Assign Keyboard Shortcuts And Access Your Favorite Websites Quickly In Internet Explorer Browser

Assign Keyboard Shortcuts And Access Your Favorite Websites Quickly In Internet Explorer Browser

Mostly while surfing on net, we use our favorite but important websites so many times. We most likely visit these websites each and every day or even a number of times in a day. For example, you log in to Gmail for checking new mails and when you get some free time, you tend to read latest posts on TechBuzz, you could keep an eye on share values on the website of stock market, etc. So, to use these websites in IE time to time we mostly love shortcuts to open these websites quickly for saving time.

In Internet Explorer browser, you could open your favorite websites by going to the Favorite option but this is too tiresome task. If you are in search of the superior solution to access your most used websites quickly, it may be helpful to assign the keyboard shortcut keys for these website. When you configure keys with particular website, you will be able to access them simply by pressing keys that you assign. For example, when you assign “Ctrl + Shift + G” key combination to open Google, then you just have to press this key combination to open Google. You could open your favorite website by shortcut keys even if you have closed the browser.

To do so, you first have to ensure that your favorite website is already saved in the list of Favorites. After saving, go to “Favorite” under the main “Menu”. Now, you have to right click on the specific website and go to “Properties”. Select “Web Document” option. Simply, clickShortcut Key button.

Here, you could specify your preferred key combination to open up the particular website. Finally, click on the “Apply” button to continue.

Windows vista and XP keyboard shortcuts

Windows vista and XP keyboard shortcuts

In Windows Vista or XP you can open, close, save, exit or even navigate anywhere within the system by the help of shortcut keys. Instead of dragging the mouse pointer here and there and then clicking on the file or option to open the documents or any window, it can be easily done with keyboard shortcut keys.


It makes the computing process real fast, easy and convenient. In the support section of windows, they have posted the complete tutorial of the keyboard shortcut keys for Vista and XP system. To know all the shortcut keys refer the support pages.

Windows XP Shortcut Keys

Windows Vista Shortcut Keys

Windows 7 Shortcut Keys


Configure Your Keyboard To Control Cursor Movements In Windows Vista

Configure Your Keyboard To Control Cursor Movements In Windows Vista

Most of us are very much dependent on the mouse for controlling the cursor on GUI (Graphical User Interface) of our PC. Have you ever thought of controlling the cursor movements without using a mouse? You might like to give it a thought to prevent yourself from being stuck in the middle of an important task due to some problem with your mouse.

However, if you are a Windows Vista user, you need not worry as Vista allows you to configure your keyboard and control the movements of the cursor using numeric keys. Although, you won’t be as comfortable as you are while using a mouse, it is certainly a trick worth learning as it would definitely help incase of an emergency.


You need to use the below mentioned steps.

  • Click on the “Start” button to open the Start Menu. Go to “Control Panel” and open “Ease of Access”.
  • Click on the option that helps you in making the use of mouse easier.
  • Check or tick the checkbox corresponding to the option for turning on mouse keys. Now, click on the link that allows you to set mouse keys.
  • You will be prompted with a window in which you can configure or set the mouse keys as per your preference. The window includes various options such as turning on mouse keys, setting pointer speed, configuring whether the mouse keys should be used when the NUM LOCK is ON or OFF, etc.

Windows 7 Providing Latest Shortcut Keys Or Hot Keys

Windows 7 Providing Latest Shortcut Keys Or Hot Keys

Although Windows 7 takes the advantage of mouse movement, some users still give preference to use keyboard in order to use the operating system of Windows.

For those who are keyboard lovers there is good news that Microsoft has added various keyboard shortcuts or keyboard accelerators or hot keys, which make the navigation feature much easier to use by using keyboard especially while using the feature of Windows Aero snapping.

A few shortcut keys or hot keys also known as keyboard accelerators are listed below that the user can use while working with Windows 7 as operating system.

