Download Latest Alphsa Version Of Opera 11.10 “Barracuda”

Download Latest Alphsa Version Of Opera 11.10 “Barracuda”

The latest Alpha version, Barracuda of opera has been rolled out in the market.  This one is completely loaded with several advanced features that make your browsing faster. You could download latest version of opera 11.10 Barracuda for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux from given links.

Declaration of Opera Desktop Team:

“The previous version of opera 2.7.62 has been upgraded to 2.8.99 which is quite big step forward.  This upgrade is incorporate with Web Font Format (WOFF). Besides, it has few substantial changes to enhance the network compatibility”.

Few Useful Changes that embedded in new opera given here

  • Disable cookies automatically, with the option to enable it all over again.
  • Disable TLS 1.2 and 1.1 by default
  • Redirecting of http to https is secured.
  • Delete the master password user for client certificates.
  • Included preference to disable cross network protection.

Download Opera 11.10:




Create your Stylish Icons of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux using iConvert Tool

Create your Stylish Icons of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux using iConvert Tool

Whenever you start your computer, it displays the usual icons on your desktop. Mostly users get bored with these common icons, and they intend to create new stylish and personalized icons.

How will you be able to personalize your icons for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X?  There is no need to worry because iConvert conversion tool is the best solution, which allows users to convert their digital image to icons. Users can expand their collection of icons using this conversion tool.

It is a completely free web based converter tool, however it is totally different from other web based image to icons converter tools. Unlike other web based converters that convert only Windows icons, iConvert converts and creates icons for Mac OS X and Linux as well.

It is quite simple to use, as the users just have to go to iConvert and browse image files that need to be converted in .ico files. Users can upload multiple image formats such as svg, tif, jpg, png, gif, cur, and bmp. 

It takes only few minutes to convert image to icons and generate links from where users can download icons directly. If you happen to make any mistakes, iConvert tool will inform you instantly. You can easily create your own personalized icons for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux using iConvert conversion tool.

Firefox Doesn’t Warn When Closing Multiple Tabs – Firefox Confirm Exit

Setting Firefox 3 To Show A Warning Or Prompt On An Attempt To Close Multiple Open Tabs

If you have upgraded your browser from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3, you must have noticed that you no more get a prompt or warning while you try to close a Firefox window having multiple active or open tabs.

You do not get the warning or prompt even if you select and enable the respective option in the “Tabs” section within Preferences of Firefox 3 for displaying a warning on an attempt to close a window with multiple active tabs.

Once you have selected the respective option in Firefox 3 Preferences for showing a warning while closing multiple tabs, the Firefox browser is actually supposed to show a dialog box with a title “Confirm Close” notifying you that you are in a process of closing “X” number of open tabs and asking you whether you would like to continue.

However, this doesn’t happen in Firefox 3. Instead, Firefox 3 directly closes all the active tabs in the window without showing a warning or asking for any confirmation, even though you have set the preference “browser.warnOnQuit” as “true”.

However, the developers in [email protected] do not consider this behavior as a bug. Instead, it is believed to be an intentional change brought in as Firefox 3 is configured with the session restore feature by selecting the startup option (setting to value “3”) where Firefox reopens and restores all active tabs and windows on next restart automatically.

Firefox 3 does not prompt for any confirmation when you either close a single window having multiple active tabs or exit the Firefox application having multiple active Firefox windows as long as it believes that the tabs/ windows can be restored at the time of next startup.

So as per the existing behavior of Firefox 3, you will no longer be prompted while trying to quit Firefox every time. The warning or the pop-up dialog box will be prompted for confirmation only if Firefox is unable to restore or reopen the tabs/ windows at the time of next startup.

Some users who feel quite annoyed to respond to the warning or prompt all the time may be happy with this new change. However, others who tend to open a lot of tabs in a single Firefox window would not be much pleased with this behavior as a single accidental click on the “X” (close) button can make them loose all the open tabs.

Nevertheless, if you want to be warned or prompted for a confirmation before closing a Firefox window having multiple active/ open tabs or quitting Firefox application, you can make use of the following workaround.

You need to simply set firefox to open with a blank page or home page at the time of every startup so that the system restore feature is disabled. For doing so, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the Firefox 3 browser and click on “Tools” to display the tools menu. Select “Options”.
  2. Within the “Startup” section in the tab “Main”, choose to load either blank page or homepage in Firefox browser on every startup for the option “When Firefox starts”.
    You need to note that the option that displays tabs and windows from last time is nothing but the “system restore” option which means that if you select this option, you will not get any warning while closing multiple active tabs.
  3. Click on “OK” button.

Once you have made the setting for loading blank page or homepage in Firefox on every startup, you will get a prompt every time you try to close a Firefox window. Firefox 3 will display a dialog box with the title “Quit Firefox” asking you whether you would like it to save the tabs and restore them the next time firefox loads.

