Secure your data by Locking Folders using WinMend Folder Hidden Utility

Secure your data by Locking Folders using WinMend Folder Hidden Utility

Normally we hide our personal folders using inbuilt service of windows, however anyone can easily find out the hidden folders by changing settings.

If you want to secure your data properly then you must protect it with password with the help of WinMend Folder Hidden Utility. This utility secures and hides your contents with strong password protection.

No one can get access your folder without entering password. This utility has different other features that make it a complete package of security. It has own interface to lock and encrypt files. It hides the specific area of the folders where your contents are saved.
Once you hide your folders using this utility it will be completely invisible. No one even read the name of the file or folder that has been hidden using this application. This is the best utility ever to secure confidential data from being stolen.

Download WinMend Folder Hidden utility here.


Lock USB Contents With Password

How To Lock USB Contents With Password

Few times you want to encrypt or lock your private contents in your USB flash drive from others. Most of people do not know that they can secure their USB files using secret password. Once you protect your files, no one will get access to your contents without entering password.

It is the best way to protect your personal images, documents, videos etc from others. There is a special utility freeware that allows you protect USB files using strong password. Rohos Mini Drive is a freeware and it requires simple installation. You can download it from internet free of cost and use it conveniently.

This is quite simple to use as you just download and install it on your computer (not on USB).  Once you start Rohos Mini Drive it will automatically detect any removable device connected to your computer.

 Now it will create encrypted partition in USB drive and entire data will be stored in encrypted area which is secured with password.  Now it will ask password to open that specific contents and data. Here you have to provide password before accessing your data stored in USB flash drive. There is feature that allows you choose partition size according to your preference.

Simple Technique For Unlocking The Locked/Hidden Regional Themes

Windows 7 – Simple Technique For Unlocking The Locked/Hidden Regional Themes

Windows 7 Operating System comes with four to five default themes which are included at the time of installation. However, Windows 7 builds starting from Build 6956, including Build 7000 contain some hidden themes which can be easily unlocked and used along with the default Windows 7 themes.

These hidden or locked themes are essentially designed for some of the regional countries including Canada, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa and United States. However, if you think that the default themes are not enough or if you would like to personalize your system further, you may unlock the locked/hidden regional themes in your Windows 7 Operating System.

You need to just follow the below mentioned procedure.

  • Firstly, go to “Windows Explorer”.
  • Click on “Organize” and choose “Folder & Search Options”.
  • Then, go to the tab “View”.
  • Select the option for showing hidden files, drivers and folders. Uncheck the checkbox corresponding to the option that hides protected OS files. If you are prompted for a confirmation, simply click on “Yes”.
  • Click on the “OK” button.
  • Navigate to the below mentioned folder: \Windows\Globalization\MCT\
  • You will find five folders having the names in the format “MCT-XX” in which, XX would be CA, AU, US, GB or ZA which correspond to the globalization settings for different regions. Choose and open the respective folder depending on which theme you wish to activate. You need to note that CA, ZA and AU regions include the same theme.
  • From within the region folder that you have selected, you need to open the folder “Theme”.
  • Double-click on the file “XX.theme” in order to apply and activate the theme. Once you have activated and applied the theme, it will be saved into the “Personalization options”. So, if you want to apply this theme again in future, you can directly go to the Personalization settings screen.
  • Finally, go back to “Organize” -> “Folder & Search Options”, and in the tab “View”, check or tick the checkbox corresponding to the option that hides protected OS files and folder.


Alternatively, you may go to the folder “\Windows\winsxs” and then search for “*.theme”. Just double-click on the first five searched themes having names in the format “XX” as mentioned above to apply/activate and save them to the “Personalization options”. The remaining themes that show in the search results are the ones which are already incorporated in the system.

Use Easy File Locker Utility To Secure Confidential Files In A Better Way

Use Easy File Locker Utility To Secure Confidential Files In A Better Way

You’ll get lots of software utilities over the net with which you could safeguard all your private files and folders. My Lockbox, Safehouse Explorer, 1 Second Folder Encrypt and Hide Folders are some of the examples of such utilities. Nevertheless, if still you want an effective alternative for such software applications, then Easy File Locker is a perfect one.

With this software utility, you could secure your private files and folders with different security levels. This provides an effective security to your sensitive data and no one could access them in your absence. This utility is found very useful, especially when you’re working in shared PC system.

Easy File Locker has very simple GUI, which makes adding and browsing of files and folders much easier. This utility offers different security levels such as ‘Writable’, Accessible’, ‘Visible’ or ‘deletion’, which could be selected with simple GUI, making it more user friendly. With these options, you could restrict particular files or folders for read only mode.

This also prevents you from deleting the files unintentionally. It features the invisibility mode by allowing you to hide your data, which will be invisible to others. Moreover, you could set the master password, which locks lists of files and prevents them from being accessed by third party user.

All in all, it would be a great experience of using this utility to keep you private data really ‘private’. It works well with all Windows operating systems and you could download it freely using the link given Here.