Start A New Line / Paragraph While Typing Long FaceBook Status Messages

While updating your Facebook status, you’d have noticed there is no ‘Reply’ Button, and the moment you hit enter the status stands updated.

This is fine when you are typing / commenting fairly small messages. But if the message runs into couple of lines, then there will be readability issue if you do not break the message logically into new lines / paragraphs.

The easiest way to type in a new line / paragraph is by pressing ‘Shift + Enter‘. If you press ‘Shift + Enter‘ once then you start typing in a new line and if you press it twice you’ll start a new paragraph.

Let me know if this helped !

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Fixing HP Installer Plug-In And Uninstaller That Has Stopped Working Giving Error Messages

Fixing HP Installer Plug-In And Uninstaller That Has Stopped Working Giving Error Messages

When trying to install or maybe uninstall HP printing as well as scanning software, or getting driver for printer of HP, scanner or any other imaging devices, an error message may be displayed. The process installation or uninstallation of HP program will automatically stop and cannot continue further or finish.

  1. HP Installer Plug-in Option has stopped working.
  2. Due to a problem, the program was stopped working correctly. If there is solution present for that problem then Windows will shutdown the program and it will notify about the available solution.
  3. The attributes which are extended are inconsistent.
  4. Installer/Uninstaller of HP has stopped working.
  5. Installer Recovery plug-in of HP has stopped working.

In order to resolve this problem for the smooth running of this software as to avoid installation or un-installation problems with HP software suite, the user will have to uninstall IE8 browser. After that, the user should restart the computer so that the desired changes can take place.

The order worsens off internet-explorer did not give any such problem was running the HP software. We should be expecting an update patch very soon on this.

Can We Downgrade / UnUpgrade / Revert Back To Old FaceBook Messaging?

Facebook recently revamped the way Messages, Chat and E-Mail functions work. The new changes made will integrate e-mails, IMs and texting in a unified inbox, and everything will be available in your message inbox.

As of now you can only upgrade to the new messaging product, as facebook doesn’t offer a solution, yet, for you to downgrade to previous messaging system. There is NO way to TURN OFF the new messaging system either.

FaceBook might come up with a solution in future, but that’s being speculative as no one is sure if FaceBook will ever consider requests of those who want to migrate back to FaceBook’s old messaging system.

Instead of cribbing about the new messaging system, we should learn to use it and accept the change.

I personally feel it is much easier and helps us to better organize our conversations in one single place. I’ll write in detail, how to use the New FaceBook Messaging system, step-by-step and I’m sure once you learn how to use it, you too will like it !

Change Windows XP Logon Screensaver And Create Logon Message Box

Change Windows XP Logon Screensaver And Create Logon Message Box

Windows XP OS is still the well-liked and most accepted Operating Systems amongst people regardless of the imminent confront posed by Windows 7, and on a little less a scale from Windows Vista. However, there is a trick to change the standard logon messages and the conventional logon screen.

You can modify the logon type by composing some modifications to the registry. Before you start, keep in mind that severe problems might arise if you adjust the registry wrongly. Therefore, backup the registry previous to making any alteration.

To customize your logon screen, you will need to primarily modify the logon screensaver. You can amaze your friends by means of an excellent and attractive logon screensaver.

To change the logon screensaver just follow these steps:

  • Open “Start” go to “Run,” type regedit then hit OK.
  • Registry editor window will be opened, navigate to the following registry sub key:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

  • Double-click on the SCRNSAVE.EXE present in right window.
  • In the dialog box of Edit String, enter the screen saver name that you would like in the Value data box and next click on OK button. For instance, if you would like to utilize the Mystify screensaver as a logon screen saver, enter ssmyst.scr
  • Exit the Registry Editor
  • Now the selected screensaver will appear when the system starts.

You may put in a popup message box that will operate as a gentle reminder or a greeting message each and every time before logging into your PC. The message box will pop up just before the login screen years. You may include some funny sentence for example: “Welcome to Thomas’s Computer”, “Happy Using Me” etc.

To put in a message box at startup follow these steps:

  • Go to Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the following registry sub key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon
  • There is huge number of registry keys necessary in support of the logon. To insert a text box, find the registry key named as LegalNoticeCaption and right click and select Modify. Here you can type in the title for your message box.

  • Now find out one more Registry Key, LegalNoticeText. Modify it and enter the message you wish to come into view inside the pop up message box.
  • Exit Registry Editor

  • The pop up massage box will appear when the system will be restarted

A Guide To Insert Images To Your GMAIL Messages

A Guide To Insert Images To Your GMAIL Messages

Inserting Images to a message in GMAIL was a very tedious earlier in the past. In order to ease this activity, Google has added a new feature named Gmail Lab feature to google mail, which helps in inserting images while composing a mail. Now adding images to your message is made simpler.