  • Windows + ? (Up Arrow) – For maximizing window
  • Windows + ? (Left Arrow) – Snapping window to the left side in order to cover half of the desktop space
  • Windows + ? (Right Arrow) – Snapping window to the right side in order to cover half of the desktop space
  • Windows + ? (Down Arrow) – Minimizing the window and restoring to the normal size if the window remains currently in maximizing option
  • Windows + Home – Clearing the entire windows which are active
  • Windows + Space – All the windows will become transparent
  • Windows + Shift + ? (Left Arrow) – Moving the active window into the adjacent monitor which is in the left for purpose of multiple or dual setup of monitor
  • Windows + Shift + ? (Right Arrow) – Moving the active window into the adjacent monitor which is in the right for purpose of multiple or dual setup of monitor
  • Windows + T – Showing preview thumbnail for running applications in the Windows Taskbar one after another
  • Windows + P – Adjusting the presentation options in the display which is on projector or computer
  • Windows + + (Add) – For zooming in
  • Windows + – (Dash or Minus) – For zooming in

Firefox Add-On: Web Surfing Can Be Done By Mouseless Browsing By Using Keyboard

Firefox Add-On: Web Surfing Can Be Done By Mouseless Browsing By Using Keyboard

You may find yourself interested in this simple add-on of Firefox, if you give more preference to keyboard typing rather than mouse browsing. It is named as the Mouseless Browsing v0.5.1, which indexes all of your hyperlink links as well as text boxes in the websites that allow the users to control their browsing by tapping on keyboard buttons.

When the user is using it for the first time, they could get quite confused with the numeric indicator that appears beside the links which are clickable as well as the text boxes. However, after getting used to it, the user will appreciate it especially when they can get rid of the repeatedly knocking on ‘Tab’ button.

All you have to do is that just identify the hyperlink that is intended by the right index number, after that go for Ctrl + the  numeric key in order to bring that cursor to the respective positions. After the installation of the add-on is over, the users will have to restart that Firefox browser in order to be able to use the new features. However, the users needn’t worry if you are in the middle of browsing, because it will restore the previous websites to be opened after the restart.

For ensuring better quality release, the developer welcomes the feedback from all the testers, and in return each of them will get information whenever there is a latest version released and available for download to the users. Users can download Add-on Mouseless Browsing.

Singing Keyboard And Mouse Makes Computer More User Friendly

Singing Keyboard And Mouse Makes Computer More User Friendly

A fun tool called Keyboard Sounding Software has been created to motivate children and youngsters to use a computer more often. Keyboard Sounding Software tool generates sounds when a keyboard or mouse is used.

It will encourage children especially to try using keyboard and mouse, indirectly throwing open the vast computing knowledge to them. This software tool creates varied sounds when a mouse is clicked or keys on a keyboard are hit.

Keyboard Sounding Software is fun for children and learning tool too. It attracts a child’s attention by producing sounds like alarm, noise, music etc. This software tool is preloaded with few music files, and one needs to only install to start using them.

One can add their own voices by using the microphone and later assign the recorded voices to few keys of the keyboard. This way a user can easily customize this tool to their personal needs. There is a provision for adding few sentences and assigning them to certain keys, one can associate user’s regional language to few keyboard’s keys.

Keyboard Sounding Software tool is best for people who cannot see too well, they surely will find computer more user friendly. This software tool can be downloaded and used to improve your child’s computing knowledge. This is a freeware.

Keyboard Shortcut To Turn Off Or On A Monitor

Shortcut To Turn Off Or On A Monitor

It is often seen that many computer users have to multi-task other work and also run their applications on the computer at the same time. So every computer user is aware that switching the monitor off for such tasks will not hamper the process, but it also conserves power. This is said to be an efficient way of managing the monitor.

An enhanced tool called PushMonitorOff allows a user to use few keys from the keyboard to switch off the monitor. This freeware is user friendly and gives one the freedom of switching monitor off and on directly from the keyboard.

PushMonitorOff tool is a complete package for managing all your monitor requirements. It allows one to control a monitor by using Shift+F1 keys from keyboard. It also provides greater flexibility by allowing a user to change the shortcuts keys from the keyboard. This monitor controlling tool generates an icon on the system tray region which can be used to alter any ciphers or initiate a configuration directly from the tool.

PushMonitorOff is a great tool that controls and manages the monitor directly from a keyboard. The keying options can be configured according to a user’s wishes. Download this great tool to control a computer’s monitor.

