How To Launch Programs With Keyboard Shortcuts

Launchy is an innovative tool to ensure a faster and prompt way to launch programs and files in the Windows. This free utility tool will make you forget the mundane way of launching files through your start menu or clicking icons located at your desktop. Launchy is specially designed to allow users to gain a quick access to their desired programs, files, folders, presentations etc through the means of a few simple keystrokes. By keying in some particular assigned keystrokes you can launch the desired program without going through your start up menu or double clicking the icons.

Launchy, on its installation remains hidden in the background of the desktop. You can make it visible by clicking on the alt key for a while and then hitting on the space key. This will make the Launchy application visible for further access. Now, to search for a particular program, you have to type the prominent keys or first few keys of the program and then click on the enter key. This will launch the program you have been looking for, within a few seconds. If the search results do not match with the program you’ve been looking for, then, hold on for a few seconds as you will be displayed other file names bearing the same prominent keys. Choose the program you’ve been looking for and start working on it. Besides files and folders, this application also easily launches sites you’ve accessed most recently. Pressing ALT + SPACE will again activate the hidden status of Launchy.

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Computer Shortcuts And Tricks To Improve Your Productivity

For those who are wondering if keyboard shortcuts will help them improve productivity, you should not think twice. I use keyboard shortcuts more than mouse as it improves my time which results in improved productivity.

Just imagine all kind of cool things you can do with keyboard shortcuts like minimizing the window of your keyboard, send buzz to your friends if you are on yahoo messenger, shortcut to maximize screen via keyboard and a lot more. There are some funny key board shortcuts like inverting you screen and with such keyboard shortcuts you can play pranks on your friends.

I have compiled a list of more than 500 such useful keyboard shortcuts which you can put in practice.

Hope this helps your productivity the way it helped me.

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