Google mail user’s need to just follow a set of steps and get this feature activated to expedite the Inserting Images feature while composing a mail.

The few steps to be followed are:

  • Sign in to your Google mail.
  • After signing into google mail navigate on top through settings option which is in the right hand side corner of your screen.
  • Now select the Labs option.
  • Here, you can select an option called as Inserting Images.

  • Under “Inserting Images” check on the enable radio button to get this feature started.
  • Great! Now this feature is successfully enabled.

Excellent, here after each time you try to compose a mail you find an option to help you in inserting images on Google mail toolbar.

A Trick To Copy Text And Images From A Web Page Restricting Right Click Option

A Trick To Copy Text And Images From A Web Page Restricting Right Click Option

Few webmasters protect the contents of their websites by disabling the right mouse click options. When individuals try to save the contents be it image or text by right clicking on the web page, they will not be successful. No options will be displayed when a right click is performed on the page. This can irritate and infuriate users. To overcome this problem a trick is available.

This trick will easily bypass the disabled right mouse click option and copy both images and texts from the webpage. This trick is very simple and helpful too.

Set of steps to follow to copy Message / Text and save images from a website that restricts right click usage:

  • Open a web page you wish to copy either the text or an image. Save the image from the web page to your system by following the methods described below.
  • When a web page is completely loaded, hold ctrl+u keys from the keyboard.
  • These combination keys will then open the source code of your web page.
  • Locate the textual matter you wish to copy, then copy and save it from the page.
  • Locate the image web link in the source code page and open this hyperlink in a new browser window. From this link you can save the preferred image.
  • The copy and save is completed successfully.

A webpage’s source code is a combination of all information and codes that constitute it. Using the above method any individual can browse the contents of a webpage and save the text as well as images.

Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Individuals can setup an auto reply feature for their Google talk for inbound chat messages using Google mail’s “Auto-Responder”. To set this up, individuals are required to download a utility tool called as “gtalk-auto-reply”.

“Gtalk auto reply” is a freeware which can be used to set a self customized message for all Auto-replies. Just download “Google talk auto reply” utility tool and type in Google talk login information to utilize this feature.

Individuals can create a customized message in the provided space and store it. Once Google talk auto reply is been enabled, it will commence replying the saved message as Auto-Reply to all inbound chat messages.

This is very beneficial when individuals are not available on their desk. The same can be conveyed to their google talk chat messengers as auto reply notification with their customized message within the duration of the time they come back on the messaging line again.

Add Text String or Custom Message To System Clock On Windows Taskbar

Add Text String or Custom Message To System Clock On Windows Taskbar

If you are looking for the way to impress others with your Windows OS or you are in search of something tricky, which could make your system funny, then just try out this trick. You could put a message or any text exactly next to the system clock (usually where AM or PM is displayed) that is placed on Windows Taskbar. You could let your girlfriend’s or lover’s PC to show “I Love You” when he/she hovers the mouse pointer on the system tray.

With following simple hack you could append or add a message or custom texts up to 12 characters next to the system clock under the system tray.

WARNING: You have to use this trick on your own risk. By applying this trick, some of the applications that depend upon the timestamps may not function normally and they could encounter errors and problems.

Go through following extract to apply this hack in your system.

  • First open Control Panel.
  • Go to the option namely Regional and Language.
  • Go to Formats tab and under this tab, you have to click on Customize this format or Additional settings button.
  • Click on Time tab.
  • Now, here you could place your custom text massage by changing the AM and PM symbol fields. This custom massage will be displayed next to the system clock.

Note: – The changes made to AM symbol would be displayed during only AM hours (from 12 midnight to 12 noon). Similarly, the massage for PM symbol will be displayed in only PM hours.

  • Finally, hit on Apply and save the setting. The modified and customized text string would be immediately displayed next to the clock under Notification Area of Windows Taskbar.

Free Group Messaging From Google

Free Group Messaging From Google

Sms’s and Text Messages are the latest and most convenient way of remaining connected to your friends and loved ones. Free SMS Packs and offers are the latest sell outs amongst mobile phone users.

This trend has brought a revolution which helps users send SMS’s from the internet. There are a number of websites and portals that allows users to send free SMS’s across the globe.


The new Google SMS Channel launched by Google allows its users to send SMS’s all around the world. The portal also allows you to subscribe for blog updates, news alerts, score updates, jokes, horoscopes, community messages and lots more.

Google SMS Channel is absolutely free for both, the channel owner and subscriber. The user can create his/her own channel and get SMS alerts for every update made on the channel. You can ask your friends and relatives to join your channel and always be in touch.