Keyboard-Tweaker Tool Alternative To Multimedia Keyboards

Keyboard-Tweaker Tool Alternative To Multimedia Keyboards

Keyboard Tweaker can be utilized by an individual who is hooked to few programmes on the system. A person who uses it everyday can actually assign a set of hotkeys on the key board to launch those programs. Keyboard tweaker is a tool which can be used to assign hot-keys on keyboard to make program processing faster.

Allotting hot-keys to programs on your system by selecting respective hot-keys on keyboard will permit you to commence programs instantly. This will makes your program processing time faster. It is a Freeware and simpler to load on system. By default few keyboard shortcuts or predefined hotkeys are already available in it.

Either one can add a new list of hotkeys to respective programs or can utilize the present keys. By default a set of few hotkeys for windows programmes contains keys such as “volume control”, “regedit”, etc. One can utilize several combinations on keyboard such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and any other alpha numeric characters to customize hotkeys.

After assigning hot-keys one can also pre-view the changes made by selecting the test-option before saving the settings. It also contains a set of features to alter letter size, display, font, etc. Keyboard-tweaker works like a substitute to Multimedia-Keyboards. Now, using keyboards any applications or programs can be executed using this tool on your PC’s.

37 Helpful Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

37 Helpful Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboards shortcuts could be time saving way of browsing over the internet. Here are some chrome shortcuts that help you operating chrome browser.

  • Ctrl + N – Open a new window
  • Ctrl + T – Open a new tab
  • Ctrl + U – View source code of a webpage
  • F5 or Ctrl + R – Reload
  • Ctrl + click a link – Open link in a fresh tab
  • Home – Get you to the top of the webpage
  • End – Get you to the bottom of the webpage
  • Ctrl + Shift + T – Open closed window
  • Shift + click a link – Open link in a new window
  • Ctrl + H – Open History page
  • Ctrl + J – Show downloads page
  • Space bar – Scroll down
  • Ctrl + Tab – Switch between active tabs
  • Ctrl + + or Ctrl + mouse wheel up – Increase text size
  • Ctrl + – or Ctrl + mouse wheel down – Decrease text size
  • Ctrl + 0 – Original text size
  • Ctrl + F4/ Ctrl + W – Close current active tab
  • Shift + Esc – Chrome Task Manager
  • Alt + Home – Get to home page
  • F3 or Ctrl + F or Ctrl + G – Find
  • Tab – Go through the particular links in a webpage
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – private browsing or Incognito mode
  • Ctrl + B – show/Hide bookmarks bar
  • Ctrl + S – Download/save webpage in your computer
  • Ctrl + D – Add bookmark
  • Ctrl + O – Open a saved webpage
  • Ctrl + P – Print webpage
  • Backspace – Previous page
  • Ctrl + A – Select all
  • Ctrl + Shift + B – Open Bookmark Manager
  • Ctrl + Shift + D – Edit Bookmarks
  • Ctrl + Shift + J or Ctrl + Shift + I – Open Developer Tools
  • Alt + F4 or Ctrl + Shift + W – Close current window
  • Ctrl + tab number – Switch to specified tab
  • F6 – Select address bar content
  • Type a web address in the address bar and press Alt + Enter – Open link in new tab
  • Esc – Stop page from loading

To Change The Hot Keys According To You Use Keyboard Tweaker

To Change The Hot Keys According To You Use Keyboard Tweaker

Many of the daily computer users might always use the hotkeys for faster and easier execution of any program. It works as a great charm when something needed to be open up faster and there remains no time to go through the normal process to open those program from start menu.

For such people, Keyboard Tweaker is just the appropriate tool kit. With the help of this tool called Keyboard Tweaker, you can assign a combination of keys of your keyboard to work as a hotkeys to open some programs like the way you want it.


It won’t cost anything, neither for downloading nor for the installing. Just download the software and launch it, later install it and you are good to go. As default they have already setup a combination of keys to open up some of the daily used programs, such as command prompt, calculator and lots more stuff like that. You can browse and set your own hotkeys for your own desired programs.

The keyboard tweaker works great with operating system such as Windows 2000, 98, 95, vista and Windows XP. As the functions can be customized and are easy to use, it is a powerful utility tool.