Install APK Non-Market App On Android Phone

Steps To Install APK Non-Market App On Android Phone

Almost all apps for Android mobile are available at the Android app store, which is official place to download and install app for all Android tablets and smartphones. Unlike the iPhone, Android is a system that is completely open and doesn’t support any hacks for the app that are not available in Android app store.

Technically, all apps of Android use .apk file format. This extension indicates that the file is only meant for Android Smartphone.  This special fire format carries the applications and makes them compatible to download on the Android power devices.  However, Android app store allows users to download and install apps automatically from the store, but what about the non-mkt .apk app to download on Android powered devices.

Android powered devices don’t include any file manager and cannot be installed on double click as the Windows and Mac OS X operating system. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to install .apk non-market app onto the Smartphone and tablets powered by Android.  Check out the below given tweak to install .apk app.

Action 1Use APK installer to install .apk files

Android store app cannot install .apk format app directly, it is possible only after installation of the apps installer for free from the Android store.

  • Launch Android Market
  • You will get numbers of app that are developed only for installation of non-market app onto the Android market such as  FastAppInsatll, Installer, AppsInstaller, Onymous App Installer, Fast Installer, and etc, download one of them and install on your system.
  • Copy .apk file to root directory of SD card
  • Start apps installer program
  • Each app installer scans the root folder automatically from the SD card and explores the .apk files.
  • Now, tap on the particular Android app that you need to install on your device.  You will be prompted with a dialogue box to continue installation, confirm the installation.
  • Once the process is completed, user can easily use the app right from the menu.

Action 2Push Install APK apps using Android SDK on the computer

In order to install .apk format app directly from the computer to android powered devices, users don’t need to navigate to Android Market. Thus, they don’t need to associate Google account with Android device.

  • Download and Install the Android SDK on your system by simply opening the starter package to a secure location and add location to systems’ path.
  • Windows users can download USB driver and install adb by tapping on SDK Setup.exe at root of the SDK directory to raise Android SDK and AVD manager.
  • Launch the file directly from the root of the SDK directory by taping on SDK Setup.exe. From the given panel choose USB Driver Package to install.
  • Connect Android Smartphone and tablet to computer using the USB cable
  • On your android device, navigate to Settings>> Applications and enable Unknown Sources box.
  • Navigate to Settings >> SD card and phone storage and mark Disable Use for USB storage.
  • Copy .apk android setup package to your computer inside the SDK folder.
  • Open Command Prompt box
  • Execute the following command

adb install <path to the .apk file><.apk file name>

These methods to download non-market .apk apps on Android system are quite safe and easy to perform. However, there are some multi-purpose utility and file manager available that includes compatibility to install APK file onto your Android Devices such as ASTRO File Manager, AndroZip, File Manager, Android Mate, App ToolKit, EStrongs File Explorer and etc.  Users can use these applications to download .apk file format app onto their Android systems.

All Contacts Appears Offline in Window Live Messenger 2011

All Contacts Appears Offline in Window Live Messenger 2011

After launching and signing into Window Live Messenger 2011, all of the contacts included in messenger seem to be offline. This error takes place irrespective of the user’s status, whether they are busy, away, online or seem offline. There is merely nobody else online in window live messenger 2011.


The no contact online issue influenced not only Window live messenger contacts but also other supported instant-messaging network, such as facebook and yahoo messenger. The fact is that number of contacts might actually online, but they appear to be offline to those users whose IM application has problem.

In WLM 2011, an individual will be unable to reply or send and message and chat with an online contact which appears to be offline. To make matter more serious, whenever an individual signs into another computer or web-based messenger all the contacts, which are apparently online appears online.

The actual reason for this problem is uncertain but most probably it is because of Bing linked messenger files.  The solution to fix all the contacts appear offline issue is easy. Follow these instructions:

Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features and select (highlight) Windows Live Essentials 2011>click on the Uninstall> click on Repair all Windows Live programs to reinstall WLM Messenger 2011


Manage Mouse Scrolling Speed In Firefox

How To Manage Mouse Scrolling Speed In Firefox

Mouse scrolling option is already implemented in almost every computer to make navigation easier and faster.  When you scroll upward or downward in open webpage, it is mouse scrolling feature that helps you save on time by easily moving upward and downward.

As you have noticed that you can scroll two or three lines in one scroll. It means when you start scrolling it takes time to get downward directly. It is default setting in the system that manages mouse scrolling speed. However if you are using Firefox browser then you can alter settings and control scrolling speed according to your preference.


Here is the tutorial to adjust mouse scrolling in Firefox browser. You need to modify settings manually from configuration menu.

  • Launch Firefox browser.
  • Type “about: config” in address bar and hit Enter button to move further.
  • It will open a warning tab with message “Changing these settings can be harmful……”  You just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise! Button to continue this process.
  • Now type out the phrase, “mousewheel.withnokey” in first shown box.
  • Apply right click of your mouse on “mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines”. Then you can choose Toggle option. The default settings will be changed from true to false once you select toggle option.
  • In this tab click on “mousewheel.withnokey.numlines”. Then you can choose Modify option. Now you can type any value according to your required number. 

