How to Create Hotspot on Ubuntu Operating System

Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems today by students, developers and programmers. No wonder that a lot of these users need a software that they can use to route their wired internet connection via their wireless module on their laptops. To do so, a hotspot software that works with Linux systems is required. Check out how to create hotspot on Ubuntu easily

How to Create Hotspot on Ubuntu Operating System

  • Disable WiFi. Plug in your internet cable. Always use a wired connection.How to Create Hotspot on Ubuntu Operating System
  • Go to the network options via the network icon. Click on Edit connections. Click on ADD button in the pop up window.How to Create Hotspot on Ubuntu Operating System_2
  • Choose WiFi when asked to choose connection type.How to Create Hotspot on Ubuntu Operating System_3
  • Type in connection name, SSID. Select more to infrastructure. For the Device MAC address, select your wireless card from Drop-down menu
  • Select WiFi security setting to WPA and WPA2 personal. Set your preferred passwordHow to Create Hotspot on Ubuntu Operating System_4
  • In IPv4 settings, select “shared to other computers” in the ‘Method Drop down box‘. Click on save.
  • Now, you will get a configuration file that will be saved in /etc/networkmanager/system-connections directory.
  • Open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) or click on terminal icon, paste the command below and press enter. You can now edit the configuration file.
  • sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/wifi-hotspotHow to Create Hotspot on Ubuntu Operating System_5
  • Replace WiFi-hotspot with the connection name you gave for your connection.
  • After the configuration file opens, search for the line ‘mode=infrastructure” and change it to “mode=ap
  • Save the file.How to Create Hotspot on Ubuntu Operating System_6
  • Now enable WiFi from the network manager icon. You are done. If required, you should select to “connect to hidden wifi network‘ from the dropdown box. You can use your phone to connect to the hotspot you set up as well.


Now you are all set and you can use your laptop with Ubuntu operating system as a portable hotspot source. If you have any problems setting it up, comment below. Check out the best hotspot software for windows operating system 

Boost up The Firefox Performance

Essential Changes To Boost up The Firefox Performance

This is the era of internet and seldom does a day pass by without being online.  The most crucial factor for many of us is the comfort level with the browser whenever we are online. Internet explorer is the oldest web browser in the market and over the passage of time several other web browsers were also available in the market. The web browser named Netscape started quite appreciably, but subsequently it washed out from the market. Presently, the Mozilla Firefox is one web browser, which has surpassed the entire competition. It is one of the most preferred web browsers.

For those who are not aware about Firefox, it is the free web browser provided by Mozilla. Presently, it is available for all the major operating system such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Considering that, Firefox offers all the awesome features, which a basic web browser would require, it is a strong competitor for IE. It features tabbed windows that facilitate to open more web pages within on single window of Firefox. You have the ability to choose any window from tabbed windows instead of opening different windows every time from the taskbar. It also has in built pop up protection feature. Additionally you will also find Google search option, inbuilt phrasing protection, etc.

All the Firefox configurations are prepared for enhancing the experience of web browsing. It is still possible for you to speed up Firefox. Several aspects play a crucial role in increasing the speed of the web browser. These aspects are internet connectivity, web server you trying to visit and most significantly the profile of your computer hardware. These tricks will help you to boost up the speed of your Firefox.

Initially you have to open up the editor in which you will be able to configure the Firefox. To accomplish this open Firefox and then type “about:configure” into the URL bar and press enter. A page will open up with a warning message. Read it cautiously as what you are going to do is actually for an expert user who exactly knows what they are doing. If you are not an expert, this guide will help you with all the essential details.

To begin with, you must be aware of the meaning HTTP. It means “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.” Whenever you open a webpage, a request has been transmitted to the web server through this webpage and reaction comes to the browser, which the browser displays on the webpage. All these transmission is done in HTTP. At this moment, whenever you open single page, browser is required to send several requests towards the particular web server for obtaining full data, which is required for displaying on the web page. A brand new technology pipeline is being used is Mozilla Firefox to overcome this issue. Utilizing pipelining, Firefox is able to send several requests to web server just before it gets any kind of response from the web server. It will reduce the loading time. For configuring Firefox type “Pipelining” in the “Filter” bar.

