Facebook And Twitter Banned In France?!

France has stepped forward, taken an old law from 1992, and used it to banish the words Facebook and Twitter from news stations. No longer are new casters allowed to say “Follow us on Facebook” or “Look to Twitter for more information later!” In fact the best news stations are allowed to say is “Look to your favorite social media sites online” So why in the world would France use an outdated law to put the ban hammer down on those words?

Logical, Are They ?

Their reasoning actually seems logical at first. They claim that when a news caster mentions Facebook or Twitter its actually advertising the social media sites, and that in turn isn’t fair others. There are tons of other social media sites out there that news casters are not mentioning, so it’s showing preference to those two.

France has been criticized before for banning words. Back in 2003 the word “e-mail” was banned because France wanted to protect the purity of their language. It seems odd that those who are enforcing these laws do not understand that language is constantly developing and that slang and internet words are used every day by the younger generation as well as the older generations.

Although France claims that the banning of Facebook and Twitter has nothing to do with language purity they are adamant in their decision. Unfortunately what they don’t seem to realize is that the news is not favoring these sites, they are using the resources of the sites to spread the news to many more viewers who probably don’t have time to sit around at a selected timeframe and watch the news.

I mean think about it, how many younger people sit around and watch the news? A few yes, but many more are on the computer on these social media sites. People are on the computer all of the time. These are common images that you see everyday:

Twitter And Facebook Making News Channels More Famous:

It is not the news sites that are giving popularity to Twitter and Facebook, in fact it is the other way around. News stations are using these sites to grow and expand, getting more and more viewers through multiple media outlets. These sites also bring the new stations more followers. With the constant updates, viewers are more likely to go to a TV and watch a breaking news story which in turn brings money to the network and new station.

So how is banning these words going to do anything other than harm the new station and bring more criticism towards France. It even brings even more attention to Facebook and Twitter. With both of those sites mentioned in the news due to this ban, they will likely receive more followers. The methods of the officials are old fashioned and need to be updated. Society is ever changing and evolves with technology, the laws governing the society need to evolve as well.

Unfortunately until France changes its laws Facebook and Twitter are still

Simply Convert Video File To Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) Format Using ConvertToWMV

Simply Convert Video File To Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) Format Using ConvertToWMV

Are you searching for the tool which could help you to convert any of the video file to Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) format? Presently, there are thousands of video converter software applications that can help you to do so. Now here is a new and pretty simple and handy utility that you must try out. This useful utility is named as ConvertToWMV. ConvertToWMV is an absolutely free application for Windows, which converts any video file to Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) configuration.

ConvertToWMV has understanding and simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) for communication with FFmpeg video processing command line tool. This utility consist pretty simple steps, while starting the conversion, the users need to simply drag and drop a video file onto the ConvertToWMV application window or simply press the Import button to browse a video file.

 The users can also able to choose the option for the video size as well as the output bit rate before converting. Command prompt of FFmpeg is preferred while processing of a video file. It may take quite a few minutes to complete the conversion depending on the video size. Once the conversion completed, user will start playing the converted video from the video file name in the “Conversion output” window.

At the top, ConvertToWMV is also features with the option “Output JPEG frame”. This option can be used to capture the video frame from the video as a jpeg image. The default captured position in video frame is 1 second. Use the following link to download ConvertToWMV.

Fabrice Bellard is the developer of the free software FFmpeg that can be used to convert, stream and record digital audio as well as video in a verity of formats. The licensing of software is under the GNU General Public License or GNU Lesser General Public License.

Try Out These Free Media Converters For Converting Unsupported Media Formats

Try Out These Free Media Converters For Converting Unsupported Media Formats

The internet is full of entertainment media including TV drama, videos, songs, movies etc. and you can easily download the media of your choice. However, the problem arises with the format compatibility of these media files. You can play these downloaded media files on your PC but many a times they cannot be played on other devices like MP3 player, portable media player or mobile phone.

Nevertheless there are a number of media converters that can take care of this format compatibility issue by converting the unsupported media format to a supported one. Have a look at the media converters which can be downloaded and used free of charge.

1) Quick Media Converter

This audio and video conversion program developed by cocoonsoftware comes loaded with excellent features. It offers the user with simple and user-friendly interface which happens to be the main highlight of this application. Users can opt to handle this tool in its “Easy Mode” or “Expert Mode”.

If you are a non-tech user, the easy mode would suit you the best for easily converting media files by using a simple drag-n-drop technique. However, skilled users can go with the expert mode with which they can explore the features of the Quick Media Converter and customize various conversion settings like cropping frequency rates, bitrates, aspect, sizes etc.

