Common MSN Messenger Problems And Solutions

MSN stands for Microsoft Network and the messenger program is one of the most commonly used messenger programs available. Despite the big name behind this chat program, and its widespread popularity, it has numerous problems and many users may get exceedingly frustrated. If you are a MSN user, or if you are looking at MSN as your next messenger service, then be sure to read the common problems below and their solutions!

Error #1 The program is slow despite your computer being efficient

Cause – The cause is probably some type of malware that is on your computer. It can slow down your connection speed to the internet and you can see the effects when messages you send are very sluggish in appearing on the messenger screen.

Solution – For malware, run a complete and thorough inspection of your computer with an antivirus program. This should clear up the problem!

Error #2 “There was a problem connecting you to MSN Messenger.”

Cause – Generally caused by a firewall blocking the program from connecting to the internet.

Solution – Go to your firewall program; whether that’s your Window’s Firewall or one installed by your antivirus program. Find the part where you can allow an exception and ensure that MSN Messenger is marked as an exception.

Error #3 All of your contacts are missing

Cause – There can be multiple causes for this, one of the simplest is just a startup error or it could be that your list is simply hidden. Another issue could be that the contacts are completely deleted.

Solution – First, try restarting your computer and seeing if your contacts reappear, if they don’t then go to the tools menu and click on ‘options’. From there you can see the privacy tab and you can see an option that will enable or disable the contact list. If the previous solution failed as well, then try logging onto your MSN on another computer and seeing if this fixes it, if not then all of your contacts have been removed permanently and you will have to reinstall.

Error#4 “Signing in to .NET Messenger Service failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later”

Cause – There can be multiple causes for this error; either your account has been disabled and you cannot use that particular email on the MSN anymore, or their servers are down.

Solution – If the server is down then simply wait a little while (about a half hour at most) and then try to log in again, however if your login is still bringing up that error message then your account may have been disabled.  In the event that your account is disabled then you should go here:

There are a variety of other problems that you can encounter with this messenger service, however in general you should experience an issue free messaging service.

MSN Status Checker allows you to find Blocked or Invisible MSN Messenger users

MSN Status Checker allows you to find Blocked or Invisible MSN Messenger users

Mostly users login to their accounts in invisible mode so no one can see their status. Nowadays every chat messaging service providers have featured their users with this option. This feature is quite interesting for those people who want to be available (online) yet appear offline status.

However this is annoying for those who want to chat when they login to their account and come online. However there is option to find out invisible MSN messenger users instantly in MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger using MSN Status Checker.

Since Microsoft has disabled the feature to trace out the offline/invisible/ blocked user’s status using third party application services. Nevertheless you can use MSN Status Checker utility online tool, which displays users from your list who are currently online in invisible mode.


It is completely free online tool to check MSN users status. You need to enter your friend ID and press the Enter button. MSN Status Checker finds out status of your friend and shows you report within seconds.

Few times it shows incorrect results due to inability to get access user’s account database. One more thing to know that this tool will not work in case user has selected this option from setting menu “only people in my list can see my status and send me messages”.

Easily Recover Your Instant Messenger Passwords Using MessenPass v1.27

Easily Recover Your Instant Messenger Passwords Using MessenPass v1.27

There are a number of different Instant Messenger (IM) services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, ICQ, AOL, MySpace IM, Trillian, AIM, Miranda, PaltalkScene, GAIM/Pidgin, Digsby etc. which are widely used for communicating with friends and family.

In a process of managing so many messaging services, there are chances that you forget the passwords of few of them. However, you do not have to worry about it anymore. You may now recover your forgotten passwords using MessenPass.  This tool recovers the passwords of all instant messengers for the presently logged in user.


MessenPass can recover the passwords from your PC provided you have enabled the option “Remember Password” in every messenger tool. If you have the option “Remember Password” enabled, you need to simply download and install MessenPass on your PC.

Double click on its icon so as to run MessenPass and you will see that it automatically detects all the instant messengers installed on your system. It will decrypt all your saved IM passwords and display them along with the respective usernames. MessenPass works with all the instant messaging services mentioned below.

  • Windows Live Messenger (In Windows Vista and XP).
  • Windows Messenger (In Windows XP).
  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger (5.x and 6.x versions only).
  • ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003
  • Google Talk
  • AOL IM (version 4.6 or below), AIM Pro and AIM 6.x.
  • Trillian Astra
  • Trillian
  • Miranda
  • MySpace IM
  • GAIM/Pidgin
  • Digsby
  • PaltalkScene

 The below mentioned commands can be used to save all IM passwords directly.