You will get numerous columns. All we need to consider is the “Preference Name” as well as “Value”. Search for entry “network.http.pipelining” in the listing and look at their values. If it is “false,” then double click and change it to “True”.

Changing value to “True” enables Firefox to send several requests. Now we will have to change property value name “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests.” change the value to 8 from 4.

Now in order to enhance Firefox capabilities, look for “network.http.proxy.pipelining.” change the value to “True” from default “False” value.

Our Conclusion

These are the most essential settings, which will enable you to boost the Firefox performance. With the help of these settings you will be able to browse internet at amazingly great speed. To do the required changes you should be aware of what you are doing, you must have the knowledge of HTTP and various other things so that there will be no problem with your web browser.

Ubuntu – Open Source OS

So what is Ubuntu?

It is a computer operating system that is based on Linux. It is open source (meaning that it is able to be changed and improved by the users through its source code) and is free. The name came from a South African phrase ‘humanity towards others’ translated as Ubuntu.

Ubuntu strictly adheres to the open source philosophy and it will remain 100% free.

What is it for?

It is for personal computers and there is also a server version, but today we’ll only discuss the personal variant. Overall there are about 12 million people who use Ubuntu on their personal computers and it is the 4th most popular web server.

Who sponsors it?

Mark Shuttleworth (a South African entrepreneur) owns Canonical Ltd. and sponsors Ubuntu. He makes money by selling the technical support and any other services related to Ubuntu.

Can my computer handle it?

Ubuntu supports both 32 and 64 bit architectures but you also need to ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements to run this operating system.

For your desktop or laptop you must have:
Processor: 1GHz
Memory (or RAM): 384 MiB
Free space on your hard drive: 5 GB

So why do people use Ubuntu?

Ya this is a free operating system, but what really does it offer? With any purchased computer or laptop you get an operating system, so how is Ubuntu different?

Well, for starters it’s an open source software. This means it is completely customizable and you can change it however you like. Even if you aren’t some elite coder or programmer there are a lot of people out there who have created unique and completely awesome add ons for Ubuntu! You can check out some of the more popular Ubuntu downloads to see some of the fantastic features that it can integrate into your desktop operating system. Go here to look at top 10 Ubuntu downloads:

On top of that, it’s free! Windows operating systems often get updated, leaving you in the dust without the fancy new gizmos so you are forced to either purchase the new upgrade or find an alternate means of obtaining that new OS.


SnapShot An Image On TV Using DreamBox

How To SnapShot An Image On TV Using DreamBox?

DreamBox is a DVB Satellite and Cable TV receiver software powered by Linux which

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was developed by the TuxBox project for DBox2. It is very useful software for taking the snapshot images and thus, you’ll like to know the procedure on how you could take one appearing on your TV.

To figure it out, follow these steps:

Connect Dreambox and your personal computer with Ethernet cable.

With the Dreambox remote control, navigate to Menu->Setup-> Expert Setup->Communication Setup and then, note down the Dreambox Internet Protocol (IP) address. Use this Internet Protocol address in next step. Later, on your system’s screen, click on Internet Explorer and enter the Internet Protocol address in the address field. Lets say for example, Type It will then prompt you for a username and password. Enter ‘Root’ as the User Name and ‘Dreambox’ as the Password, in order to get an access to your Dreambox.

Then move to the main menu and click on ‘Control’ button, which is on the left side the pane, along with the other buttons to select like OSDshot, LCDshot, Screenshot etc. According to your choice, click any one of them and it will display the snapshot of the current picture running on your TV, which you can easily save on your personal computer for your future reference.

If you want to hide some sensitive content or only want to go for its menu content, then you can set it by using OSDshot.

These are very simple steps when compared to a digital camera, which is mostly used to create multiple files. No doubt, these steps are also very helpful to reduce your efforts, if you want to share your TV screen, using Dreambox Satellite decoder.

A Powerful Linux Satellite Decoder- DreamBox

A Powerful Linux Satellite Decoder- DreamBox

Based on Linux platform, DreamBox Satellite decoder is very powerful with many new qualities and features. There are many additional addons installed on it, and thus, it is very user friendly, even for its average users. In fact, the important thing to notice is that the users can set the timer for a recording, as in when it should start and stop, along with many other things without any intervention.


Here are some tips to configure the timer in DreamBox:

On your remote control, go to  Menu >>Timer.

