Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail ( In Gmail

Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail ( In Gmail

Now, the new feature has been introduced in the Gmail which allows you to send mail with a custom domain SMTP server. This feature in the Gmail helps you to send mail with the custom “From:” Your actual Gmail e-mail address could now be concealed with this feature. The recipients will see the different email address having the domain name other than Gmail.

If you would like to configure your Gmail so that it would send the mail via outbound SMTP server of Windows Live Hotmail, then just go through the following Hotmail SMTP settings.

SMTP server:
Port: 25
Username: [username]
Password: [password]

Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail: Yes (Check)
Sometimes, when you add the above given SMTP configuration intended for Hotmail in Gmail, you’ll be most likely prompted with the following error massage:

“Couldn’t reach server. Please double-check the server and port number.”

If you try to change the SMTP port to 587 will also pop out the same error. When you add a port 465 try to connect, Gmail will hang for a while when it goes to check credentials. After that, it finally displays the following error massage:

“Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later, or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information.”

After all these errors we could finally note that there is an issue or a problem with Gmail service so that it can’t connect and access to via SSL. Therefore you have to fallback with the unsecured connection of Windows Live Hotmail SMTP server having the port 25.

So, to send the mail with your custom Hotmail identity you should untick and uncheck the setting of “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail” and then ensure that the SMTP port is 25.

Preventing Windows Live Mail From Blocking Unsupported File In Attachments

Preventing Windows Live Mail From Blocking Unsupported File In Attachments

The users who are in habit of using Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail sometimes gets annoyed when the emails having the following attachments are stopped when they are receiving or sending a file. Those attachments will be blocked for security reason.

The attachments or files that are prevented are pre-defined setting of Windows Live Mail which have the extension mainly as “.com”, “.lnk”, “.hlp”, “.msc”, “.vb”, “.scr”,  “.chm”, “.exe”, “.cpl”, “.msi”, “.tmp”, “.reg”, “.bat”, “.inf”, “.cmd”, ”.url”, etc.

When the user tries to send files having one of the extensions mentioned above, that email will be rebounded and as a result it will not be delivered. Again, if somebody tries to send files to the user having those extensions that file will not be delivered, and the user will be notified with a message which will tell users that the file they are trying to access is dangerous so it has been deactivated. You can solve this problem just by reconfiguring the setting. Just follow the simple following steps and get rid of this problem.

First select “Tools” then go to “Safety Option” which is present in Menu Bar. Then go to the “Security” option and search for that option that will not allow the attachments which are to be saved and will consider them to be virus. Just deselect it. Then apply it and you have done your job. You have prevented Windows Live Mail from blocking your emails that are attached with the file extensions mentioned above.

Now Get Adsense Reports In Your Mail Inbox Online

Now Get Adsense Reports In Your Mail Inbox Online

The Adsense reports can now be viewed directly in your email inbox. Now you needn’t log onto your Adsense account and check your earnings when you wish to. The Adsense has introduced their email system option, with which any user can get reports directly in their inbox!

This recently introduced Adsense feature has been discussed by the Adsense team in their blog. For setting up the reports via email service, first you need to log onto your Google Adsense Account and then click Reports.

Choose “advanced reports” and search the report for a data range. After this you need to save this report as a Report Template and check this saved Template in the Report manager.

Once this is done, you can choose the frequency of getting reports from daily, weekly and monthly. The service will ask you the email address which you would like your reports delivered to. You also have the option of giving another email address other than the one given for setting up the Adsense account.

Once your settings have been changed, save it. This completes your reporting setup activity, and from now on you will get all Adsense reports on your email id.

Configuring Google Mail To Download, Transfer Mails From Hotmail Through POP3

Configuring Google Mail To Download, Transfer Mails From Hotmail Through POP3

Hotmail, at last has officially announced POP3 supporting feature’s addition for its users. Even though it will not be made available for all countries in the world, a hack can allow all its users to utilize its POP3 feature. This hack can immediately turn on and initiate POP3 support, even if a user is not registered.