  • /stab <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text (tab-delimited) file.
  • /sverhtml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a HTML file (vertical).
  • /stext <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text file (regular).
  • /shtml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a HTML file.
  • /scomma <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text (comma-delimited) file.
  • /sxml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a XML file.
  • /stabular <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into tabular text file. 

MessenPass is a free all-in-one IM password recovery tool ideal for people who deal with multiple IM services.

Use Automatic Switcher In Windows Live MSN Messenger To Enable Or Disable Aero Border Frame

Use Automatic Switcher In Windows Live MSN Messenger To Enable Or Disable Aero Border Frame

Windows live MSN messenger is now available with auto switcher which enable or disable Aero border frame. When you install a latest version of Windows Live Messenger (WLM) in Windows Vista, 7 or other windows with enabled Aero feature.

For example, MSN Messenger in Windows Live Essentials 2009, a thick border-frame same as the typical apps around the chat window and WLM main window will be created. To check out the Aero transparency effect, the window frame is one of the suitable example.

The main window or instant messaging chat rooms of Windows Live Messenger in old classic MSN Messenger time did not provided with any frame border as in the latest one. Just follow the illustration given below so that you can make a difference between the two styles of window frame of Windows Live Messenger with and without Aero.

A number of users would rather want to follow the traditional legacy look of Windows Live Messenger, like aka MSN Messenger which provides the classical look. To make so, follow the specified steps to concern the registry hack to take away the Aero Transparency window frame, otherwise border of Windows Live Messenger.

  • Click to start and go to Run
  • Type ‘regedit’ (without quotes) to Run Registry Editor.
  • With the help of navigational keys, Navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Live\Messenger

If the system runs on 64-bit (x64) operating system, go to following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Live\Messenger

  • Right click on any blank space available on the right pane, and then pick “New” from the context menu.
  •  Then you have to click on DWORD (32-bit) Value so that you can generate a new registry value entry.
  • After that, specify the name to the newly generated registry entry as AeroWindowFrameEnabled.
  • Finally, just modify the AeroWindowFrameEnabled and set the values for 1 to enable and 0 to disable the Aero Window frame of Messenger (the Aero Effect on WL Messenger if the value set to 0 i.e. disabled now).
  • The change effects will takes place after closing and re-opening the Windows Live Messenger main window and/or chat message window. We need not to come out from the MSN Messenger program.

Download process for the Windows Live Messenger Aero Frame Auto Switcher

The users who are not willing to edit the system registry directly will still be able to download the subsequent Windows Live Messenger Aero Frame Auto Switcher, and after that run the corresponding registry file to combine the value to registry in sequence to enable or disable Aero Frame Window feature in WLM.

The package comes with turn-off-WLMessenger-Aero-Frame.reg along with turn-on-WLMessenger-Aero-Frame.reg files. Double click on Disable-WLMessenger-Aero-Frame.reg to turn-off the new Aero approach WLM, and it will come back to traditional legacy Windows Live Messenger view without Aero Frame border. By double click on Enable-WLMessenger-Aero-Frame.reg we can revert to Windows Aero layout which has a kind of transparent frame border.

A Hack To Turn Your Yahoo! Messenger Nickname Blank

A Hack To Turn Your Yahoo! Messenger Nickname Blank

A hack which will make a yahoo username invisible on the messenger, allowing one to chat with any person either in a public or a private yahoo chat room. This feature will make your name become invisible and hide your identity from others.

One can easily switch back to the original i.e display their nicknames on messenger again. So this hack is user friendly and very safe too. Anyone can easily play tricks on their yahoo messenger friends by utilizing “Yahoo Invisible Username Trick”.

Your nickname will appear blank on the member listing for every chat room. No other person will be capable of tracing your name. Even if you initiate chatting, your messages are displayed as received from an anonymous yahoo user. As many users are unaware of this great and simple trick they will be surprised to see messages from an anonymous person in the chat room.

Steps to follow to make Yahoo! messenger’s users name Invisible:

  • Click open Yahoo! messenger. Login using your id and password
  • Browse and select messenger, select my contact info from the messenger.
  • An editable “yahoo accounts” page opens. Here type in the password to proceed further.
  • You will find edit/ create aliases to your right hand sidebar. Select it.
  • Browse and select a link “add an alias”.
  • The code [?] should be copied from within square brackets. Now paste the same as a name for the new alias. The user is requested to copy only the code and not the brackets.
  • Now save all the changes. This causes the username to become invisible on Yahoo messenger.

