Manage Mouse Scrolling Speed In Firefox

How To Manage Mouse Scrolling Speed In Firefox

Mouse scrolling option is already implemented in almost every computer to make navigation easier and faster.  When you scroll upward or downward in open webpage, it is mouse scrolling feature that helps you save on time by easily moving upward and downward.

As you have noticed that you can scroll two or three lines in one scroll. It means when you start scrolling it takes time to get downward directly. It is default setting in the system that manages mouse scrolling speed. However if you are using Firefox browser then you can alter settings and control scrolling speed according to your preference.


Here is the tutorial to adjust mouse scrolling in Firefox browser. You need to modify settings manually from configuration menu.

  • Launch Firefox browser.
  • Type “about: config” in address bar and hit Enter button to move further.
  • It will open a warning tab with message “Changing these settings can be harmful……”  You just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise! Button to continue this process.
  • Now type out the phrase, “mousewheel.withnokey” in first shown box.
  • Apply right click of your mouse on “mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines”. Then you can choose Toggle option. The default settings will be changed from true to false once you select toggle option.
  • In this tab click on “mousewheel.withnokey.numlines”. Then you can choose Modify option. Now you can type any value according to your required number. 

Now at last you have adjusted scrolling speed according to your requirement. By following these steps you can change mouse scrolling whenever you want.

Copy USB Drive Files namelessly using USB Hidden File Copier 1.1

Copy USB Drive Files namelessly using USB Hidden File Copier 1.1

Do you want to copy important files from USB drive on your computer secretly? Seeking tricks to save files on your computer by copying from USB drive anonymously?

Yes, now you can download all contents and matters from flash drive secretly using USB Hidden File Copier. Once you connect USB Hidden File Copier with your computer it starts working in background silently.

This one is the best utility tool that allows you to save files from other’s USB drive without letting others know about copying process. Nevertheless, it is immoral and not ethical. You can use it for fun or educational purpose.


Using this tool enables you to save files from any USB flash drive anonymously.

Key features of USB Hidden File Copier 1.1

  • Copy contents from USB flash drive secretly.
  • It works in invisible style so it hard to know about this process.
  • it copy files up to 8 GB
  • It works in background that helps so that you can prevent others from knowing about your file transfers.
  • Alt+C is the shortcut key to start process of copying manually.
  • Alt=E is the shortcut key to exit program.
  • There is control panel to manage settings of this tool according to your preferences.

Download Power Meter Plus to get Exact Information of your Laptop Battery

Download Power Meter Plus to get Exact Information of your Laptop Battery

Normally, you depend on the battery meter of your laptop which is placed on the tray area of laptop to get the details. However your battery mater shows incorrect information and details sometimes. Therefore, you cannot really rely on the battery meter of your laptop which is provided by the operating system.

Therefore, you must use Power Meter Plus freeware which gives you entire details and information of laptop battery. This freeware manages entire functions of laptop battery such as showing power meter, remaining time to charge it and many more.

This freeware is especially designed to show the full information of laptop battery. It displays transparent vertical bar on the screen. The less battery charge the clearer display would be. It means if the visibility of transparent bar increased then it is time to recharge your laptop battery immediately.

When you insert the charger plug in the cord the vertical meter bar of Power Meter Plus will be green. It is fully customizable, which means you can customize its color with the matching color of your theme. Power meter plus displays charge availability in percentage, and it consumes only 135 KB space of your hard disk.

Simple Method For Managing Items In “Send To” Menu

Simple Method For Managing Items In “Send To” Menu

If you wish to copy a file or folder to another destination on your system, you can do it quite effortlessly by using the “Send To” option in the right-click context menu rather than copying the file/folder and pasting it into the destined folder manually. This useful option is available in all Windows OS including Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2008, Windows Server 2003, etc.

The “Send To” menu contains very few items by default. However, you may manage the items in your “Send To” menu i.e. add or delete items in “Send To” menu as per your preference. Normally, to do so, you need to navigate all the way to “SendTo” folder which is located at the below mentioned location:


However, instead of navigating through this lengthy path, you may go to SendTo folder quite easily by typing in the command “shell:sendto” into “Run” command box in Windows XP or Start Search in Windows Vista. Once the SendTo folder opens in Windows Explorer, you can customize the items.

You may copy and paste or simply drag and drop the preferred folders which you wish to display in “Send To” menu into the SendTo folder. You may also remove any items that you do not want to be displayed in “Send To” menu.

