How To Format My San Disk’s Micro SD 2 GB Memory Card

I’m Unable To Format My Micro SD 2 GB Card

I bought a 2 GB Micro SD card from San disk. It was working fine for a while, however, one day when I plugged it into my laptop I was unable to read any data from it. When I check the properties it shows zero byte free space and zero byte used space. If I try to format it, it doesn’t work. Any solution ?

Answer 1:
Actually, I had a similar query recently,the properties of the memory card was zero byte free space and zero byte used space, and the user was unable to format the memory card.

Most of the times this situation points that the memory card is corrupted beyond repair, however, I came across this format tool which can be used to resurrect your corrupted tool.

Download the HP Disk format tool from the following link, and once downloaded install it on your system. Make sure your card reader is plugged to your laptop / desktop / PC, and plug your memory card into the card reader. The card reader will detect your memory card, and once it does, you can format your memory card.

Let me know if this works.