Latest Apple MacBook Air With Multi-Touch TrackPad – Where Can I Buy It In India

Its here! The Apple’s all new MacBook Air has just arrived. You would not be wrong if you say that it is a feather weight device, easily movable of all Mac books so far. With a great battery life of upto 7 hours for the 13-inch model, it also comes attached with special featured like –iPad inspired features-impressive standby time, flash storage and much more. But remember all this excitement in just 2.3 pounds of a device.


A spacious and button free multi-touch track pad. When in it’s standby mode, it runs fine for 30 days, and comes back to life the moment you turn it on, guess this gives an idea about the battery back up what you can expect.  Other general features are:

Camera and Display – A Wide Screen 16:9 aspect ratio and greater resolution brings in a sense of much larger picture taken from a small camera, only 0.29 inch.

The FaceTime Camera is specially slim in fact much thinner than the one on the iPhone 4, low quality light can be used for chatting.
The Stereo Speakers are almost not seen but can give great sound effect.
It uses a quick and great performer- the Core 2Duo processor.
802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2-1+EDR enable fantastic connection along with 2USBports, ISD card slot and a headphone jack all of which furnish you with a vast variety.
Even connect to a projector or HDTV or Apple LED Cinema display if you enjoy big pictures even now.
It is priced at $999 for the 64GB version and the 128 GB version is available at the same price.
The 13 inch version allows a space of 128GB and 256GB space, while the 11.6 inch version comes with a 64GB or 12 GB space.

I’ll soon get information about where Apple MacBook Air can be bought in India.

Top 5 gadgets I Think Men Should Definitely Own

Gadgets are to men what diamonds are to ladies. Men never get bored ogling at the latest mobile phone, video gaming device or camera. They surf the net for bargains, ask their friends going abroad to look for the device that isn’t yet available in India or simply fume in anguish when their colleagues at work flaunt the latest gadget. Times may change, but apart from discussing women, men will always be found arguing over the features of the latest gizmo. Here’s my list of top 5 Gizmos, Men MUST own at this point in time :

Macbook AIR

Gone are the days of bulky laptops which you hauled to work and college. The bulky laptops came along with a guarantee of no should pain. The ultra portable MacBook Air is a minimal 1.36 kg light and bowls any gizmo freak with its flashy, slim and sexy design.

Nintendo WII

This is the latest and hottest video gaming console on the circuit. Packed with a wireless remote controller, it can detect movement in three dimensions so you can control the game using physical gestures.

iPod Touch

This is the much have portable music player. It also doubles up as an internet surfing device. You can surf via the inbuilt Safari web browser and visit iTunes store to listen to and download your favourite music.

Sony CyberShot

This H7 digital camera is what you need to capture precious moments while loitering around the campus hotspots or attending the college party. With optimum  focus, image processing and exposure, the camera never fails to surprise you with every click.


This is an Internet connected multimedia smartphone with a virtual keyboard. It shoots pictures, plays music, sends e-mail. Though a bit pricey for youngsters, it is surely a perfect example of the adage – neighbours’ envy, owner’s pride.