Simply Create You Own Icons With ToYcon In Windows

Simply Create You Own Icons With ToYcon In Windows

To create own customized icon, you will possibly have to go through much complicated ways. Now, a very small utility known as “ToYcon” will greatly help you out of this hassle. ToYcon places a user interface of uniquely designed box on the desktop. With this box, you could simply drag and drop an image which has to be converted into icon.

All you have to do is just download this interesting application. You don’t even need to install this app, simply execute the downloaded file directly and the small box will be displayed on the desktop. After that, you just have to drag and drop the image files into the box. The selected image file should have gif, jpg, png, tga or bmp format. You could also select size for the icon as big (256×256), medium (128×128), small (64×64) depending upon your own choice.

After completing, the new icon image will be placed inside the folder where you have selected the source image file. Now, you have to link the newly created icon to your particular program. For this, right click on the newly created icon, click on ‘Properties’ button. Now, go to ‘General’ and click on the ‘Change’ button. Now, you’ll have to select or browse to the program path. After assigning the program for the icon, whenever the icon gets clicked, the respective program will be launched.

With this tiny utility, you’ll be able to create icons with own creativity keeping all the restrictions aside. Just go and download this utility by using the link given Here.

WinSnap Is Another Screen Capturing Tool

WinSnap is another screen capturing tool

Every personal computer or laptop has a built-in function called PrintScreen (prt sc) to capture the screen in a snapshot, and then we can edit it according to our purposes. Due to lots of shortcomings of this feature, like you can’t capture a non rectangular window nicely, and so we need something advanced. Here comes the main role of WinSnap.

It is a tiny but yet very powerful software to make things simpler and easy. We can edit any screenshots in very simple steps, and the interface is completely user friendly. Taking a screen snapshot of a non rectangular screen is way too easy with this smart tool.

With this tool you can make the background transparent, canvas transformation is simple and advanced, you can put shadows, clear the reddening of eye, give colour effects, and it also has auto copy and auto save options.

WinSnap supports lots of formats like bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, and many more. For the home uses, download the WinSnap version 1.0 for free, and the version 2.0 of WinSnap is a shareware.

WinSnap is available in two editions 32 BIT edition and 64 BIT edition which takes 436KB and 463KB space respectively.