This application allows you to convert media from and to different formats like avi, xvid, iPod, psp, 3G2, DIVX, TS, VCD, MPEG2, WAV, m4a, vob, h264, wmv, h263, wma, mov, mp4, amr, MP3, MPEG, DVD, XVID, AVI, 3GP, iPhone, mpeg4, divx and flv. It is compatible with only Windows Operating Systems.

2) Format Factory

This is a full-featured and multifunctional media converter that allows you to convert media files from and to the formats mentioned below:

• Can convert all media to MP4/ MPG/ WMV/ SWF/ FLV/ AVI/3GP/ MP3/ AMR/ AAC/ WAV/ OGG / WMA.
• Can convert all media to JPG/ PNG/ ICO/ TGA/ GIF/ TIF/ BMP.
• Ability of Ripping a DVD to a video file and a Music CD to an audio file.
• Supports RMVB.
• MP4 format files support iPhone/ BlackBerry/ iPod/ PSP format.

The interface is quite easy to use and gives a clear display of the various conversion options available. Apart from converting media files, Format Factory also has ability of repairing damaged audio and video files. It can also reduce the size of a multimedia file. Format Factory v2.0 comes with the following significant changes in comparison to its predecessors.

• Come with additional features like “All to RMVB” and “Audio Joiner.
• Includes “AviSynth” feature to support SSA effect and AVS script.
• Bugs related to missing WMA, MP3 tag info and MOV conversion have been fixed.
• Issue related to selection of MKV audio stream has been resolved.
H264 error level of Zune Mobile Device and IPod has been fixed.

This application supports over 50 different languages and is compatible with Windows OS only.

3) MediaCoder

MediaCoder allows you to convert audio and video media files from and to various different media formats. This open source media converter is periodically updated with latest conversion formats and Kanske ar casino Floor det natcasino som har allra flest spel. features in order to make it capable of supporting new devices.

Unlike the two media converters mentioned above that support Windows Operating Systems only, MediaCoder is compatible with all platforms including Mac and Linux. Below mentioned are some of the main features of this powerful media converter.

• Allows batch conversions between popular audio/ video formats.
• Offers a Multi-threading design which is enhanced for multi-core processors (Over 90% CPU utilization while working with quad-core processors).
• Fully controllable transcoding parameters.
• Easy-to-use user interface for mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod, PSP etc.
• Completely standalone. Does not depend on any system codecs/splitters.
• Offers a Transcoding Platform for expanding user interface and improving user experience.
• Supports formats like MP3, AAC, AAC v2/HE-AAC v2, Speex, WMA, mp3PRO*, Vorbis, AAC /HE-AAC, MusePack, AMR, RealAudio, FLAC, Monkey’s Audio, AAC Lossless, Waveform, WAV/PCM, WavPack, OptimFrog, TTA
• Also supports H.264, RealVideo*, Theora, Dirac, MPEG/VOB, MP4, RealMedia*, Quicktime*, DVD, SVCD, HTTP*, RTSP*, XviD, CUESheet*, MPEG 1/2/4, FTP*, Flash Video, OGM*, 3ivx*, Matroska, DivX, Windows Media Video, AVI, PMP, ASF, CD, VCD, and UDP* formats.

4) HandBrake

This is yet another multiplatform media converter that supports various platforms including Linux, Mac and Windows. This open-source application comes in two flavors, command line and graphical. HandBrake mostly suits users who are looking to encode videos from DVDs into other formats.

5) Super
Super is a universal media player render and encoder. This simplified application serves as a front-end tool for various command-line utilities like MEncoder, FFmpeg, x264, MPlayer, monkey’s audio, wavpack, musepack, true audio, ffmpeg2theora as well as theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn. This application is compatible only with Windows Operating Systems.

Super supports numerous video/ audio formats like MOV, Flash video, PSP video, DIVX AVI, MPEG, real media, 3GP etc. In contrary to others, this conventional tool possesses a pretty cluttered and messy user interface that needs the user to spend a while exploring the features and getting familiar with them.

6) Any Video Converter

Any media converter is similar to HandBrake and has ability of converting video files to different formats. It supports input formats like asf, rm, flv, mpg, m4v, YouTube videos, avi, mov, rmvb, mkv, 3gp, vob and many more. It efficiently converts video files to different output formats including avi, wmv, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, mp3, ogg, wma, aac, mpg (PAL /NTSC), flv and mp4.

The best thing about this video converter is its fast converting speed and simple user interface. Its easy-to-use user interface makes this application ideal for even non-tech users who are not so familiar with media conversion.