Users from all countries can utilize this feature without registering at the launch. Once this feature is enabled, all your email, messages can be quickly downloaded to Gmail’s Inbox through POP3 communications protocol. Now user has to count on certain time-consuming processes to transfer messages from Hotmail to Google mail.

Tip: Before starting the linking process, set up Hotmail’s POP3 feature.

Steps to follow in order to set, configure Google mail to download e-mails from MSN’s Hotmail account

  1. Sign-in to the Google mail Account.
  2. Select the Settings option which is provided in the right side.
  3. Click on the “Accounts” tab.
  4. Select a hyper-link named “add another mail account” from get mails from other accounts division.
  5. Type in the Hotmail’s “e-mail address” in the popped page. The mailing address should follow the format [email protected] Now go to next step by clicking on the “Next Step” button.
  6. Set up the settings for a Hotmail user account with the values provided below:
  7. Click on the Check box for enabling SSL, named as “Always utilize a secure SSL connection when retrieving mails”.
  8. Few more options which are not mandatory, and can be set are as follows:
    • Storing a copy of a retrieved message on this server.
    • Labeling all incoming contents, messages with certain identities like moving it to folders.
    • Archiving the incoming messages excluding Inbox. 
  9. Select a button named “Add Account: when completed.
  10. A user is given the liberty to make a choice of selecting mail service provider. One can use either Gmail or other mail service providers to send /receive mails. To utilize this option one has to complete a wizard, verify and confirm by sending the confirmation link to Hotmail’s Inbox. This appears in the Gmail’s Inbox afterwards. POP3 initiates the retrieval and downloading of all mails received in Hotmail’s Inbox to Gmail’s Inbox.
  11. Mails received in MSN’s Hotmail will be recovered, downloaded & shifted to Gmail’s Inbox automatically without any intervention.

Easily Transfer Your Contacts And Mails From Other Email Providers To Gmail

Easily Transfer Your Contacts And Mails From Other Email Providers To Gmail

Nowadays, having multiple email accounts through different email service providers is a common thing. Most of the people have multiple web mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. Mostly, we get them for free to sign up. However, because of some reason, you sign up with an email account having the different service provider. In such cases, the common problem occurs is how to move contacts and mails from one email account to another email account. 

Most of the times, you might give out switching email account because it is time consuming and difficult for transferring all the data. Now, Gmail has introduced a pretty useful feature with which you could simply transfer all contacts and mails from other email service provider to Gmail. By using this helpful newly rolled out feature, there is no longer the anxiety in switching other email accounts to Gmail. You could now easily transfer contacts and mails from other email service supplier to your Gmail, without any inconvenience. 

In addition, Gmail gives an alternative to forward your mails from your old email account up to 30 days. This helps you and gives extra time to check and decide whether gmail is the correct option or not. This latest feature can be used by all the recently created email accounts and it is gradually rolling out to all the existing email accounts.

Go through the following step by step guide that helps you to import contacts and mails from other email service supplier to gmail:

  • Firstly, you have to login to your Gmail account.
  • Go to Settings, it will be situated at top right corner.



  • Now, select the tab Accounts and Import.



  • Go to Import mail and contacts and then click on button named as Import mail and contacts.
  • A pop up window will be displayed. Just enter the account from which you want to import your contacts and mails. Then click on Continue.
  • Now, put in your password of the account that you have selected to import the data. Click Continue.
  • By default, all the available options are selected on the options page. If you want to modify, you could select or deselect any of the options according to your own preferences. Finally, click on Start import button and the transformation of the data will get started.



  • The will inform you that your contacts and messages are being transferred and this process may take sometimes up to 2 days to finish. You have to click on OK button to close warning window. You could check the transfer progress occasionally. To do so, simply go to Setting and then Accounts and Import.

How Can I Protect My Gmail From Phishing

Protect Gmail account from phishing

The best, fastest, and safest email provider definitely is Gmail. It is advanced and smooth to use and thus almost every people all around the world have a Gmail account. Thus because it’s popularity there are some hackers who try to phish your Gmail account to cause you harm.