Now at last you have adjusted scrolling speed according to your requirement. By following these steps you can change mouse scrolling whenever you want.

Resolve The Issue Related To COM Surrogate While Launching Video Format Files

Windows Vista – Resolve The Issue Related To COM Surrogate While Launching Video Format Files

If you are using Windows Vista, you must have frequently noticed that many a times when you try opening a folder containing video-format files like AVI or MPEG, you get a error message notifying you that a problem has caused COM Surrogate to stop working properly and Windows needs to close the program.

The message does not go away even if you close the program. You will be repeatedly prompted by the message until you close the pertinent folder. At times, when you are in a hurry of finishing some important task, this COM Surrogate error issue turns out to be quite annoying and irritating.

You will mainly get this error message if you have installed any media player applications including DivX, Nero, KMPlayer, etc which contain some common files which are incompatible with Windows Vista.

The easiest solution to resolve COM Surrogate error issue in Windows Vista is to either uninstall such incompatible applications or get them updated to the latest available version. As another alternative, you may use the below mentioned workaround.

  • Go to the command prompt with admin privileges.
  • Type “regsvr32 %windir%/System32/vbscript.dll” and hit the “Enter” key.
  • You will get a dialog box with a message saying that DLL registration in C:\Windows\System32/vbscript.dll is successfully done.
  • Now open “Computer” and click on “Organize”. Choose “Folder & Search Options” and go to the tab “View”. Check (Tick) the checkbox corresponding to the option for always showing icons and not thumbnail items.

Simple Technique to Skip the Configuration Wizard on First Launch Of Windows Media Player

Simple Technique to Skip the Configuration Wizard on First Launch Of Windows Media Player

Whenever you install a new edition of WMP (Windows Media Player) or if you install a new OS, WMP shows a configuration wizard on its first time launch which allows you to configure the preliminary settings for your Windows Media Player. The same thing happens with WMP12 and WMP11 when you launch it for the first time.

You get a Welcome Screen which prompts you to make the preliminary settings depending on Custom Settings or Recommended Settings. Actually, you can make only a few settings through this wizard including playback file associations, default player, privacy and a few online store settings apart from accepting the End-user License Agreement for using Windows Media Player.

The wizard appears on each user account when the user launches WMP for the first time. However, if you happen to manage a number of computers and would like to apply the same settings everywhere by altering the group policy (GPO) or ISO image, you may pre-configure WMP.


The moment you configure WMP, it will not display any configuration wizard and will open the WMP user interface straightaway. In order to pre-configure WMP, you need to simply set the below mentioned registry keys in the system registry using the Registry Editor.






You may copy the above mentioned registry keys to any text editor, save the text file with the extension “.reg” and run this .reg file for merging the respective registry values.

As another option, you may simply download the file “WMPConfig.reg from the internet and run it to apply the registry value to the system registry.

Close All Tabs Related To A Single Website Domain Simultaneously Using TabCloser 1.03 Add-on In Firefox

Close All Tabs Related To A Single Website Domain Simultaneously Using TabCloser 1.03 Add-on In Firefox

If you have a habit of opening large number of tabs under a single window of Mozilla Firefox, you must have had problems while closing all tabs related to a single website domain one by one but keeping the main Mozilla Firefox window open. The task of closing the tabs individually, one at a time becomes quite irritating if you are in a hurry.

To take care of such situations, Mozilla Firefox has come up with TabCloser 1.03, an add-on which helps you close the all the tabs related to a single website domain with just one click. You do not need to close the tabs selectively, one by one.

Download and install TabCloser v1.03 add-on. Re-launch Mozilla Firefox so that the installation becomes effective. Now, when you right-click on any tab, you will notice that an extra option “Close All tabs” has been added above the option “Close tab”. The moment you click on the option “Close All tabs”, all tabs related to that particular website domain will be closed instantly.

This add-on is very much beneficial if you have opened many tabs related to one particular website and the tabs are no longer required. You may download TabCloser v1.03 for free by accessing the website Here.

Trick To Auto Launch Most Preferred Websites By Firefox

Trick To Auto Launch Most Preferred Websites By Firefox

Firefox surfers had to type in URL each time they launch Internet browser to surf their preferred links but not anymore. Now, Firefox add-on can carry out this trick, as it supports speed dial feature. Earlier, this trend was seen on chrome and opera browsers.

Speed Dial is an optional feature on firefox which helps in providing surfers a list of preferred websites with a screenshot to make surfers every visit pleasant. Speed dial on Firefox is not an inherent feature like other browsers. However, speed dial can be enabled through Firefox add-on installation facility viz. “Speed Dial”.

Just download Speed-Dial feature with firefox add-on and complete the installation. Automatically speed dial will commence to supervise your web searches and sort the most preferred sites according to the surfing order.

Each time firefox browser homepage is launched, it will automatically display 9 most preferred sites with vivid screenshots. Firefox speed dial installations steps can be found on the Speed-dial “user’s information and installation” add-on page.