Free Remote Computer Control Software

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows you to take control of a remote computer over the network. For example, you can run a graphical application on another computer from your computer. This facility is very useful for mobile users who want to run specific programs and get the results while they are on the road. The Java client included in VNC helps you to access the remote computer through the web browser without the need to install any other software.

VNC, the opensource software, is currently available for Windows, UNIX, Linux and Solaris. It works well over LAN and does not consume too much memory. For a slow connection you may have to compromise on some of the attributes such as number of colors, wall paper , number of active windows and many others. VNC is able to control all the I/O devices of the remote computer such as keyboard, mouse and display.

The program functions as a service process which allows you to connect to a system where nobody has logged in. The interface can handle only limited number of connections and the rest can be saved as shortcuts to be used later. The installation files are small and the process is very easy which enables VNC to be used by both home and professional users.

The application is well documented and so the user gets all support needed for proper running of the software.

[ Download VNC ]

Free Messaging Software To Connect To Jabber IM Network – Windows, Linux And Mac OS

PSI is an instant messaging client which is fully compatible with other clients such as ICQ, MSN and AIM. Psi works with jabber which is a widely used protocol for instant messaging. Psi has complete Unicode support which makes chatting in any language a possibility.

Jabber network is actively used by many popular chat applications such as Google Talk, Live journal etc and many more enterprises and educational institutions are joining the bandwagon. Psi facilitates chatting with anyone connected to this global network of instant messaging.

Psi works with many platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux. It is designed in such a way as to make full use of the unique features of individual operating systems and gives you a fantastic messaging experience. Psi is fast and it does not put any of the system resources under strain. The localized versions of Psi are available in almost 20 languages.

Psi screens can be customized to a great extent in terms of its icons, colors and emoticons. Further the user community keeps adding many customized patterns and you will always find some pattern which matches your taste and personality.

Psi is open source software and is available for free downloading. It is supported by a skilled user community and so the versions with better features are always on the way.

[ Download PSI Instant Messaging ]

Free Desktop Database Management System For Windows, Linux, Debian and Mac OS X

From the makers of the free and open productivity suite – OpenOffice, there is another product – OpenOffice Base, known as Base among the technical community, which is a database management system that resides on your desktop.

The beauty if this program is: it is so versatile that it can be used for tracking your CD collection and also for creating a company wide employee database. It works well in both small applications as well as large corporate environment.

Being open source software, the database management tool works well with almost all the platforms existing today. It is also supported by a group of enthusiasts which ensures that the bugs are attended to in time and that new features are implemented regularly and in quick time.

OpenOffice Base can be used either for maintaining an existing database or for creating new ones. The tool has various wizards which makes the creation of forms and reports easy especially for beginners. However, Base is also for professionals who have a special liking to its grid editing features which allows fast overview and update of database tables.

Base has various predefined table definitions for a range of common applications such as managing invoices, orders, customers and assets. This makes the task of building such application an easy and quick task.

Base also helps you to have your own personal database with a simplified design and configured for a single user. The personal database also supports flat files for ease of use for the individuals.

[ Download OpenOffice Base ]

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Free Sync Tool For Mac OS X Between Address Book And Facebook Contacts

Address Book cards, one of the best ways to organize contact data on your Mac OS X. If you are active on Facebook, you can now use AddressBookSync, a free application for Mac OS X, which can be used to sync the data of your Facebook friends onto your Mac OS X address book.

There are more advantages if you have a phone that supports Address Book Synchronization. You can sync up profile picture data, with contacts on your phone, which will result in profile pic showing up when you get a call from any of your friend. You can also use the same to synchronize birthday dates and other local information about them on to your Address book.

Free Sync Tool For Mac OS X Between Address Book And Facebook Contacts

However, since Facebook’s TOS does not allow access to it’s users e-mail id’s and phone numbers, you won’t be able to sync their e-mail id’s and phone numbers.

A very handy tool if you have a lot of friends on Facebook and you want to keep your contacts updated with their latest pictures and other information which Facebook gives access to.

Facebook is a good start, but I’m sure this can be further improved for other social networking sites as well.

[ Download AddressBookSync ]