A user’s profile will bear a blank name for all existing yahoo services. They can roam and access every single chat room with a blank or dummy user name.

Can I Find IP Address Of My Chat Friends ?

Can Others Find IP My Address by Manipulating Yahoo / GTalk / AOL etc Messenger

I was worried when I realized that most messengers have this vulnerability, where they can expose my IP address to a stranger who I’m chatting with. Before I begin to reveal the trick I should strictly mention that do not try this trick in real life, as this is article is meant to give you only the information and to broaden the knowledge, and educate you to be aware of the potential risk you might encounter because of this small loophole.

You can easy get to know a person’s Internet Protocol address by hacking Yahoo / Gtalk / AOL Messenger. All these chat messengers come handy and help us stay in contact with all the relatives and friends who stay far away from us.

To protect the user’s privacy these chat messengers strictly prohibit showing the Internet Protocol address of the person with whom we are chatting. You can use some tricks to break this security and get the IP address. Let us see how.

To do so you have to make a bridge with your personal computer and in order to do so you have to make a file transfer. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Start menu and click on Run to open the windows command prompt
  • Then you have to type CMD and press enter
  • Make a file transfer and make sure the file is above 3MB
  • Now in command prompt you have to type netstat –n
  • A list of Internet Protocol address will to provided to you in a black screen
  • There will be two columns, one is named Local Address and the other will be named Foreign Address. Foreign address will have the Internet Protocol address of the person on the other end of the line whereas Local address IP is of yours.
  • You will receive an output. Example: let us say that the output you have received is this: TCP ESTABLISHED
  • Now the Internet Protocol address of the other person is, and the port number is 1647.

A stranger knowing your IP address has a lot of potential risks. You’ll have to be very careful when you interact with strangers, as a chat with a stranger with wrong intentions might cost you quite a lot.

Free Amic Email Backup Setup Trial – No More Serial Code / No More Crack

Working with Amic Email Backup

The Amic Email Backup application is freely available for creating easy backup of all the emails in your account. This is a highly efficient and easy to use tool even for data other than text emails, and it also creates backup for setting, address book, contents, news accounts, blocked senders list, message rules, and your signatures.

The backup is created as compressed backup files which makes it easy to store the backup anywhere in your computer. This amazing tool is compatible with all popular email clients like Eudora, Outlook Express, MS Outlook, IncrediMail, PocoMail, and Netscape Messenger.

When creating the backup, Amic Email Backup provides two modes to select from, namely the Wizard Mode, and the Standard Mode. There is also an auto scheduling period in this application, which allows it to automatically create backup of any new update after a certain period.

The installation of this tool is easy and has a step by step guide. To start the installation you have to open the AmicEmailBackupSetup.exe and follow the step by step instructions.

[Direct download link]

Windows Live Messenger 2009 Standalone Msi, Contacts Msi Installer

Excellent Trick For Retrieving Setup Installer For Windows Live Messenger (Version 2009)

WLM or Windows Live Messenger (formerly called as MSN Messenger) is now been included by Microsoft in the Windows Live package. An individual installer for downloading and installing Windows Live Messenger is no longer supplied with the package.

Similar is the case with the beta version of Windows Live suit, Wave3 which includes WLM 2009. You need to download the Windows Live Installer that includes installation files associated with the various software programs which are a part of Windows Live (WL) products like WL Toolbar, WL Mail, WL Writer, etc.

Majority of these applications except for the WLM are not used frequently by most users. You still need to compulsorily download the huge integrated full installer “wlsetup-all.exe “ which is 100 MB plus in size if you want to keep a backup of the installer, install Windows Live Messenger on a PC which is not connected to the internet or circulate WLM across a shared network.

The wlsetup-all.exe will have all installation files packed in it, but it is not possible to uncompress or extract them as individual application installation files with .MSI extension. The .MSI file is not included in wlsetup-all.exe, but when you run wlsetup-web.exe web installer, the .MSI file packaged in the .CAB file get downloaded and installed.

However, it is possible to get a copy of the setup installer for installing a standalone WLM 2009 on any computer anytime without the need to spend enormous time on downloading. You just need to follow the below mentioned trick to obtain the “Messenger.msi” file.