Follow the tips mentioned below in order to stay away from being phished:

  1. Your web browser should be the latest one: Always try to update your web browser version. All you need to do is to download it and install. Updated version of web browsers are released because the previous version may seem to be giving some trouble. So try to keep you Gmail account safe by updating your web browser with the latest version.
  2. Removal of suspicious filters: You need to delete any unknown filters and keep it clean. To do so you have to click on settings and then filters. If you see any unknown filters then delete them right away. Never ever take a chance with your account. It is always important to protect your e-mail accounts, especially if they have any of your critical data. So if you don’t have any clue about the filters in your account, then delete them right away.
  3. Do not entertain any links that you receive through e-mail: Different organizations mail links to different people to promote their product. The hackers will also try to take advantage of this fact to hack your mailing account. Never open any link which you are not really aware of. Try to be more suspicious and alert on this matter. Delete any spam mails or the mails which you have doubts about. Don’t let hackers to fool you.
  4. Try not to reply to an unknown email: Hackers knows different ways to hack you and they try to use all of them on you to phish your account. One of their ways is to get a reply from you. They will mail you for different spam products and once you reply to that mail, they will trace your IP address. Once your IP address is known to them they can easily phish your Gmail account.

How To Add Clickable Jump Links In Email

Organize Your Emails By Inserting Jump Links

If you wish to manage your webpage so as to efficiently redirect visitors to appropriate target links, inserting “Jump Link” extensions is the best concept that you can make use of. Inserting “Jump Links” saves readers time considerably and above all makes reading more fascinating and convenient.

The concept of jump link extension is very much beneficial and can be applied to your emails as well especially, if they are long and arranged into sectionals. If you happen to use Outlook, you can easily insert jump links to your emails. You just need to follow some easy steps mentioned below.

1.> You need to first compose a new email. Then type your message in the body of the email.
2.> Now highlight the sentence or word/phrase within the body of the email for which you wish to add a hyperlink or a jump link.
3.> Once you highlight it, go to “Insert option” and select “Bookmark”. Type in a suitable name and click on “Add”.
4.> Now by going back to the body of your email, highlight the word/sentence/phrase that needs to be linked to the bookmark you just created. This highlighted word/sentence/phrase will guide the readers to the bookmark when they click on it.
5.> Go to “Insert” option and select “Hyperlink”. A window will appear in which you need to click on “Bookmark”. Now, a small box will pop out asking you to choose an existing place. Click on the appropriate bookmark (the one that you have created) and click on “OK”.
6.> By following this procedure you can insert as many jump links as you wish.

Once you finish inserting “Jump Link” extensions, you need to make sure they direct the readers to the proper target links. You may test them by pressing “CTRL” key and clicking on the link.

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How Can I Send Large Email Attachments In Outlook Express

How to send extra-large attachments using Outlook Express

Most of the mail services available on the web today have an upper limit on the size of emails that you can send and/or receive. For most of the services nowadays the limit is somewhere around 20 to 25MB (it is 20MB for Rediffmail and Yahoo!Mail, whereas it is 25MB for Gmail, and a mere 10MB for Hotmail).

Ten years ago, a 25MB attachment limit would have been a dream for most, but with increasing bandwidths and needs, this is not enough for today’s customers. So what do you do if you want to send a file across email which is larger (way larger) than 25MB? This article will show you a cute little trick that allows you to send such large files through Outlook Express.

Simply follow through the steps given below.

  1. Run Outlook Express.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Accounts to open the Internet Accounts window.
  3. Go to the Main tab, and select the mail account that you use.
  4. Click on Properties.
  5. A dialog opens up, containing various options for configuring the mail account properties. Go to the Advanced tab in this dialog.
  6. Under the Sending heading, select the option for Break apart messages larger than, and use the arrow to set a suitable upper limit.
  7. Click on Apply.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Exit the Internet Accounts window by clicking on Close.

After this, Outlook Express will break up all attachments that are larger than 20MB (if that is the limit you set) and send the mail in parts. The recipient will receive the email in parts and on downloading the parts; they will automatically combine to become a single file again.

Another option is to use some of the services available on the web – such as YouSendIt, Transfer Big Files, SendThisFile, and so on – that sends your extra-large file across the internet for you.