Here, you will find a list of Timer and then, press the Green button to set new timer. In the below menu, define a new timer with its description, either for one particular time or for repeated times. Move to the next field and fill up the details about respective date, month, and year and specify a time, as in when you wish the action to take place.

To apply the settings, press Green button and save the changes. Once that done, you will notice a new list displayed at the bottom with the Timer. Repeat the above steps for additional timer events. If you no longer want the timer event, use Red button to eliminate the timer settings or press Blue button to clear the entire list.

Android Notifier, A Very Useful Application To Make You Free From The Worry Of Missing Any Calls Or SMS.

Android Notifier, A Very Useful Application To Make You Free From The Worry Of Missing Any Calls Or SMS.

These days, it has become almost a fashion to use earphones to listen the music on your mobile phones while you are travelling or doing some work. Sometimes it can make you miss your important calls and messages which needs your immediate attention and action. Sometime, it can make you being scolded by your boss or you can loose your client due to not attending an important call immediately. But you can avoid all these situations to happen with you just by downloading Android Notifier, a small application which takes very little memory space and resources.

Android Notifier can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with your computer and it will alarm you whenever someone calls you or send an SMS, voicemails, or MMS and even when your mobile battery is getting down, you can get to know about your important calls and SMS through this on your system”s screen.

The notification of getting any calls or SMS will be displayed on user”s screen. It is very easy to customize and set up to use the Android Notifier. There is an option which allows users to select the events the program to be notified. As an example, Phone Ring notification can be disabled if user does not want to be disturbed while they are busy listening their favorite music and even they can disable their Battery use in case they want to save their battery life.

A user can get a free download of Android Notifier for their Macintosh computers and Android phones. Users of Linux and Windows need to get Android-Notifier-Desktop installed on their computers as well.

Hackers Are Having Tough Time Now

Hackers Are Having Tough Time Now

A widely expected and anticipated version of Sony PS3 firmware is now made available publicly which is more secure from the attacks of hackers and unauthorized elements to get access which were making players and gamers to get backup games and pirated compact discs.

Now all attempts of hackers to hack the game sites will be blocked with newly introduced version of Sony Playstation 3 including PSJailbreak a cracking USB dongle, a porgram of open source, one more PS3 open source jailbreak Linux kernel mobile device, and similar ports.

In past, Sony went to court to take a legal action against the distribution and release of PSJailbreak and obtained court instructions against marketing and selling of PSJailbreak USB dongle. However, the best way Sony found to stop is to fix, improve the quality by patching the loopholes being used to misuse PS3.

Some additional security features have been added to make the PS3 system more secure, which contains the security vulnerability to block PSFreedom, PSJailbreak, and PSGroove according to Sony’s recent Playstation blog.

PS3 owners can now upgrade their system through PS3 system software update version 3.42.

The owners of PS3 who wish to stay with PSJailbreak and crack the Sony Playstation 3, does not need to upgrage to firmware operating system 3.42. The bad thing for not upgrading to latest and new version of system is that it cannot be signed into Playstation Network and it is effectively ruling out multi-player gaming online.

The previous trick of DNS to bypass PS3 and the tool of Logan5 Proxy will not be able to help the hackers to break any sites as PlayStation Network will be blocked by online gaming through the reminder notice to keep this upgrade to system software by downloading new and latest version.

New And Smart Look Of Firefox 4 Beta 5

New And Smart Look Of Firefox 4 Beta 5

Mozilla Development Team has worked very hard to make some important changes and improvements to Firefox 4 and now they could successfully released its fifth beta version. It is almost similar to its previous version with lots of new improvements, features and enhancements for developers and desktop users.
Following improvements and new features to Firefox 4 beta 5 version have been added recently:

? Audio API – Improved and changed the integrated style of media on the web: It has been made more convenient for developers to use Javascript and write an audio script with the raw audio script housed within the audio and video elements in HTML5.

? HSTS– With the help of HSTS protocol, HTTP sites can be more secure from the unauthorized invading of hackers and attackers and keep them away from their sensitive data to access by giving the instructions to Firefox, which will establish a secure server connection. HSTS supports the security protocol by driving the sites to be loaded over SSL.

? Firefox button has got a new and smarl look for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users.

