What Are Trackbacks And How To Send Trackbacks In WordPress

Things that you should know about trackbacks

If you have liked any post by different authors and you are very much interested continuing the discussion, then you have to inform the concerned author about it. Informing any other authors about liking their posts and participating in the discussions is known as trackback. In wordpress, you will get a built-in feature whereas in blogger, this task needs to be done manually.

Now, let us see how this things work. It is a duplex communication, which allows transfer of communication from end to another. With the help of trackback you don’t need to send any personal mails to the author, trackback takes care of these things.

  • Suppose your blog name is ABC.com
  • While browsing through the WebPages, you liked a post on XYZ.com
  • Now you want to post an article on the same topic and add some more information on your site ABC.com
  • After making a post in your site, that is ABC.com, you need to send trackback to author’s site, which is XYZ.com.
  • Then, all you need to do is to publish your post. Once your post has been published it will automatically search for author of XYZ.com site and automatically send a trackback. Isn’t it simple?
  • Your SEO efforts will yield better results with this methodology.

There are certain things that you should bear in mind while using trackback as mentioned below:

  • Trackback feature should be on the blogs of both the parties.
  • In order to send trackback successfully you need the trackback URL of that particular post. Remember, trackback URL and post’s URL are not same.
  • In trackback field of your blog, you have to mention the trackback URL of the site where you like to share your post

If you are a wordpress user, then all the above procedure are present by default. You don’t have to do anything manually which saves time and is a plus point.

Tips To Get Blogs Listed In Blog Directories At The Earliest

How to place your blogs in blog directories list?

It is very important that you have your blog registered or placed in the blog directories list. It becomes essential and a must thing to do when you are planning to earn a little extra cash by blogging. If you want to accomplish an ultimate exposure of your blog and show positive results, then your blog should be listed on the blog directories.

There are many people on this earth who prefer to find things at their finger tips. Just like yellow pages, the blog directories work on the same lines. Most of the users tend to visit blog directories to find any faster and accurate blogs. So it’s better to list your blogs on the blog directories.

What should you do to submit your blogs on the blog directories? You will be required to provide all the necessary details that concerned party will be looking for and submit the form. It’s the similar process to register your blog on each and every blog directory.

It really doesn’t matter whatsoever details they ask for. The main thing that you should bear in mind while submitting you blogs is that whether your blog will be accepted sooner or later by the admin of the blog directories.

If you want your blogs to be accepted by the blog directories then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Do not cheat, but instead try to provide with correct information as much as you can.
  • Make sure your blogs are in the correct section. It should match your keywords or should contain the desired section’s topic. Don’t worry about the time it takes, the wait is worth it.
  • In case you are being asked for the reciprocal blog then make sure you do that.
  • While you are registering ensure that your email address is correct and accurate.
  • That is all you have to do to get your blog listed on the directory.

If you have more suggestions, please leave a comment on the same and i’ll ensure to include them in the list.

Most Important Black Hat SEO Tricks Bloggers Should Avoid

9 SEO Black Hat Tricks That You Should Refrain From Attempting

SEO is everything for any web master who is looking for more traffic. SEO can either put you at the top of every search engines are or at the worst position of any search engines. The most important thing in SEO as recommended by the experts is Blogging. You may find lots of tricks about Black Hat SEO, but do not Try to follow them, because they get your blog or website banned forever.

There are certain tricks of Black Hat SEO that may ruin your future forever, and those are mentioned below:

  • Cloaking: As the word says, it means deceiving. Whenever you try to fool any search engines that means you are cloaking, and in return the actions that are taken by the search engines are quite serious and severe. If you show something to the user and something else to search engines then that mean you are cloaking. If you are planning to get banned by search engines then this is the best way to do it.
  • Contents duplicity: there are myriads of Bloggers who think that if they post same thing in pages more than once then they will get a high Alexa rank. What they don’t understand is that any search engines are much smarter than any bloggers. So it advised not to deceive, cheat or to exploit the TOS of any search engines via any means.
  • Auto generated contents: these days there are loads of software available which will write for you. Taking the help of those software or scripts so as to rewrite any copied text is much worse than duplicity. If any Blogger want to have a prosperous future with Adsense, then try to make unique articles, and that will only be possible when humans write them.
  • Having irrelevant keywords: now this is very important. The keyword in your post gives the address and summary of your post. It helps the search engine where your post is and what your post is really about. Try not to repeat your keyword many times. Be honest and try to mention relevant keywords for your post. If you do so then your PR, Alexa rank and traffic, everything be sky rocketing.
  • Spam links: spam sites are good for nothing. Every search engines have a serious concern about spam sites and have taken necessary steps against it. If you try to link any spam sites, then according to search engines you are their friends, and you will be treated the same way as them. Your site will be a spam listing too, and to be honest your future of making money through Blogging will be over.
  • Hidden keywords: Hiding Keywords is a foolish thing to do. There is no logic or any minimum sense behind doing this. There are many bloggers who puts background colour to the text so as to hide. According to SEO this process is called front-matching or keyword stuffing. This is really a serious issue and if you are caught, you will be banned without any notices or warnings.
  • Title stacking: always try to be to the point. Many search engines don’t like the idea of putting more than one head title for a single post. Whereas there are many bloggers who puts title more than once to get high Alexa ranks but that is wrong idea. The only way a blog post gets high traffic and rank is because of uniqueness and quality stuff that contains in the post.
  • Do not try to distribute viruses: You might even not know that the software you are promoting as an ad in your post might contain some virus. So make sure you check all the software that you distribute through your post. Make sure that your hosting has a secure security system to protect any attack from spammers. This step is very necessary because this might ban your site even though you are not solely responsible. Make the security tight and your future will be bright.
  • Fake door pages: There are many bloggers who use their door pages as fake. What happens by this is that if a user wants to enter to their desired page, they can’t and instead they are directed to some other pages. This is one of the worst things to do because this will make your traffics value zero and thus your site value will be nil.