In Windows 7, most of the personal user folders are included as hidden items in “Send To” menu which can be viewed by pressing and holding the “Shift” key whilst right-clicking on a file/ folder.

Use Collapsing Ad Unit In Google Adsense To Hide The Public Service Ads (PSA)

Use Collapsing Ad Unit In Google Adsense To Hide The Public Service Ads (PSA)

Google AdSense is a massive online advertising network. For each ad space inventory, it has highest fill rate. The fill rate is based on visitors from North America, US or Europe and global traffic.

Sometimes it is also possible that when AdSense crawler checks the webpage, it may fail to find any related ad to display. In such situations Google AdSense Public Service Ad, which is usually called as PSA, is displayed until an alternate URL for ad is specified.

There is one more choice for the bloggers, webmasters or publishers when there is no alternative ad that is available for display. When an alternative advertisement is not present to display, the ad space is filled by a solid color (by using google_alternate_color JavaScript variable). In some cases a public service ads will be displayed, but it is not be paid for the clicks anyway. In such conditions a choice for collapsing ad unit is offered by Google AdSense.

Collapsing the ad unit is an advanced feature which is optional for the alternative ads. This feature has a code for collapsing ad unit which will ‘collapse’ the ad unit. The feature allows you to minimize an unused, blank or un-monetizing space which would be replaced by using alternate colors.

The activities of collapsing ad unit works only on the websites that are hosted on their own servers by own domains or subdomains. It works on those websites which are able to allow remote or console access (remote access is possible via SFTP or FTP, SSH or Telnet).

The main reason for this is because some a script file must be uploaded and then hosted on each domain and sub-domain locations. After this to implement the collapsing ad the location is referenced by the alternate ad URL. So this feature cannot be utilized by users of,, and etc.

Follow the steps given below to collapse the add unit.

  • Download the collapsing ad units file and right click on link Here ‘Save Target as…’: google_adsense_script.html.
  • Upload the file google_adsense_script.html on a domain to any location for applying the collapsing ad unit. The location of the file exists on the similar domain with the webpages so that it is not so important. The HTML file is necessary for multiple domains or subdomains.
  • Then login to your AdSense account.
  • Go to AdSense Setup and click on Manage Ads. Then go to Edit Ad Settings of the ad unit so as to apply the collapsing on no ad instances.
  • Go to “More options” section and select on the tab named as “Show non-Google ads from another URL”. Enter the unchanged and full path to the collapsing ad units HTML file which is present on your domain.

When you add an alternate URL pointing to the collapsing script on the ad unit code, the ad unit will disappear when there is no targeted ad available. All he unused add units are appeared as empty, transparent boxes in Internet Explorer 5.0 or lower version.

Below is another code which is provided for the users who can not transfer or upload the HTML file to the web server. You can use the code if you have console access and able to Telnet or SSH into host.

First of all, create a new google_adsense_script.html with the help of VI (which is present on the web root directory of server). Then copy and paste the content given below:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN”
“ “>
<html xmlns=”” xml:lang=”en” lang=”en”>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1? />
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<body style=”background-color: transparent;”>

Free Password Management Tool To Make Your Browsing Pleasant

Free Password Management Tool To Make Your Browsing Pleasant

A Password Management tool called Roboform has been launched to support web enthusiast. This tool is very helpful for those, who enjoy surfing several web sites with self created “Username & Password”.

Each time a user logins to such websites, they have to type in their “Username & Password”. This is very irritating because those web sites are visited on a regular basis.

In such cases users can make computer system to store passwords, so that on a regular basis users don’t have to type in these passwords. Instead computer system fills in these passwords automatically.

Roboform is a windows desktop tool that stores all your passwords automatically when passwords are used to sign into these web sites.

Roboform will create a new folder and store records of each password entered. You can also either change or edit the outdated passwords to new passwords.

It is a free tool and can be downloaded to handle your passwords in a simpler form.

Google-Contacts-Manager Tool To Manage Your Contacts

Google-Contacts-Manager Tool To Manage Your Contacts

Mailing accounts such as Gmail maintains entire data of every single contact listed in it, if incase any data is required by user, they are asked to login to the account to retrieve the same.

This in turn makes the job tedious and users tend to opt to alternates to save their records or look ahead towards other mailing accounts.

Due to on going rise of requirements and their continuous support by users of Gmail, google has launched a fantabulous service namely “Google-Contacts-Manager

This is one standalone package which does not rely upon other services of google; it’s specifically designed to cater Gmail users with their email accounts related information.