The brand new Firefox 4 beta 5 can be now downloaded free from Mozilla official site by just clicking on “Download” button.

Windows (English)-    Download
Linux (English) –         Download
Mac OS X (English) –  Download

Internet Explorer9 VS Adobe Flash Player "Square"

Internet Explorer9 VS Adobe Flash Player “Square”

Beta version of IE9 of 64-bit (x64) has recently been introduced publicly and after the release of IE9, it is tremendously getting popularity among the web users. The x64 edition of IE8 could not grab much attention in its operatioan as it is lacking a support in plug-ins and add-ons and compatibility issues although it was already containing a 64-bit version with regards to programs of 32-bit with Adobe Flash Player which need compatibility layer to work.

Adobe has recently released a trial version of Adobe Flash Player named “Square” with the combination of functional release of IE9 with native support for all major web browser of 64-bit desktop OS as Windows, Mac and Linux.

As per the information available in the , Flash Player “Square” has been improved and enhanced version of Internet Explorer to support directly and for faster delivery of hardware-accelerated graphics and is actively user friendly. Flash Player version of 64-bit is available for MAC operating system X platform and Windows and is compatible to all of its contents.

However, it is notable that the trial version of Adobe Flash Player “Square” is to enhance IE9 support and highlight 64-bit in Flash Player. There is no specific release of “beta version” of Flash Player. Users need to install the updated version of the Flash Player manually for keeping the “Square” branch up to date from the download page of Adobe Labs of “Square” as they will not get any notification for updates for final versions of Flash Player in future. Moreover, in future, if users want to install the finally updated Flash Player version, then in order to do so, they need to uninstall Flash Player “Square” manually.

In the middle of the 2011, Flash Player will be getting formed into a legal corporation of these IE9 and 64-bit hardware yielding support to stick to the released official version of Flash Player.


FirePasswordViewer To Decrypt And Hack Log On Password Saved In Firefox Browser

Use FirePasswordViewer Easily Decrypt And Hack Log On Password Saved In Firefox Browser

For the sake of convenience, we mostly tend to save or store our login details like user id and password for some forum, email account, websites and etc in the browser. All this saved data gets stored inside the sign-on database file into the encrypted format. This saved user id and password automatically gets entered when you try to login for the second time for specific websites or email accounts. However, mostly saving the log in details of websites or email accounts into the browser turns out to be high security risk for you.

Your private information or data may leak in some situations, for example, if you miss your laptop or if it gets stolen, the third person may misuse your data. To keep your data rally private, you should share your computer system. However, if your FireFox stops working and you forget your log in details, then it will create a quite problematic situation to you. Now, you could easily decrypt or recover your user id and password details which are saved in your Firefox browser. To do so, a very handy and tiny tool “FirePasswordViewer” will reduce your job greatly.

You will find the FirePasswordViewer in GUI version which is developed from the popular FirePassword tool. The tool is especially designed to recover or decrypt your entire log in details stored in the Firefox. It is a tiny executable application which displays the list of the user ids and passwords that are stored in the Firefox browser. For recovering your log n details you don’t have to run your Firefox browser.

In addition, the FirePasswordViewer could be also used to view log in credentials of various profiles (excluding your current profile). You could see all the profiles other than your current profile with different OS such as Mac, Linux and etc. All in all, the main motive of using the FirePasswordViewer is to recover or decrypt sign-on details saved in the Firefox browser. You will find it more useful when your Firefox browser has been disabled or stopped working and you have to extract all your saved passwords from your browser right away.

On the other hand, people with bad purposes may use this application and copy your entire log in data in Firefox browser. They may run this program and obtains the encrypted file of your private sign-on data which they intentionally want. This utility has a special facility with which user can save and then display the log in data into the standard HTML file format. This file could be easily copied or viewed to other place.

Besides, for avoiding the pointless safety hazards and the risk of saved log in database being uncovered, Firefox has a pretty good feature with which you could protect your files with a “Master Password”. It is better to set unique master password to your FireFox. To do so, go to “Tools” then go to “Options”, select “Security / Passwords” and then select to set “Use a master password”. You have to set the master password manually because by default it is not selected. The “Master Password” offers more safety by avoiding others accessing FirePasswordViewer without exact master password. Use the following link to download FirePasswordViewer version 1.2.2.