Modify The Number Of Frequent Or Recent Items Appeared In Windows 7 Taskbar Jump List

Modify The Number Of Frequent Or Recent Items Appeared In Windows 7 Taskbar Jump List

Windows 7 lets the users open and access the frequently used files or recently opened documents with the help of Jump List. These files or documents are associated with the particular application or program.

You can use it by sliding or merely by right clicking on the program button on the Taskbar. As in Windows 7 RC, the default value of frequently used items appears or number of recent items on the Jump List has been set to 10. By using this trick given below users those who want to modify, either increase or reduce the number of the items on Jump List can do so easily.


Increase or reduce the default number of recent items or frequently used in the Windows 7 Jump List

  • First of all right click on Start button.
  • Now select Properties option.
  • Now tick on Customize button.
  • After that under the “Start menu size” section at the bottom side of the dialog, “Customize Start Menu”, place a new value for Number of recent items to be displayed in Jump Lists.
  • Click OK twice to save the change successful immediately.

Open Windows 7 Jump Lists With Slide Menu

Open Windows 7 Jump Lists With Slide Menu

Generally, to access jump list in Windows 7 OS, you have to right click on the button which is present on Taskbar. You will be prompted with the pop up list, which is nothing but the jump list. However, while using some of the devices instead of mouse such as a TackPoint pointing stick, pointing device (TouchPad) or using your finger on a touch screen, then you would experience the real hassle to do so.

To avoid this, Microsoft provides a shortcut in Windows 7 to pop up Jump List. User just need to left-click on the mouse button and slide across the icon or Taskbar button to display the Jump List. If you are using TouchPad or touch-screen monitor, simply touch and point your finger to icon or the button on Taskbar and slide it up to open the Jump List. This is as easy as swooshing the list in your iPhone and iPod Touch for browsing.