Now Get The K-Lite Codec Basic, Full, Standard, Mega And Corporate Pack Absolutely Free

Now Get The K-Lite Codec Basic, Full, Standard, Mega And Corporate Pack Absolutely Free

K-Lite codec is one of the most useful thing for all you music and video lovers. This application is a set of codec’s that allow you to play almost format of videos with your Windows MediaPlayer.

Now you can download the K-Lite codec for free and the best thing is that it comes in different packs. You can choose the pack as per your own convenience and explore and enjoy your videos. The different packs of K-Lite that are available are Basic, Full, Standard, Mega and Corporate Pack.

These packs differ with respect to the decoders they contain. It varies from simple ones to the more complex and comprehensive ones. Every pack has its own features and some of these are discussed below:

The K-Lite codec basic pack is best for those who play videos just for the purpose of entertainment. This pack supports formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPEG, TS, OGG, OMG, and M2TS.


The standard pack is more enriched in terms of features. It comes along with the Classic Media Player from Windows. This pack provides the MPEG decoder for DVD files and also provides better support for them. It is most appropriate for users who watch videos for a bit more than entertainment.

The Mega and the Corporate Pack are for more extensive users. It has the ACM/VFM codecs and playbacks legacy video and audio formats. The Mega Pack is more powerful than others and the most powerful among other codecs available. It provides alternatives for Real Player.

Now Play Quicktime Files With The Quicktime Player

Now Play Quicktime Files With The Quicktime Player


The QuickTime audio/video files are most commonly used as web pages in order to stream videos and audios online. This format is not that preferred to prepare or circulate video files. If you want to play QuickTime files more efficiently then you should download the QuickTime Player 3.1.0.

You can also download its alternative version, which consumes lesser memory. You can also view the QuickTime files on your Media Player from Windows. You just need the framework from QuickTime. The QuickTime framework and many other required codecs are already embedded in the QuickTime Alternative.


You can also install the Codec Pack from K-Lite in order to play different video formats from the Media Player (Windows).

Some of the features of the QuickTime Alternative are that it is extremely simple to install, it doesn’t support any background processes, its size is much smaller than its other versions and is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System.

How To Play Streaming WMA, Media Player Video In Firefox

View Windows Media Content embedded within Firefox

The Firefox web browser cannot play Windows Media Player content that is embedded in webpages. To play Windows Media Audio (.WMA), or Windows Media Video (.WMV), or .ASF file types, that might sometimes be embedded in sites as streaming media, you need to have Windows Multimedia framework installed and enabled on your browser. This allows you to play Windows Media files over the Internet through the MMS protocol or the RTSP protocol.

The Windows Media multimedia framework is a Microsoft technology created exclusively for distribution on Windows platforms. However, recently, Microsoft has released the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin that has changed this situation. Now, Windows Media files can be streamed within the Mozilla Firefox window even though it is a non-IE third-party browser.

This plugin has been designed for all of the Windows versions – and works fine on all of the Windows XP and Windows Vista (32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64)) versions.

Downloading/Installing the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin

You can the latest version of the Firefox plugin from here.

After you have downloaded the ‘wmpfirefoxplugin.exe’ installer executable, simply double-click on it and then click on the Install button. It is best if you have logged on to your machine as an administrator before you run the installer. Also, make sure that you close all your browser windows before starting the installation process.

In most cases, when you try to play an embedded Windows Media file in Firefox, you are automatically guided to this plugin and are advised to download it.