RIP Megaupload

As the United States flails about with their banhammer trying desperately to eradicate the net of all traces of piracy, another casualty has been added to the list and this time it is a major blow to pirateers. Megaupload, one of the world’s largest file sharing sites, has been taken down by the Department of Justice on Thursday January 19, 2012 thanks to an indictment by the Justice Department.

This indictment states that Megaupload Limited is part of a group of individuals and corporations that have cost copyright holders over $500 million in lost revenue. Now those involved with Megaupload are being arrested and face extensive charges. These charges include: 20 years max prison sentence for racketeering, 5 years prison for copyright infringement conspiracy, 20 years in prison for money laundering, and another 5 years on other related charges.

Megaupload is one….was one of the most popular media uploading sites in the world and it gained a ton of exposure thanks to several celebrities who endorsed it. Some celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, and more. No news yet on whether or not the celebrities who endorsed the site will face any legal charges however the executives at Megaupload are being rounded up by the authorities.

Kim Schmitz (aka Kim Tim Jim Vestor, or Kim Dotcom) was Megaupload’s founder was arrested for the above charges as well as several other executives at Megaupload. Despite prior felony charges on a “conspiracy” he continues to deny any copyright infringement involvement.

This assault against Megaupload and its executives began just one day after the massive internet protest on the 18th against SOPA and PIPA. The protest was spearheaded by Wikipedia and involved several other large sites (Google and Craigslist) in an attempt to get internet users to contact the United States congress and voice their opinion. Could be just a coincidence that the Justice Department staged this massive takedown of Megaupload right after the blackout of Wikipedia but that’s doubtful.

As you may expect, there are thousands upon thousands of incredibly angry and outraged Megaupload users that are taking the initiative. The infamous hacking group called Anonymous has taken up the voice of the general public in an attempt to fight back at the United States Justice Department. Anonymous has used their hacking skillz to take down sites that belong both to the United States government and to the Recording Industry. Some sites include,,,, and more.

Anonymous stated via a Twitter account that they are staging their largest attack yet in response to the United States current actions. Expect to see more and more sites being taken down by Anonymous as they take up the fight against SOPA and PIPA in their own way.


Simple Trick To Change Your PC’s IP Address

Simple Trick To Change Your PC’s IP Address

There are several reasons why people need to change their computer’s IP address. One of the main reasons is IP download limit imposed by various file sharing sites like Megaupload, Rapidshare etc. By doing so, these file sharing sites make sure that limited download slots are allotted to free users.

These websites keep a track of your IP address and permit the next file download from a particular IP address only after a certain time period. However, it is possible that you bypass this restriction by simply changing your computer’s IP address. Normally, you try to change your PC’s IP address by turning off your internet modem and turning it on again, but this trick is not successful all the time.

Nevertheless, you can change your PC’s IP address without restarting your internet modem. You do not need to make use of proxy websites, IP hide tools or proxy IP anymore. You need to simply use the below mentioned trick to change your PC’s IP address in less than a minute.

  1. You need to copy the below mentioned commands and paste them into a Notepad.
  2. Echo ipconfig/flushdns


    echo ipconfig/release


    echo ipconfig/renew



    Then, save this file by the name “ipchange.bat”.

  3. Double-click on the file to execute the commands. If you are a Windows Vista user, you should not double-click on the file “ipchange.bat“. Instead, you need to right-click on it and select the option “Run as Administrator”. 
  4. Once the above mentioned commands are executed, they will automatically reset your internet modem and a fresh IP address will be assigned to your PC.

 You can use the above trick only if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides a dynamic IP, wherein the PC gets a fresh IP address every time you reset or restart your internet modem.

Trick to Download Files from Megaupload without Timer limit and Word Verification just like Premium Member

Trick to Download Files from Megaupload without Timer limit and Word Verification just like Premium Member

There are many people who depend on Megaupload in order to download and upload several files. There is no doubt that Megaupload is the best online file sharing and hosting website. However, you need to have some specific subscription to transfer files with Megaupload at faster rate with no waiting time. Therefore tech-freaks create tricks to download files as a premium member without waiting for time and word verification limits. 

This latest trick does not require any kind of third party application, you just need to recreate download link manually in order to bypass all limits.  You could download files easily using your regular web browser.



Normally Megaupload download link looks similar to this: Now you just add mgr_dl.php before “?” Symbol and you will get final download link that would look something like

You are done, now you can download your required files on your computer directly without going through timer limit and word verification. Do remember this trick is only for bypassing timer limit and word verification. You can not bypass Megaupload IP limit check. It means you just have to do simple work to download files easily form Megaupload.