High-Performance, Wireless N Media Networked With WPS And MIMO Technology By Trendnet

Trendnet is a wired and wireless networking hardware brand, which has recently released the 300Mbps Wireless N Media Bridge, model TEW-640MB. This has been introduced with the goal of offering high performance wireless connection to all networked media center devices. It has been designed to minimize the clutter enabling the users to relate upto 4 devices to a wireless n network.

It is also suitable to Ethernet-ready BluRay players, network TVs, gaming consoles and DVRs. The initial set up is not very difficult and can be made easier if you possess a router with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup [WPS] button. In such an instance, your job would be to:-

  • Power up the TEW-640MB.
  • Press the WPS button on your router, then the WPS button on the TEW-640MB.
  • It will get connected to your router and the internet.
  • Lastly, network media center devices to the four Ethernet ports on the back of the TEW-640MB for instant internet access.

The bridge brings along Advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output [MIMO] antenna technology to get rid of wireless dead spots and WMM Quality of Service [QoS] technology to categorize audio and video content. Costing $69.99 it is shipped to Trendnet’s online and retail partners along with a 3 year warranty.

Its set up is very easy with no drivers to install. Power Save mode preserves electricity when not in use. Also the latest in wireless encryption makes sure that there is wireless security. “ Following the tremendous success of our 300Mbps wireless n gaming adapter, model TEW-647 GA, we decided to with a strong foundation build the 300Mbps Wireless N Media Bridge with the same high performance chipset,” stated Sonny Su, Technical director for Trendnet.

Summing up the interesting features of TEW-640MB, we have:

  • Users looking for high-performance wireless network can connect up to 4 devices at one go.
  • Works with network enabled Blu-ray™ players, Televisions, DVRs, and game consoles
  • WMM QoS prioritizes audio and video content
  • One-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) wireless connection

How To Play Lyrics Of Songs In My Music Player ?

MiniLyrics : Displays song lyrics in your favourite Media Player

MiniLyrics is a third party tool which provides you with the song lyrics no matter in which media player you run the song. Check out the reasons for having this tool in your pc:

  • It is a freeware/ shareware. You can have unlimited free trials before you purchase the product
  • It gets installed in your machine in no time. Fast installing capability
  • It supports almost all kind of Music player
  • It works for almost all kind of songs. It is not necessary to run English songs to avail this feature, you can also play local language songs and you will get the lyrics of them too

The music players that MiniLyrics supports are mentioned below:

Windows Media Player Real player
Foobar 2000
QCD Player
Jet Audio
BS Player
Yahoo! Music Jukebox
VLC Media Player
And lots more….

It is highly recommended to download the MiniLyrics and to enjoy the songs much better. If there is any the music file of which the wordings are unclear, it will solve that problem.

[Download Minilyrics]

How Can I Use VLC As Streaming Media Server

Installation of VLC Media Player in Delivering Online Media Files to PCS

The name “Streaming” refers to the medium that continuously receives multimedia from Steam provider and delivers it to the end-users. Internet television is one of such streamed media in which videos are broadcasted online to its users.

For streaming such media files VLC Media Player can be used as a server to our PCS through wireless connection in digital home.

However to achieve streaming by a VLC media player involves two major steps:

  • Media Server setup in PC Server
  • Media Player setup in client PC

Steps to setup Media Server in PC Server:

  1. Installation of VLC media player in windows pc (download link)
  2. After installation launch the player
  3. Go to File ->Wizard to open Streaming/Transcoding Wizard.
  4. Then select “Stream to network” and click Next button.
  5. Click Choose button a new window will be pop up.
  6. Click Browse button to choose media file to play, then click OK button.
  7. Click button next.
    While choosing “stream to Network” there are many streaming methods of which you can select the desired method. For example

    • UDP unicast –stream to single computer
    • UDP multicast –stream to more than one computer
    • HTTP-stream with the help of HTTP protocol
  8. Check “HTTP”, enter the IP address of the server and then click Next button.
  9. After checking “MPEG TS” click Next button.
  10. Click Finish button to complete this set up.

Steps to setup Media server in client PC:

  1. Install VLC Media player in another PC and then launch VLC media player.
  2. Go to File->Open Network Stream.
  3. Check “HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS”, and then enter URL as {media server IP}:8080.
  4. Go to ‘Customize’ field at the bottom, enter the value as http: / / {media server IP}:8080.
  5. Click OK button to complete media server setup.

All the above steps should be modified according to the IP address that suits your environment.