Although it’s in Preliminary or testing stage presently, it functions with Google Calendar, Picassa, Google Docs, and a couple of other services.

On this Google-Contacts-Manager, a user can create new contact details or amend the existing contact details fitting your groups list.

Users can also transfer all their contact details from other Email-Service-Providers like, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail etc. This can be considered as a matchless spot to stop for a user’s contact demands.

An individual is required to possess a Gmail account with Google to enjoy this newly launched service for managing all your contacts.

Manage And View Your Contacts Using Latest Google Contact Manager

Manage And View Your Contacts Using Latest Google Contact Manager

Don’t you feel frustrating when you need to login to your Gmail account each time to retrieve contact information? Don’t worry now, as Google has realized the problem and they have provided a solution to it. The latest Google contacts management service, named Google Contacts have been introduced in the market, which allows users to organize and view their contacts easily.

This is a standalone utility application, which accumulates all contact details from various services such as Picasa, Google Calendar, Google docs and etc. It is a separate application, so you just need to download and start using without installing it. There is no compulsion to have Gmail account in order to use this online contact services.

Users simply can associate all their others contacts from different sources such as Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc with this contact management tool. These applications are available in beta version, and if you find it useful, then download it from here.

Download WirelessDMS iPhone Client For Viewing And Managing Documents

Download WirelessDMS iPhone Client For Viewing And Managing Documents

Matrix Logic Corporation, a universal leader in Livelink ECM-eDOCS DM products, has come up with a new utility for iPhone called “WirelessDMS iPhone Client”. This new application allows you to use your iPhone or iPod to access business papers with the help of Open Text eDOCs while you are not at your desk.

Once you download the client application onto your iPhone, you can use WirelessDMS iPhone Client from your iPhone App Store free of cost. It efficiently accesses the documents via a network connection using Server module of WirelessDMS iPhone. You need to purchase the module and install it on office servers. Apart from viewing documents, the application also allows you to send an email as attachment 

WirelessDMS iPhone Client offers enhanced features such as quicksearches, recent edits, scaling/ rotating capabilities, PDF, images and viewing Office documents.

Stephen Page, President, Matrix Logic, believes that this application one of its kind and ideal for any DMS (Document Management System). He has also stated that the development of this application is a part of their commitment to facilitating users to access crucial information anywhere, anytime.

Page also said that, if a user is away from office and a customer calls with a query regarding a proposal that is present on his office server, he can easily use his iPhone for searching the file and viewing the text as he discusses it with the client. Users no more need to rely on their memory, wait till they are back to the office or look for a wireless network to log in to their office system from their laptop.

Open Text eDOCs is a perfect solution that is ideal for small as well as large size businesses. It facilitates lifecycle management of data for an enterprise. DMS server is available at a one-time license fee and the SSS (Software Subscription Service) charge needs to be paid annually, which include technical support and software updates.

Store And Manage Your Passwords Systematically Using S10 Password Vault

Store And Manage Your Passwords Systematically Using S10 Password Vault

Similar to the utility “Efficient Password Manager” which manages all passwords efficiently, here is another useful tool called “S10 Password Vault” that helps you to secure all your critical information in a centralized database.  S10 Password Vault has the ability to store all your sensitive login data (i.e. usernames and passwords) within a secured database which is locked by a master password.

The master password is enhanced with AES algorithm (256-bit). While running the initial setup, the utility will prompt you to set a master password which will basically be used to lock/ unlock the centralized database later. Once you successfully install the application, you need to simply launch it and it will display an easy-to-use interface.

By default, S10 Password Vault contains some predefined categories like Shopping, Email, Banking, Websites etc. that are available for you to select. You can add as many new accounts as you wish by right-clicking on each category. You can store login details (i.e. username and password) along with links of the websites in order to facilitate quick launching.

Apart from copying username and password (login details) to clipboard for future use, the application also allows you to easily launch an online website by simply right-clicking on a specific category and hitting the button “Launch”.  

S10 Password Vault also possesses a number of other useful features such as Account Import/Export, viewing all accounts with the passwords in a few simple clicks and adding/ deleting folders so that you can systematically store and manage your passwords.

You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 (or higher) installed on your system for this application to work properly. S10 Password Vault works with Windows Vista and XP and is ideal for personal as well as enterprise use. It can be easily downloaded from the internet.