You may override the Firefox startup setting by selecting the option “Save and Quit” so as to save and restore/reopen all the active tabs in the next Firefox session. You may start anew with a blank page or homepage by selecting the option “Quit”. If you choose “Cancel” option, the exit operation will be cancelled allowing you to continue in the current Window.

However, “Quit Firefox” dialog box also has a check box with an option for not showing the prompt henceforth. If you tick on this checkbox and select the option “Save and Quit”, the startup option for displaying all tabs and windows from the last Firefox session on every startup will be automatically activated (setting the value for “” as “3”)

Alternatively, if you tick on this checkbox and select the option “Quit”, the option for receiving a warning while closing multiple tabs will automatically be unchecked (setting “browser.tabs.warnOnClose” as false) in the “Tabs” section within Preferences of Firefox 3, which needs to remain checked for the warning or prompt to be displayed.

Therefore, to get the “Quit Firefox” dialog box every time you attempt to close a firefox window containing multiple active tabs, make sure that you do not tick the checkbox corresponding to the option for not showing the prompt henceforth.

The new dialog box “Quit Firefox” in Firefox 3 is different as compared to Firefox 2. It does not display the number of open tabs. If you want to receive the dialog box “Confirm Close” like in Firefox 2 you may use a simple workaround as follows.

Just open/ launch more than one Firefox windows (two, three or more) and close the window having multiple active tabs and you will get the usual dialog box “Confirm Close” notifying you that you are in a process of closing “X” open tabs and asking for a confirmation that you want to continue.

The dialog box also shows two buttons “Cancel” and “Close Tabs” and a check box with an option to get the warning each time you try to close multiple open tabs. Ensure that the check box is always ticked or selected.
This feature influences Firefox 3 in most operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Free Online Backup For MAC OS X

A 2 GBFree Space is Offered For Online Backup Software for Mac OS by iDrive

Mac is a special exclusive OS for APPLE gadgets. It is well known for its simplicity, reliability and its ease of use. iDrive is introduced by Pro Softnet for Mac users. This is easy, specific and convenient software that provides online backup for our files and folders automatically.

This software facilitates the users to specify the files or folders that should be backed up by defining a specific backup schedule. iDrive provides online backup by compressing the data and later utilizes 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption characteristic during file changes.

Characteristics of iDrive used for Mac:

  • It provides additional backup which preserves bandwidth by backing up only the portion of files that are modified.
  • It influences bandwidth by the feature bandwidth Throttle.
  • Facility to provide backup for future date and time.
  • Provision that will switch off the power automatically. Machine will be turned off automatically if once a backup is completed.

iDrive can be made easy to access for the user with the help of a plug-in  that unites with Mac OS X, through which users can easily drag and drop the files or folders that are to be restored.

[Visit iDrive]

What Is Boonana Trojan And How To Get Rid Of Boonana In MAC OS X

Boonana Trojan? Now is that something new, or have you heard of it before? Mac users beware! Especially if you are a lot into social networking sites, secure Mac has found out the new Trojan horse Trojan.osx.boonana.a, is out to cause problems to Mac OS X, in addition to the new version Snow Leopard [OS X 10.6].

Taking on the identity of a video, it is fast moving through social networking sites Facebook included. The Trojan comes in to form of a link into your message bearing the title ‘Is that you in the video?’ as the user taps this link, the boonana Trojan gets into a Java applet first, which downloads other files to the computer, where even an installer is added.

The installer then instantly launches and proceeds to set the system files to overlook the passwords, thereby giving room for external access to most of the files on the system. Although it is not seen, it is present behind at the startup, and most of the time stays unnoticed till it is too late. It is notorious enough to entrap users accounts so that it can spread its wings through spam messages.

Trojan is known to spread through e-mails to in addition to social media sites. Remember it’s not only the Mac users who need to watch out when downloading links to their PCs. The Java counterpart of the Trojan is cross platform and can cause trouble to Microsoft Windows users too. It is Secure Mac again, which has noted that Trojan horses attacking Windows although the how aspect is not yet solved.

It is also important to know that Trojan tries to conceal its internet actions and communications with the help of obfuscated codes along multiple files and will further try to connect to other command servers even if the primary ones are not reachable. So check carefully before you tap the links.

Server Mac has come out with a removal tool [download link] as a remedial measure to get rid of this virus. Users can opt to turn off the Java in their browsers to avoid Trojan horse. It is made possible by Safari by clicking the security tab under Safari Preferences and ensuring that the ‘Enabled Java’ checkbox is unchecked!

The Trojan horse runs in the background and seems to reveal system’s valuable information to servers on the internet, which can be considered a violation of any personal information. The Trojan will also try to expand itself by sending spam e-mail messages from the user to other mails. It can therefore be quite dangerous to enter your password, unless you open a particular installer file and know for sure the details of the installer.

