Dells Ultra Protable PC – Inspiron Mini 9 for just $399

The world’s second largest personal computer maker, Dell Inc, introduced an ultra-portable PC. The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ($399 with Mircrosoft Corp.’s Windows operating system ), which weighs about 1 kg and has an 8.9 inch screen that can present most webpages fully, without scrolling from left to right.

It has a built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a webcam, and is bundled with Dell Video Chat. The ultra-portable comes in Alpine White and Obsidian Black. Dell’s product debuted five months after the HP Mini-Note, whose starting price is almost $150 more than the Dell device. Dell is aiming its products at travellers and social-network users.

Source: bloomberg as sent by Aswin

Airtel is launching iPhone 3G’s in India :)

I’ve been clogged up with a lot of work off late. One was that I was shifting over to a new company and had loads of paper to be finished. Meanwhile I missed on some of the interesting news in and around the community.

Was just skimming through some of the interesting topics on PC world and this one did catch my sight. PC world announced on the 6th of this month, that is August 2008 that they are launching iPhone 3G in India on 22nd of August 2008, which is tomorrow .. a day after my birthday 🙂 .. oh yeah today is my birthday .. I dun have a wish list else would ask you guys to pour in some gifts 😉 ..

Some of the claimed revolutionary features of this iPhone 3G are :
1> First as the name reveals it does use the revolutionary 3G technology which makes everything twice as fast as we experience now.
2> You are no more a stranger in any part of India .. the built in GPS (Global Positioning System) will tell you where you exactly are and can also guide you where you need to go .. err.. not sure if the system is well equipped to guide you where you need to go .. but it definitely can tell you where you are right now 🙂 ..
3> A lot of iPhone 2.0 software like Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, will sync your phone with your system and keep you updated with your calender and more.
4< Tons of 3rd party applications that are available in the new App Store.

If you are an Airtel customer then you’ll need to visit your nearest Airtel Relationship Center to pick up the latest gadget. I did not get enough info about pricing though .. You can find some more info about iPhone 3G’s here.

One of the regular blogger Nirmal mentioned that Vodafone too is coming up with iPhone 3G phones.

Found an updated post by Nirmal on vodafone –