvertToWMV

Are you searching for the tool which could help you to convert any of the video file to Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) format? Presently, there are thousands of video converter software applications that can help you to do so. Now here is a new and pretty simple and handy utility that you must try out. This useful utility is named as ConvertToWMV. ConvertToWMV is an absolutely free application for Windows, which converts any video file to Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) configuration.

ConvertToWMV has understanding and simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) for communication with FFmpeg video processing command line tool. This utility consist pretty simple steps, while starting the conversion, the users need to simply drag and drop a video file onto the ConvertToWMV application window or simply press the Import button to browse a video file.

 The users can also able to choose the option for the video size as well as the output bit rate before converting. Command prompt of FFmpeg is preferred while processing of a video file. It may take quite a few minutes to complete the conversion depending on the video size. Once the conversion completed, user will start playing the converted video from the video file name in the “Conversion output” window.

At the top, ConvertToWMV is also features with the option “Output JPEG frame”. This option can be used to capture the video frame from the video as a jpeg image. The default captured position in video frame is 1 second. Use the following link to download ConvertToWMV.

Fabrice Bellard is the developer of the free software FFmpeg that can be used to convert, stream and record digital audio as well as video in a verity of formats. The licensing of software is under the GNU General Public License or GNU Lesser General Public License.

Download Free Wallpaper Changer To Automatically Change Wallpapers In Windows 7

Download Free Wallpaper Changer To Automatically Change Wallpapers In Windows 7

Microsoft Corp. has added a new feature in Windows 7 named as Wallpaper Changer which is available with Desktop Slideshow feature. This feature helps you if you like to change your desktop wallpaper frequently. The new Wallpaper Changer application is freeware. Wallpaper Changer is a wallpaper manager which changes the background images automatically on every startup.

The change takes place either on regular basis or once in a day. The file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP are supported by this app. It automatically selects screen property as tile, center or resize to full screen. It also analyzes the each and every wallpaper to suit it in background for best appearance and for easily readable icon caption colors.

Wallpaper Changer provides pretty easy way to save and reload or create your favorite wallpapers collection. There is an easy way to add whole directories or single pictures via drag and drop action. You can add them from explorer or else you can select supported graphics by searching all your hard drives. To display your wallpaper more effectively, it gives a transparent background to all desktop icons captions.

To use this application, just download WPCSetup_v1.90.exe. There is no need of installation, just place it in any folder and run.

Convert Kodak Photo Compact Disc Format To JPEG Using Pcdtojpeg

Convert Kodak Photo Compact Disc Format To JPEG Using Pcdtojpeg

The Kodak camera takes snaps in (PCD) Kodak Photo Compact Disc format, which is totally multi- resolution format. Since these snaps are in different formats, users find it difficult to convert these files into other supported formats such as JPEG, BMP, etc using different photo editors. Users cannot upload PCD files to any photo sharing websites due to unsupported format. Moreover, users cannot export images into presentation slides easily. The only solution is converting these PCD files into supported file formats to use photos for uploading or sharing.

There are several photo editors and graphic converter tools available over the web. However, some of them follow complex procedures to convert PCD files to JPEG or other supported files. One of the most useful and effective converters is pcdtojpeg that converts files easily. This application is under the license of GNU and it is used as the conversion program of pcd files to jpeg files.  It supports almost all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Users need to download this application on their system to avail the services of this useful application. It is completely free of cost, and converts pcd files and jpeg files without altering the resolution and image quality.  Additionally, it extracts all metadata during the converting process so the converted files don’t lose any relevant information. If you find it suitable and useful then download its latest version 1.0.2 on your system for free.

Resize Images With The Faststone Photo Resizer

Resize Images With The Faststone Photo Resizer


Reducing and resizing images is a very common application amongst computer users. Images need to be resized in order to make it easier to upload them or attach them to e-mails. There are a number of applications or programs that help you reduce or resize the images. Most of the applications have the same functionalities but they differ in the efficiency and simplicity of the program.

The FastStone Photo Resizer resizes images easily and efficiently. This resizing tool comes along with a bouquet of options which can be needed today or tomorrow. The other functionalities of this freeware is that you can change extensions of files, rename files, resize images, add logo or watermark and reduce the images in accordance to pixels. This application is extremely user friendly and can be used with ease.


Some of the most used features of this application are

  • Simple and efficient to implement.
  • Add text, watermark, and logos to images.
  • Crop, rename, convert, resize, and rotate pictures within batch mode.
  • Apply or change depth in color easily.
  • Images can be renamed in a sequence.
  • Supports various formats like BMP, PNG, JPEG etc
  • Replaces texts and searches for them in file names.

WinSnap Is Another Screen Capturing Tool

WinSnap is another screen capturing tool

Every personal computer or laptop has a built-in function called PrintScreen (prt sc) to capture the screen in a snapshot, and then we can edit it according to our purposes. Due to lots of shortcomings of this feature, like you can’t capture a non rectangular window nicely, and so we need something advanced. Here comes the main role of WinSnap.

It is a tiny but yet very powerful software to make things simpler and easy. We can edit any screenshots in very simple steps, and the interface is completely user friendly. Taking a screen snapshot of a non rectangular screen is way too easy with this smart tool.

With this tool you can make the background transparent, canvas transformation is simple and advanced, you can put shadows, clear the reddening of eye, give colour effects, and it also has auto copy and auto save options.

WinSnap supports lots of formats like bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, and many more. For the home uses, download the WinSnap version 1.0 for free, and the version 2.0 of WinSnap is a shareware.

WinSnap is available in two editions 32 BIT edition and 64 BIT edition which takes 436KB and 463KB space respectively.