Second Guardian to Children’s Anti-Porn Windows Tool

Second Guardian to Children’s Anti-Porn Windows Tool

The Most Worrying fact to parents at home about children is that they might be browsing porn websites in their absence; to keep a track on children’s surfing trend they should give a try to the Anti-Porn application. This is Windows tool which has features to protect children from watching any porn concerned websites.

This has a pretty huge database to filter porn websites; in addition parents can create their own list of websites to be blocked on computer.

This tool even filters abusive language shown on websites i.e., right after installation Anti-Porn application will work as the alternate shield to protect your children.

This tool can also be customized accordingly to the monitor and set children’s access to internet at specific time. This tool preserves a file log which stores the record of every browsed websites even if the website is either filtered or not including viewed, video files, pictures etc.

Parents can also barricade popular messaging services such as Yahoo Messenger, M.S.N Messenger, etc. This maintains the record-book automatically and limits users browsing pattern, with those who have no login information to Anti-porn’s administrator.

Parents can keep a track on administrator password to verify access to internet or data log files without any limitations. Download anti-porn software at the earliest to monitor your children’s browsing trends.