Configure Internet Explorer 8 To Open Or Load Websites In Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode

Configure Internet Explorer 8 To Open Or Load Websites In Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode

Microsoft offers IE8 which is a new version of Windows Internet Explorer that replaces the old IE7 version. However, it has been noticed that the new version IE8 has a number of compatibility issues. The main complaint related to IE8 includes frequent freeze, hang or crash issues while browsing or sometimes while opening a new tab.  

The cause of this issue is the rendering engine in IE8 which behaves in a different manner as compared to IE7. In IE8, by default the rendering engine used is IE8 standards mode which might not be compatible with some of the websites, thus causing problems while loading them.

However, to resolve this compatibility issue related to IE8, Microsoft offers webmasters with a Meta element which they can choose to put on their web pages so as to open or load the web pages in Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode.

From time to time, Microsoft also updates the IE8 compatibility/ incompatibility list which includes all the websites which are compatible/ incompatible with Internet Explorer 8. But, not all incompatible websites use the Meta tag offered by Microsoft. Some of the websites might not load efficiently on Internet Explorer 8 if they are unable to comply with the stringent browser protocols.

Therefore, it is better to make necessary configurations in Internet Explorer 8 so as to open or load all websites in Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode. In IE8, you can easily identify whether a website needs to be loaded in compatibility view or not, as for such websites, IE8 displays a small “broken paper” like icon towards the end of URL/ address bar.

To reduce the possibility of browser crashes in IE8, you need to display all websites in Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View mode which would automatically open web pages in Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode. To turn on or enable the Compatibility View mode in IE8 for displaying all websites, follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. You need to click on the “Tools” menu and then select the option “Compatibility View Settings”.
  2. Within the dialog box that appears, check or tick the checkbox corresponding to the option that allows you to display all the websites or web pages in Compatibility View mode.
  3. Finally, close the dialog box after you finish.


Once you have done this, all websites in IE8 will open in Compatibility View mode i.e. in Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode.

Photo Flash Maker Tool Equipped With A Fully Loaded Slideshow Creator

Photo Flash Maker Tool Equipped With A Fully Loaded Slideshow Creator

Photo Flash Maker is a tool which supports in creating free slideshows with a set of free templates and flash effects. This application package covers few preloaded flash templates and flash-effects, making it simpler to create slideshow in a simpler form.

Users can attach custom notes text, photos, and create your slideshow. These flash slideshows can also be used on blogs / website, for simple flash banners or presentations.

Important characteristics of Photo-Flash-Maker Tool are:

  • Individuals can attach audio files to their flash-slideshows.
  • They can also enable the audio buffering feature for all web requirements.
  • Even the hyperlinked texts and images can be streamlined.
  • Also it is preloaded with various Flash-Effects which can be utilized.
  • A complete movie can be created with its “.swf” extensions.
  • It also supports publishing of flash-files on sites / blogs etc,

Photoflash maker is a Freeware, but supports creation of superior quality flash-slideshows. To begin creating your own flash-slideshows easily, get this Flash-Maker at the earliest. Download Link Here.

Tip To Load Your Farmville Game Faster

Tip To Load Your Farmville Game Faster

I bet, you surely have heard and played Farmville game on the Facebook social networking website. This one is the most popular online game. There are several persons who are addicted to this game and love to play every time. However, you have noticed that Farmville game takes too much time to load next level.

If you are thinking that it is mistake of your computer or lack of high speed internet then you are heading in wrong way. Although, you have high speed internet, Farmville will take substantial time to load next level.  

Since there are many files and scripts have to be loaded to start next level so Farmville takes too much time. Every problem comes with the solution so as here is the solution to make Farmville load next level faster.

Here is the simple trick to load your next level faster

Probably you will be surprised to know this simple trick. Simply, you hide or sell your few animals to lessen the time period to load next level. You just need to click on the animal and choose the option from the drop down list. You can either choose to sell or hide them.