Phone for the executive constantly on the road – Nokia 9300

This phone is especially targeted at those who are always on the road. This is perhaps most likely to replace the laptop computer. It has hefty built-in memory of 80 MB which can store hundreds of thousands of contacts, schedule your appointments and the best feature of Nokia 9300 is the wide support it provides to almost all e-mail protocols.

The flip-type handset also features a full QWERTY keyboard and colour display. There is no limitation to the attachments you could download and read on this phone, you can open spreadsheets, pdf files, word documents, etc.

Unwired technocrat – HP iPaq h6315

If you are the one who feels insecure at the prospect of not being connected to the world wide web and constantly want to work and create/ modify technologies and technical codes, then the HP iPaq h6315 is the phone for you.

One of the first phones to come with a internet capability, the HP iPaq h6315 Pocket PC is priced at about $599 and offers features worth every cent of what you pay. It runs on Windows mobile operating system has pre-loaded software such as Outlook for e-mail, MS Word to compose documents, Excel to do your computations and flowcharts and Explorer to browse the net. To enable you work better the phone goes all out to give you a full fledged but detachable keyboard so you could type your mails, messages or anything else. Apart from these wonderful software features, the iPaq has built-in camera, speakerphone, Wi-Fi and bluetooth capabilities.

Chief Executive clinching deals on the move – RIM BlackBerry 7100g

So you are a constantly-on-the-move head of a large multinational corporation and your job necessitates that you need to have powerful computing abilities, communication tools and entertainment aids with you wherever you are. But you can’t carry bulky gadgets and hence want a compact device.

Your should go for the mobile which can be said to be the king of the mobile world, the Blackberry 7100 g. Priced at about $399 the 7100g offers you everything that you might desire in ultra-compact size giving you style as well as power. Surprisingly, the 7100g doesn’t have a built in camera. But it makes up by being capable of handling ten e-mail accounts, has a built in speakerphone, onboard memory of 32 MB, a complete QUERTY keyboard and completely wireless in terms of bluetooth capability. As a CxO on the move this phone can take care of all your secretarial and administrative tasks.

Handhelds and mobile computers these days are for everyone

Mobile phones… those little instruments with miniature keys hit the market to provide voice communications. But soon the ubiquitous cellphone has taken over the role of several other gadgets. The digital diary, watch, scheduler, voice recorder, e-mailing device, pager etc. The constant use of thumbs to type messages in the mobile phone has caused strain injuries in several users. But injury, discomfort, difficulty, price nothing comes in the way of people acquiring new mobile phones and to match the demand companies are launching newer, revolutionary and feature-filled handheld phones. Some of the latest phones come with a full keyboard and match the features of the personal computer.

More importantly mobile phones of various types and styles have taken over the world because of the style statement the user can make with them. Yes they are very easy to use, handy, helps being in touch always but then more than all this they are stylish. The mobile phone’s flickering lights, soft keypads, ear pleasing music, eye cooling videos etc are highly appealing to everyone and even boring corporate executives have begun to appear glamorous when they tote an ultra-modern handheld.

The first generations of phones were only capable of voice and text communication. But the latest phones can accomplish a host of functions and some even double up as a computer. With so many different types of phones available in the market, each offering an array of features, it is often confusing to decide on which one to buy. Here is a small review of four of the latest model mobile phones to help you decide which would be most suitable for you. Depending on the features, the phones have been classified so that it would suit a particular category of high-flyers who want to appear cool and trendy.

Personalize Laptops According To Your Scent Taste And Color

Laptops are getting personal these days and are replacing personal computers gradually. The world is gradually lapping it up. ASUS has come out with another way to personalize your laptops, they are now letting you celebrate your individuality with ASUS F6 series of laptops. The scent from the laptop will make sure its owner is happy always, as we all know that scent plays an important role in setting up mood and whats makes it better is that you get to choose your style. There are 4 different editions, each with an unique design and scent available to choose from, which is generic to match most of the users taste and character. The different captivating designs are : Musky Black, Aqua Ocean, Morning Dew and Floral Blossom.

Oh well there is only one catch, the fragrance may not last life time. May be they have options to refill it every time it runs out 🙂 .. it depends on how much u use it …

F6V Specifications are as follows :

Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology
– Intel Core2 Duo Processor T9400/P8600/P8400
– Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset
– Intel® WiFi Link 5100AGN Network Connection
Genuine Windows Vista®
– Genuine Ultimate
– Genuine Business
– Genuine Home Premium/Home basic
DDRII-667/800 DRAM support, up to 4GB
13.3” WXGA Color Shine LCD
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470, external 256MB DDR2 VRAM
SATA 120/160/250/320GB
31.2 x 23.19 x 3.2-3.52cm

Did You Hear About Kodak Easyshare v1073 : An Average Camera With Extra-Ordinary HD Capabilies

With touchscreen devices getting cheaper and making their way into every possible gadget, cameras aren’t being left out. It’s Kodak’s turn now.

The EasyShare V1073 is an 11MP camera with a 3x optical zoom. It is thin enough to fit into a shirt pocket easily, but that also makes it a little difficult to hold with a single hand. The touchscreen also makes it difficult to use the camera with just one hand. The power and shoot buttons are positioned close to each other. The 3-inch screen doesn’t have great quality-it is pretty difficult to use outdoors even with the brightness turned up high.

The quality of photos isn’t too different from its predecessors. The colors in the photos are pretty natural but the sharpness will likely be a little too much for most people’s liking. There is image stabilization, but images still end up a little blurry in well-lit scenarios. There is vary little control given to the user, so there is not a lot you can experiment with.

One of the key features is the HD 720p video recording resolution. A typical 25 second clip is 43 MB in size. The quality of the video clips is pretty impressive. The touch screen makes a few other features easily accessible. For example, you can actually type in a tag for every single photo that you shoot using an on-screen keyboard. The high definition video recording is a feature that will interest many.

It’s priced at $300 which sounds very fair price for a camera with so many unique features.