You can look forward to antivirus and malware software companies to come out with solutions to this problem, but at the same time ensure that your friend’s videos are genuine too. In case you want to enter into a video from Facebook, be very careful, not to furnish your password. In fact it is best to skip that installer and erase it our from your system.

Unless you supply your password, the installer cannot function and is useless. Like the saying prevention is better than cure, it is easier to remove the file than to struggle later; because once Trojan is installed you will have a tough time removing its components. You can always check through Secure Mac Trojan Removal Tool, to be on the safer side.

You could also consult Secure Mac Boonana Security bulletin. The Security Company Intego too has launched a security bulletin, claiming to have been inspecting this threat for quite some time now. To them, the threat by Trojan may be comparatively low due to its faulty service in OS X, yet it has the power to pose serious threat, which people should be aware of so that they can avoid it!

Free Desktop Database Management System For Windows, Linux, Debian and Mac OS X

From the makers of the free and open productivity suite – OpenOffice, there is another product – OpenOffice Base, known as Base among the technical community, which is a database management system that resides on your desktop.

The beauty if this program is: it is so versatile that it can be used for tracking your CD collection and also for creating a company wide employee database. It works well in both small applications as well as large corporate environment.

Being open source software, the database management tool works well with almost all the platforms existing today. It is also supported by a group of enthusiasts which ensures that the bugs are attended to in time and that new features are implemented regularly and in quick time.

OpenOffice Base can be used either for maintaining an existing database or for creating new ones. The tool has various wizards which makes the creation of forms and reports easy especially for beginners. However, Base is also for professionals who have a special liking to its grid editing features which allows fast overview and update of database tables.

Base has various predefined table definitions for a range of common applications such as managing invoices, orders, customers and assets. This makes the task of building such application an easy and quick task.

Base also helps you to have your own personal database with a simplified design and configured for a single user. The personal database also supports flat files for ease of use for the individuals.

[ Download OpenOffice Base ]

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2> Free Data Management Application For Linux / Unix – Like Microsoft Access

Free Data Management Application For Linux / Unix – Like Microsoft Access

Kexi is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool used for development involving databases. It can be used for designing forms to create, modify and manipulate your data in the same way as any other full featured application will do. Essentially Kexi creates a comprehensive environment for managing and manipulating data.

Kexi has its own database engine embedded inside and all that you create such as forms, queries and tables are stored in this database. Kexi is compatible with other popular databases such as MS Access from which the files can be imported and exported.

Being an open source software Kexi functions perfectly well with Unix, Windows and Linux platforms while MAC OS X version is scheduled to be released soon works with Fink. Kexi is a part of the Koffice suite, but can be installed and used independently without installing the other components of the suite. However you must install version 3.2 of KDE libraries and their development environment for proper functioning of Kexi.

It is also important to install the full version of Kexi in order to ensure that you get proper error reports. The latest release of Kexi has several improvements such as previewing the image within simple print out and the creation of a “Find” window that works within basic functions such as form views, query and tables.

[ Download Kexi ]

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Tweetie – A Free, Simple And Powerful Twitter Client For MAC and iPhone

Tweetie is a simple, yet a powerful twitter client for MAC OS X.

Managing twitter conversations is very easy with Tweetie. If you have had a long conversation with your friend, you won’t lose track of it, as with Tweetie, by double clicking you’ll get the complete conversation history. I seriously think, this is one of the best features and recommend it to be officially included in twitter. Otherwise, you know it’s quite a mess if you have to search through a pile of messages for a particular conversation with a friend, and it’s a headache if you have loads of friends and you twitter very often.

Image Hosted by

Composing a twit is made easier. Open as many independent compose windows as you want. Fill each one of them with your thoughts and use keyboard shortcuts to send the messages.

Want to keep yourself updated with the hottest discussions happening on twitter right now? Tweetie’s one click solution to search through the current most popular topics will come handy.

Twitter is very public – what ever you type in, can be read by everyone who’s following you. However, if you really want to have private conversations, then you can make use of Twitters Direct Message service. Tweetie gives a whole new dimention to Direct Messages now as all your messages will be stored as threaded discussions. So, it’s more like live chat, rather than Twitter’s direct messaging service.

There are a lot of other features Tweetie offers, like you can drill down to a user detail, read up all their tweets and replies to those tweets. Bookmarklet is integrated with twitter and also you can change your preferences to make sure Tweetie works the way you want.

Tweetie is available for iPhone as well !

Tweetie is free to use, but is ad supported. If you want to get rid of Tweetie, then you’ll have to buy a license, which costs you around $19.95.

[ Tweetie for MAC ]

[ Tweetie for iPhone ]