Indians Cannot Use Paypal Mass Pay Feature Anymore

We recently blogged about the problems Indian Paypal users are facing in the wake of new RBI rules. We also discussed its repercussions on Freelancing in India. What I also figured out is that we Indians cannot make anymore Mass payments from Paypal.

Mass pay feature was one of best way to send money to friends and family in India without losing too much transaction fee and the ease with which Paypal Mass pay can be used added to it’s advantage !

After speaking to Paypal executives (you can call Paypal for free), there is no hopes of things coming back on track at any point in the near future ! I guess I should convert my Paypal Business account to Personal account, atleast that saves some transaction extra transaction fee 😉

End of my rant ! 😀

How To Send Money To India Avoiding Paypal Fees And Save Money

Paypal India Customers / Clientele are having a massive problem because of it’s recent outage. I’ve already addressed this issue and from my previous conversation, you can be somewhat assured that the problem will be sorted out as soon as possible.

So How Can People Send Money To India Now?

Only the personal payments are halted for the moment, which means business payments are still functioning fine. The only problem with the biz payments is that it has huge transaction fee and you’ll (the receiver) loose a considerable amount of money on every transaction.

To avoid this Read and learn – How to do PayPal “Mass Pay” payments and avoid fees.