Preventing Windows Live Mail From Blocking Unsupported File In Attachments

Preventing Windows Live Mail From Blocking Unsupported File In Attachments

The users who are in habit of using Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail sometimes gets annoyed when the emails having the following attachments are stopped when they are receiving or sending a file. Those attachments will be blocked for security reason.

The attachments or files that are prevented are pre-defined setting of Windows Live Mail which have the extension mainly as “.com”, “.lnk”, “.hlp”, “.msc”, “.vb”, “.scr”,  “.chm”, “.exe”, “.cpl”, “.msi”, “.tmp”, “.reg”, “.bat”, “.inf”, “.cmd”, ”.url”, etc.

When the user tries to send files having one of the extensions mentioned above, that email will be rebounded and as a result it will not be delivered. Again, if somebody tries to send files to the user having those extensions that file will not be delivered, and the user will be notified with a message which will tell users that the file they are trying to access is dangerous so it has been deactivated. You can solve this problem just by reconfiguring the setting. Just follow the simple following steps and get rid of this problem.

First select “Tools” then go to “Safety Option” which is present in Menu Bar. Then go to the “Security” option and search for that option that will not allow the attachments which are to be saved and will consider them to be virus. Just deselect it. Then apply it and you have done your job. You have prevented Windows Live Mail from blocking your emails that are attached with the file extensions mentioned above.

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Solve Windows Live Messenger / Writer’s Hr:0x80070643 Problem

I was trying to set up Windows Live Writer on my Windows XP, but I encountered hr:0x80070643 error. While searching for a solution, I read a couple of blogs and forum posts and figured this error was generic and not specific to Windows Live Writer.

People were having similar problems, when trying to install Windows Live Messenger (WLM 2009). I was able to fix this for problem for Windows Live Writer, I think the same fix should work for Windows Live Messenger.

The problem seems to with the .NET Framework on the system and not Windows Live Writer or Windows Live Messenger. I’m just guessing here, so please do not come to any conclusion.

Here’s the fix that worked for me:

1> Uninstall currently installed .NET framework. I had .NET Framework version 1.1 on my system. To uninstall it, click on “Start –> Control Panel –> Add remove Programs“. Find installed .NET Framework and click on uninstall.

2> Download and install the latest version of Microsofts .NET Framework, at this point when I am writing this article, it is version 3.5 SP1 which can be downloaded from here. Or you can search the latest version of .NET Framework here.

Once installed, reboot your machine and try installing Windows Live Writer. It should work fine. If this works for Windows Live Messenger (WLM 2009), please let me know so that I can update this blog post.


As per feedback from ‘ABC’ and ‘BlahBlah Koala’ – Messenger.msi file from works.