Can We Downgrade / UnUpgrade / Revert Back To Old FaceBook Messaging?

Facebook recently revamped the way Messages, Chat and E-Mail functions work. The new changes made will integrate e-mails, IMs and texting in a unified inbox, and everything will be available in your message inbox.

As of now you can only upgrade to the new messaging product, as facebook doesn’t offer a solution, yet, for you to downgrade to previous messaging system. There is NO way to TURN OFF the new messaging system either.

FaceBook might come up with a solution in future, but that’s being speculative as no one is sure if FaceBook will ever consider requests of those who want to migrate back to FaceBook’s old messaging system.

Instead of cribbing about the new messaging system, we should learn to use it and accept the change.

I personally feel it is much easier and helps us to better organize our conversations in one single place. I’ll write in detail, how to use the New FaceBook Messaging system, step-by-step and I’m sure once you learn how to use it, you too will like it !