How Can I Play .OGM Video Files – Free .OGM Media Player

Tricks to play .OGM extension video files in my computer / laptop

As the technology has been advancing, more and more extensions are popping up. .OGM is also a new video file extension and it cannot be played by most of the video players like quick time, real player or media player.

.OGM extension files are not supported by those video players but that does not mean we can’t run them on the computers. With new extension files, new video players are also popping up to support all kinds of files.

Now let us see how we can play any .OGM extension files. The only answer is VLC media player (download VLC). It is brand new video player software just like any other video player but it supports almost all kind of extension files.

Things you should consider to follow;

  1. Right click on .OGM extension video file.
  2. Click on properties.
  3. There will be an option called “opens with” and then right click on another option called Change.
  4. Click on VLC media player.
  5. Click ok to finish. Then again you have to click on ok to close the window.
  6. That’s it and you are done.

Next time any .OGM extension file will automatically run with VLC player.

How To Disable Device Media Write Protection In USB Flash Drives, Pen Drives

Before reading further, please read these related posts.

1> Enable write protection of USB Flash Drives.

2> Enable / Disable USB Removable Mass Storage Devices.

If your USB flash drive, pen drive, or external mass storage device is enabled, then you won’t be able to copy any data from your computer to USB drives. To revert back or disable Write protection on USB flash drives, then follow the instruction:

1> Click on “Start –> Run –> type regedit and hit Enter

2> Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

3> Create a new key and name it as StorageDevicePolicies

4> Select StorageDevicePolicies and create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it as WriteProtect.

How to Disable Write Access to USB Hard Disk and Flash Key Drives

5> Set the value of WriteProtect to 0, this can be done by double clicking on WriteProtect.

Close registry editor and you are done. Sometimes you may have to boot the machine before the changes takes place. After WriteProtect is de-activated, users will able to write data from computer to any external storage device.

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How To Enable Device Media Write Protection In USB Flash Drives, Pen Drives

In my previous post, I wrote about a registry hack to enable or disable access to USB Removable Mass Storage Device, Pen Drive, thumb and portable hard drive in Windows. When this hack is activated, you’ll neither be able to transfer any data from the computer nor copy any data to the computer from any USB storage mediums.

In this article we’ll see how we can enable write protection on external storage drives/devices, which means users will be able to copy data from external sources but not write date to external storage devices. This feature, where in the administrator disables the write access to external storage device is known as WriteProtect. This will ensure no private data leaves the PC without administrators permission.

Related Post: This feature is similar to enable or disable rite protection in Floppy Disks.

Here’s how you can enable write protection to USB Removable mass storage devices, pen drives, thumb drives and portable drives.

1> Click on “Start –> Run –> type regedit and hit Enter

2> Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

3> Create a new key and name it as StorageDevicePolicies

4> Select StorageDevicePolicies and create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it as WriteProtect.

How to Disable Write Access to USB Hard Disk and Flash Key Drives

5> Set the value of WriteProtect to 1, this can be done by double clicking on WriteProtect.

Close registry editor and you are done. Sometimes you may have to boot the machine before the changes takes place. After WriteProtect is activated, users won’t be able to write any data from computer to any external storage device.

If anyone tries to write data to external storage device, then they’ll encounter any one of these messages :

The disk is write protected.
The media is write-protected.
Remove the write protection or use another disk.

How to Disable Write Access to USB Hard Disk and Flash Key Drives

How-to configure Amarok with Nokia 3500 Classic

I own a Nokia 3500 Classic and it’s meager 256MB memory card is almost enough for my music on the go. This morning I was fiddling with “Transfer to Media Devices” feature in Amarok, apparently it doesn’t handle USB devices (I connect to my phone using a USB data cable).

I was pretty darn sure they must be work around and I found this script: usb_device_amaroKscript.

Here’s how to get things running,

1. Get the script and drag drop the tar ball into the script manager of Amarok (Tools> Script Manager). That should install the script.

2. Now try running it, if you have mp3info installed (Mandriva systems do by default) then the script should run fine and you could skip to read step 5.

3. If the script complains that mp3info has not been found then install it from here. I suggest you get the source tar ball and fire up the terminal, navigate to the the extracted tar ball folder, run “make” and then “make install”.

4. Try running the script again, if things are fine, it will tell you so, in the status bar of Amarok.

5. Go to Settings>Configure Amarok>Media Devices. Here you should see your USB device already recognized and sitting neatly, select the Generic Audio Player plugin for it and click OK.

6. Go to Media Devices in your Amarok sidebar and click connect and done 🙂 you should see your USB device’s file listing.

You can add new directories right from that display, transfer music (both from & to the device).