How Can I Increase My Twitter Followers Number In One Month ?

Do you want to know how to get close to 20,000 twitter followers in one month?

If you are into online marketing, it would definitely help if you had thousands of followers on your twitter accounts. However, if you have to reach that level, it would definitely take a lot of time and you will need to send a lot of invites.

If you are not really aware about how to go about building the network on twitter, don’t waste your time in something which you are not sure about.

TweeterGetter is a website by Gary McCaaffrey which can bring you lots of tweets within a month. With the help of this website you can achieve almost 20,000 twitter followers within 30 days and the result is 100 % positive.

This system works like a pyramid and it is absolutely free of cost. It is easy and quick way of getting large followers where-in no time, and the best part is that it works while you are taking rest or sleeping.

The pyramid concept of this website works like this:

First registered people will be in listing, once your twitter profile is submitted 6 people will automatically start following you.

Example: Let’s say, in your followers list you have added 5 people. Now suppose each one of them added 5 followers in their profile. So the total people following you will be 125 (5*5*5)

It is purely mathematical and it is easy, and most importantly the result is quite promising.

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Video marketing is just picking up it’s pace in the internet world and if you want to succeed in this space, you’ll need to put out quality shots, which means they need to be of great quality and if you put good quality videos, they’ll take up huge chunk of size. The quality, length and size all are handled by Hey!Watch.

You video can be run in any format and on all devices. What’s even more interesting is you can have your own custom format by specifying what bit rate you want, which codec to be used what’s the size of it and many more such various options.

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“This Site Is Closed For Renovation” — FaceBook Gets A New FaceLift

Face book, with over a 100 million users, is one of the best social networking site I’ve personally been a member of. Facebook recently got new facelift. Over 30 million users have already tried the new facebook and have started using it.

There are a lot of users who still are not comfortable shifting to the new UI (User Interface). This is normally the case with people. Even if the NEW is for the better, we hate the learning curve. But once we are foced to take it up, left with no choice, we convince ourselves, take up the challenge, use it and also get adjusted very quick. That’s the beauty of the human brain.

According to Facebook team, the “back to the old Facebook” frame will be gone soon and users will be forced to accept the new look without an option.

This facebook group which has more than over 800,000 users have been consistantly pelting facebook for the recent changes, but facebook has been taking the negative critisim in a positive way. They are looking for most valid complaints/suggestions if not all, by users and are building a stronger newer system. Now that’s smart business 🙂 ..

“We appreciate all of the feedback we have received since we started working on the new design of Facebook. We encourage our users to continue sending us suggestions that will help us make the site even better.”

This is what Mark Slee of facebook had to say,

Filter Feeds – Check out the most recent and relevant actions from friends on Top Stories or see them as they happen with Live Feed.

Customize Tabs – Access to photos, info, and applications with new tabs on the profile page. Create custom tabs for the applications you access most frequently (such as a “Music” tab for iLike).

Navigate Faster – Quickly jump to profile, apps, inbox, search, home, and friend updates, through the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Participate in Stories – Easily view the top stories generated by friends, comment inline on status updates, and filter which stories you’d like to see more of – whether it’s more photos, fewer status updates, or more about a particular person.

Publish Content – Post comments, links, photos, music, and videos directly to the Mini Feed or friends’ walls with the publisher box.

Humans are reluctant to change, I’m one of them. But when change is ineveitable we all learn to live with it and adjust our life according to the conditions outside. At this point, when I’m almost done with todays updates, I’m open to test some of the new facebook tips and learn from my experience.