Generate Windows Vista System Health Report

Generate Windows Vista System Health Report

All we know that in a healthcare maintenance, medical checkup and screening is an essential part of all alliance. You can avoid the problems from getting out of hand by detecting any disease as early as possible. This theory is totally applicable to the computer systems as well .

Running a maintenance program from time to time prevents your system from critical problems. For Windows Vista users, to inspect and diagnose a system, you can use the self generated diagnostic System Health Report of Windows Vista.

This System Health Report checks performance and reliability of the system, and it also sorts out the information delivered by the system after checking it for only. The format of this report is quite easily readable and is well-organized, so that can easily identify all the possible problems that could prove to be critical for your computer.

You can generate a System Health Report in Windows Vista by going to “Run” function e.g. hit Win key and then type perfmon.exe/report. You can also use following alternative procedure in order to derive the system health report.  

  • Go to Start and Control Panel and then System and Maintenance.
  • Click on to tab named as Performance Information and Tools
  • Next click on the Advanced Tools link inside the Task List.
  • Select an option “Generate a system health report”.
  • You have to wait for few minutes to obtain full health report of your system. If there Is any error is present in you system, the report will explain the possible error symptoms, and it will also let you know about how it occurred in the first place and how to resolve it.

How To Run A WordPress Blog In Maintenance Mode

WordPress, by far is the best blogging software webmasters can ask for. It covers the A-Z of a bloggers necessity and you’ll never want to change the platform once you start using WordPress, especially if it’s self hosted.

Plugins constitute to the heart of WordPress, which makes the otherwise lightweight wordpress, completely feature rich. Today, the concept of plugins has grown so strong  that you’ll find a plugin or a you can build a plugin, which will do anything for you on your blog.

One such simple and powerful plugin is the WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin. If you have a successful site, and if you are incorporating new changes to your site, you may want to put it maintenance mode. This avoids the users facing the ugly version of your site, if something goes wrong or if something breaks while making the changes. It’s a good practice to keep your visitors informed about the status of your site, when under maintenance. This is where the maintenance mode plugin comes in picture.

You can easily put up maintenance mode message in wordpress with the help of Maintenance Mode Plugin. The plugin adds a splash page to your blog and visitors who pass by your blog during the maintenance period will see the custom message you set up in the admin panel backend.

How To Run A WordPress Blog In Maintenance Mode

Use your creative side when you are putting up maintenance mode message. One of the ways you can retain your visitor who visits your blog during maintenance mode is by putting up your blog subscription link as a part of your maintenance mode message.

This will increase your subscription as users who are looking for info will hop on to your subscription list. Send an update to all your subscribers when your site is back up and running, so that the visitors who came there when the site was down can come back to your site and access what they originally came there for.

[ Download WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin ]