Convert Powerpoint Files To Youtube Video Files

How To Convert Powerpoint Files To Youtube Video Files

If you want to share your PowerPoint files with your friends through YouTube or Metacafe video sharing websites, you need to use PPT2YouTube freeware. This freeware converts your PPT files into YouTube video files.

This utility tool maintains the quality of video files along with PPT files when the conversion process takes place. You can simply use this freeware with a lot of these. You just need to import PowerPoint files, select a location to save converted files and press the start button to initiate conversion process. 

This tool will not tamper the original PPT images, animations, effects, sounds, and clips. Once the conversion process completes, your converted YouTube video files will be stored in the location that you specify.

Features of PPT2YouTube

  • Converts PPT files to MP4 video files.
  • Retains original PPT files
  • High quality video delivered
  • Convert PPT to YouTube video at free of cost.

Use Movavi Online Video Converter And Downloader Absolutely Free

Use Movavi Online Video Converter And Downloader Absolutely Free

Movavi is one of the most famous software developers, which are especially well-known for their Movavi Video Converter tool. Now, Movavi has brought the new feature as Movavi Online Video Converter, which is pretty useful for the people unwilling to purchase the Movavi or any other video conversion tool. Movavi Online Video Converter itself is a service that is able to download videos from the popular video hosting and sharing sites.

In addition, Movavi Online offers absolutely free online web service with which you could download your favorite videos from, Google Video, YouTube, DailyMotion, iFilm,,, Metacafe,, MySpace and some other video-sharing sites. After downloading, it automatically converts the video to cell phone, iPod, iPhone and some popular formats such as 3GP, MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, FLV and stores them. You could also upload your videos from you own computer with Movavi Online.


Movavi online service is totally free and there is no need of any installation or registration process at all. However, you would have to enter your email address to receive the download link of your converted video. The converted video will be stored in the database for 24 hours only. Movavi online includes the unique feature with which you could pick more than few downloaded videos and combine them to create one long movie. On the other hand, the Movavi Online allows maximum 5 uploads and each single file should be up to 100MB or should have the movie length of 10 minutes.

Press Esc to exit full screen mode – Youtube, Metacafe, Firefox, Chrome

“Press Esc to exit full screen mode” Doesn’t fade off in Youtube, Metacafe, Firefox, Chrome

This is a very common problem in Youtube, Hulu, Metacafe or most other video websites. Also this shows up on most browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer. From this it is evident that it’s neither the problem with the browser you are using, nor the problem with destination website you are browsing.

The actual problem is with the Adobe’s updater. I trust the Adobe updater as it does the auto upgrade to the latest Adober Flash Player. However, something strange had happened the last time around when I had upgraded, though the message said that the updater had successfully updated the  player, in reality it hadn’t done so. I still had the old version of the flash player.

Seems like Adobe knows about this problem as they have mentioned about and also have provided a work around solution for this.The solution is as follows:

1> Use the Adobe uninstaller to uninstall the older version of Flash Player plugin installed on your system.

2> Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player either from Adobe site, or if you click on the sad smiley you see in the video, this too will prompt you to install latest flash player and you can install it.

3> You’ll notice that, this time you would have installed the actual new version, instead of a fake message like before :).

This will solve your problem and “Press Esc to exit full screen mode” will fade once you load the video.