Read Status Post In Different Foreign Languages With Facebook Translator

Recognize the Status Post of Different Foreign Languages With Facebook Translator

One benefit involves for hooking up to Facebook cultural site could be the possibility to keep active with family and friends. Reading through the particular status updates of links within your contact record is able to keep you connected even with your own stressful times along with lifestyles.

However, for those who have friends through diverse nationalities who post their own updates in different ‘languages’, some find it a trouble copying and insert your updates directly into internet language translation assistance just like Google Translator, which just realize the message. Instead, Facebook Translator, totally free Plug-in to Firefox browser provides you with option for doing translation in the cultural website themselves

This Plug-in, Facebook Translator, to Facebook is located under the status post named as “Translate” and user can click it to see the particular translated version. Although English is, the standard language for these Plug-in, users can transform to numerous

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other languages.

Set Your Audio Language On DreamBox Satellite Decoder

Set Your Audio Language On DreamBox Satellite Decoder

When using DreamBox Satellite Decoder to receive multi-channels of multi-languages from different countries, you may get annoyed by frequently changing the audio settings for the channels, which you are not acquainted of. You can configure this to fix some of your favorite language as default settings by following some below mentioned simple steps.


User will not be able to access these settings with the help of remote control and thus, you will need to make the settings by accessing Web Interface of DreamBox Enigma on your PC screen for configuring it by following below steps:

With Ethernet cable, connect your PC with DreamBox.

  • With the help of DreamBox remote control, navigate to Menu->Setup->Expert Setup->Communication Setup and note down the Internet Protocol code for the DreamBox.
  • Launch Internet Explorer on your personal computer’s screen and enter the following Internet Protocol Address in the field of address. For example, Type
  • Once propmted for a password, enter ‘Root’ in User Name field and ‘DreamBox’ in password field to get the permission to the DreamBox. Go to ‘CONFIG’ from the main menu, then browse through ‘Audio Channel Priority’, later in this field, enter the specifications of the audio channel’s priority.For example, select English#audio 1, as the priority level when the PC restarts.
  • Click on Save button and restart your system with your remote control and it is done.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to pre-configure and select your favorite language without taking much efforts to  select manually each time before watching your favorite programs.

Nice Translator To Translate A Foreign Language To 34 Languages

Nice Translator To Translate A Foreign Language To 34 Languages

An Online Translator helps in translating a foreign language to an understandable user language instantly. Google translate software tool is one such online translator software which provides good translation for any language. Disadvantage of using a Google translator is that it allows a user to view only one single translated page at one time.

Another online tool helps in re-translating the keyed words in 34 different languages. This tool is called Nice Translator. It utilizes AJAX, which in turn helps in translating the keyed words to different preferred languages.

Nice translator is again a free web-based rendition service. This tool supports nearly 34 different foreign languages including German, Chinese, Finnish, Indonesian, Portuguese and many more. To use this service one has to only type in the words for translation or copy and paste words to be translated in a box. Now this translator will detect the language automatically and begins translation to other languages. It then displays the translated languages in another dialog box.

This online translator is very useful when a user wishes to learn or understand some words of a different language. The translator translates a text or sentence or paragraph into 34 different languages at once in a fraction of a second.

Identifying A Foreign Language Using Langid For Free

Identifying A Foreign Language Using Langid For Free

Sometimes we stumble upon many foreign languages never heard of or never seen on internet. An email or a web page if written in a foreign language becomes difficult for a user to understand the language. Online translators are a must-have to address such issues.

A solution to the above is to first detect the foreign language. Langid is an online detection Tool to help a user in identifying a foreign text, message or file easily. This is available for free for all users. can read and translate nearly 85 foreign languages. This website can detect an unknown language easily. A user needs to simply upload a text or a file with a foreign language or paste the message in the text box provided in the website.

Langid can detect an email, quotation, newsletter written in a foreign language automatically. Within a short time, langid will detect by using its language scripts and display the results.

A tweet can also be sent via a twitter account, and this website identifies the message and returns a tweet with the language name. This website is very quick, accurate, convenient and free. After detecting the language, a user can choose any online translator to provide a translated version of the foreign text or file.

Latest Technology Development Identifies Languages With Lip Movements

Latest Technology Development Identifies Languages With Lip Movements

Recently, a new technology has been developed by a group of researchers in East Anglia University. This latest technology is able to read lip movements to accurately recognize the languages being spoken by a person. Including English, there are some other common languages like German, French, Mandarin, Russian, Italian etc. Therefore, this technology is suitable to use with no limitation across different regions.

The development of this technology is related to modeling of 23 personnel who are bilingual or trilingual. This helps to identify multiple languages more easily without any misses. Furthermore, it shows that each language has its own uniqueness, which could be recognized with combination of lip-jaw movement and mouse shaping.

This new technology could be introduced along with the technology of eye flavor facial acknowledgment which was developed for digital signage system. It will help all of the advertisers to understand responses of consumers more effectively. Also he/she could judge that whether a particular customized ad has been meeting the needs of consumers successfully or not.