7 Most Important SEO Tips For Newbie Bloggers

7 SEO tips to comply before posting your article

The most important part of Blogging is posting quality contents. A blog gets credibility from its quality content and also uniqueness. No matter how many posts you make, if your blog does not have quality content, then it doesn’t mean anything, and your website traffic will still be somewhere around zero. On other hand if you make very few posts with great quality then traffic will be on the higher side.

Sometime presentation matters, because if you don’t make your ice cream parlour look like one, then no one will stop by. Same theory applies over here. To do so you have to make sure that you have decent knowledge about SEO, because this is what that will make your Blog worth reading.

Follow the 7 tips of SEO that are being mentioned below before you post or publish your article:

  • Title of the post: this is very important. Like eyes speak the word of heart, the same way your title would provide the essence of your contents.
  • The title should relevantly speak for your article contents. This is the most important feature of SEO. Try to follow the KISS technique, Keep It Simple and Short.
  • Check grammar: People do not like to read articles that are full of grammatical errors, neither do they have they have enough time to correct them for you. If you don’t want people to read your article and increase traffic, then write whatever and however you want to, but if you would surely want the opposite. Therefore, you should decent command over your language and grammar.
  • Numbers: People like to get some accurate information and they always tend to look forward for them. Try to name your article by starting with a number because this will be good enough reason for the users to read your article. The chances of earning good from your Blog improve if it is well organized for the readers to leaf through.
  • Upload images: Sometimes it’s good to read and article with images in it. If an article contains only and only text, then it looks kind of dull and plain and doesn’t attract enough traffic. An article with great presentations, with quality stuff and images keeps the visitors attracted, and thus the traffic to your website improves. Images in article works as a charm for any Blogger.
  • Bringing in to focus: Now this is also an important step to take. Highlighting your keywords from your article will not only give it some weight-age but it also initiates great traffic. There is no rule of how to highlight your keyword so everything depends on you. You can either make it bold, underlined, italics or use some other colours to highlight your keyword.  It is a great SEO tip to follow.
  • Presentation: This is vital and crucial SEO tips. No one likes dull faces, and in the same manner, no one will be interested in reading your boring article pages after pages. That does not mean you will make words fancy. Try to make it simple and inspiring.
  • Last but not the least, Stability: Try to scrutinize and limit your topics. Do not try to write over every topic possible. Make some selections and then go about writing on them and post it. Make 10 to 20 articles on one topic than making one article on every possible topic. Try to focus and concentrate on one topic, and capture them in your article from every different angle possible. Do not forget to mention your keyword for two to three times and to highlight them.

If you think that only these 7 tips will be enough for getting high traffic and in the eye of search engines then you are wrong. These are just warm ups, but essential ones.

Some Of The Most Important And Best SEO Tips For Bloggers

Some Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers

The most necessary tricks for Blogging are about SEO tips. If you think that posting quality stuff in your blog post and having a great Alexa rank will be enough then you are wrong. When you build a house you make base of it, then colour with beautiful colours and at last you need address to that house. Posting is the base and quality is the title but for the address you need SEO, so that readers can locate your blog easily and efficiently.

Every search engines have their own scripts through which they track sites. They are named as Spiders as because they track your site and scrutinize every single letter. The spider notes everything which you have defined as notable manner. Your sites will be displayed when anyone searches. So as to increase your blog’s value you should do the SEO and its essential too.

The most important tip is to add your site to lots of search engines that you can. It will make your blog post available everywhere. Google is the most important search engine and you should add your site link to Google.

The essential trick for SEO is to exchange your links with some other websites. This will help you to index faster and the spiders of search engines will be able to locate you quickly.

Some other way of getting indexed quickly is to submit a map of your website to Google webmaster tool. This will bring you a decent PR. For better SEO you can also add your site link to directories, online of course, like dmoz.org

Since spiders can’t read videos or images, it would be a clever thing to make the posts containing more of the texted stuff with a very few images. You should not copy someone else’s post and even if you did then mention the link of the original post in your site. Else this might go against TOS.

Never use abbreviation or SMS language for anything. Always use full words like r=are, nd=and, and etc. Spiders are not intelligent enough to understand SMS language.

Your key words should be to the point and short. Make a proper title which matches with the keyword.
The basic SEO tips are mentioned in the above points but they are vitals ones.