  1. You need to first download the Windows Live Installer by going to
  2. Once you get the installer downloaded, install/ upgrade your WLM to the latest version.
  3. Go to “Windows Explorer”, and select “Tools” -> “Folder Options” -> “View” and select the option for displaying hidden files/ folders. Also make the protected OS files viewable by deselecting the checkbox for the option that hides protected OS files.
  4. If you are using Vista, you need to run Windows Explorer with administrator rights and elevated privileges so that you are able to view all the folders.

  5. Now navigate to Program Files-> Common Files-> Windows Live->.cache->folder
  6. You will find numerous folders having 15 character names (combination of numbers and characters). Go through the folders till you locate the file “Messenger.msi” which is an individual .MSI setup installer for WLM 2009. It is possible to copy this setup installer to another location.
  7. Any Windows installer retrieved in such a manner is generally called a silent installer.
    Tip: The file “%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Windows Live\.cache\cache.ini” keeps a record of the paths of various Windows Live software programs which are downloaded/ installed on your PC.

  8. Install the WLM using “Messenger.msi” setup installer and run the WLM to check if it has any problem. Incase you face any issues, try installing the below mentioned three programs into the .cache directory in different sub-folders.
  9. dw20shared.msi (i.e. DW 2.0 Client)
    contacts.msi (Contacts)
    crt.msi (MS Visual Studio Runtime)

    Installing contacts.msi is very much necessary as it helps to avoid the occurrence of 8000FFFF error and fixes it incase it occurs by any chance.

Now that you have created a backup copy of the silent setup “Messenger.msi”, you may as well uninstall all programs from the WL Suite from the Control Panel and reinstall Messenger.msi along with Contacts.msi. By doing so, you can dispose off all other WL components and just keep WLM9.

You may use the same trick for installing the various other products from Windows Live Suite including WL Sign-In Assistant (wllogin.msi), WL Writer, WL Toolbar, WL Mail, WL Photo Gallery, WL Family Safety, WL Call, MS Office Outlook Connector and Segoe UI Font.


1> Does your MSN Messenger 2011 freeze, this might be the solution.

2> Windows Live Messenger 0×80070643 problem

MSN Messenger 2011 Freezes, Does Not Start, Not Appear on Desktop

Troubleshooting Windows Live Messenger Or MSN Issues

Some users have been experiencing issues with their MSN live messenger during the startups, where the chat interface fails to load while switching on the computer.

One of the most common problem I’ve seen with MSN messenger is the hr:0x80070643 problem. Read this post for hr:0x80070643 solution.

Some users might have even changed the settings on MSN so that it automatically launches with the start of Windows. However, even after the users have manually opted for running on startup, it seems that the MSN is either showing “Not Responding”, or it just shows up on the system tray without doing any kind of performance.

Diagnosing the problem on the task manager:

When the Task Manager, shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+Del, is pressed, the msnmsgr.exe file is missing, which is actually supposed to be there. When the user tries to open Messenger more than one time by clicking on the icon repeatedly, the msnmsgr.exe file appears more than one time. Still there is no sign of Windows Live Messenger on the screen or desktop.

Even on uninstalling and then again installing the messenger from the original copy of WLM does not seem to resolve the problem. Even when the memory resident of firewall or antivirus is turned off, the problem doesn’t get fixed.

Is it a virus attack?

Even after checking the computer for virus, rootkit, trojan, malware, Spyware, and or even other harmful process or programs, or cleaning the system registry via some tools, the problem seems to persist.

To make it worse, MSN or Windows Live Messenger fails to respond even if after computer is restored to few days ago when the messenger was may be working fine. From this we can conclude that the problem is not due to any virus attack.

It may so happen that the Windows Live Messenger, or commonly known as MSN is maybe blocked, or crushed, or stooped from starting, or loading by the router. Though the reason for that to happen is unknown, but somehow router can cause the problem while connecting to internet through ADSL, dial up modem or cables. It may also be because the Ethernet router or WLAN that you use for your internet connection.

The problem is faced by the major brands like LinkSys, D-link and Cisco, and they are under a lot of pressure to resolve this problem.

How to fix the problem:

Well as it seems that the problem is quite important to be fixed, and to be honest, it can be resolved. It is so simple that even a child can do it.

All you’ll need to do is to reset your gateway or router, and also your internet modem, just by turning off the power from the device and switching it on again. To turn off the power, you can simply disconnect or unplug the modem connection from the source of power.

Once your system is reset, the MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger will start, load and runs smoothly just like it should. You can now even see the pop ups and also it shows the icon in notification tray.

If the problem still persists, you can change back MSN to older version.

Trick:  How to log in 2 MSN accounts from one computer.