Best Practices While Browsing Web-Sites On Internet – The Do’s And Don’ts

Tips for Browsing Web

Web browsing is one of the places though which the computer can get spyware or virus. There are numerous sites, which are just waiting for you to create some mistake, so that they can install some malware or virus on your PC. Therefore, it is very important for you to be careful while browsing the internet.

Choice Regarding Browser

Internet Explorer previously has experienced safety problems, which has made Firefox as a much better option with regard to safety while browsing the web. However, Microsoft has made a lot of effort for strengthening the safety of internet explorer. Hence, you can use Firefox or Internet Explorer and keep updating them frequently.

Firewall and Anti-Virus

It is recommended for you to use effective anti-virus application on your system and be sure to enable the virus protection. In addition to this, if you have window operating systems ensure to enable the firewall protection.


It you download data from an untrusted website your system might be affected by virus. Therefore, it is recommended to download data only from trusted and known websites. Most people get the virus while downloading music files from untrusted websites.

Recognizing Bad Websites

Recognizing a bad site can be a difficult task. You might come across many bad sites during surfing. Whenever you find an untrusted website mark it as a bad website and it is advisable not to browse such a site so that you can save your computer from virus. If you discover a website, which is terribly developed, lots of windows will pop-up and it is better to stay away from such a site. You must take the necessary precaution to quarantine or delete any spyware or virus.

Windows Update

If you are working on windows operating system, then it is recommended for you to download and install windows update whenever available. Many times these updates also increase the security matters.

Our Conclusion

It is better to browse web safely as it will prevent virus installation on your computer.  First, you should choose a browser, which will suit your security measures and install an antivirus software and enable firewall protection. Never download data or music from untrusted websites

Use Microsoft Security Essentials For Your Computer Security

Use Microsoft Security Essentials For Your Computer Security

Using internet frequently without proper security measures can be harmful and you could cause severe problems like Spyware, other malicious and other viruses. These threats will be anywhere in your computer, silently stealing your personal information without letting you know or crash your operating system like Windows and you’ll end up losing all your data.

Therefore, Microsoft has taken an initiative and they have released many free anti-spyware and anti-virus for the safety of Microsoft Windows users. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is one of latest introduction.

Once you your system have Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), you can be sure of the following points:

Microsoft Security Essentials is very efficient in protecting your comp from core malware that is introduced by Microsoft Enterprise Solutions.

The Anti-Malware Engine introduced by Microsoft Security Essentials is tested regularly by various organizations globally and has been certified by several industries’ independent certification authorities like West Coast Labs, AV-Test, VB100 and International Computer Security Association Labs.

The advanced scanning and improved technologies of removing malware are the main characteristics of the Microsoft Security Essentials. Threats of viruses and malwares are common issues faced by over 600 million computers globally every month, and they are successfully diagnosed and removed by the Microsoft Malware Protection Center.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 – Tips and Tricks

Tips for Deleting Or Removing All Presentation Notes In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010

There are times when you have to add some of the notes in the foils, especially while you are preparing for your power point presentation, so that you can refer to them while going through it. However, if you want to send out the foils to the entire audience without anybody reading them, then you need to securely delete them. It is very time consuming to delete each and every note on the presentation, but here is a solution where you could delete all at once.  In order to do so, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First, go to the Office button and then scroll down the mouse cursor to “Prepare” and then click on “Inspect Document” this will look for any concealed data and personal information in the foils.
  • After that, a new window “Document Inspector” will be open, which will enable users to look and examine for several material. For example remarks and annotations, off-slide contents, invisible online slide contents and custom XML data.
  • Now check or tick those contents, which you would like to remove from the presentation notes.
  • After that, click “Inspect” and now open a new window if any presentation notes will be found along with the “Remove All” button.
  • If you will find any kind, which has to be removed from the presentation, then click “Remove All” button. You should take extra caution while doing this step as it cannot be undone.

Create Panorama Images With Microsoft’s Photosynth On iPhone

Photosynth App For iPhone

Ultimately, Photosynth has been released for the iPhone to synthesize all types of images. It is decidedly a cool application that allows users to create an amazing panorama images under the Microsoft Photosynth engine.  It is an incredible photography app to create and add several panorama images in the cloud of Microsoft Photosynth. It seems that users can easily capture a lot of images and compile them categorically. Microsoft urges you to add your images to bring maps or share via or Facebook.

This app is designed for those people who like to capture images with their phone. This app is second to none as it allows users unlimited features that set it apart from others.  There are few other applications available similar to Photosynth such as 360 Pano, which allows similar kind of features to the users.

However, Photosynth is far better than the 360 Pano as it not only allows you 360 degree panoramic images, but also allows you to glance up, down and all around.  Other apps of this type or ilk permits you a slow process of developing panoramas, whereas Photosynth allows you to take the photos in different shape as you want and wrap them all instantly.

There is no need to pursue any particular pattern and guidelines to use the Photosynth unlike other apps.  It’s really cool and satisfying app for the users who love to capture more and more images and wrap them all into a panorama.

Moreover, the Photosynth app for iPhone lets the user to have great graphics and interactive user interface. This app is especially designed for the iPhone and that’s why iPhone users can get most out of this application.  In order to make it more convenient and useful for the iPhone users, you can share your images with your friends and relatives.  The Photosynth app allows users to provide complete set of developing panoramas and sharing them with the others instantly.  Moreover, this app seems very easy to download and install on your device directly from the Apple Store without any notification.

Our Suggestion:  There is 360 Pano app which allows iPhone users to perform same functions as Photosynth. However, Photosynth has some extra features that stand out in the crowd.  Therefore, if you want to start developing panoramas of your images, you can start with both of these iPhone apps. To get extra features choose Photosynth, but it could be messy for a newbie.

Samsung – Microsoft Conflict Over Android Phone Manufacturing – Will The End Users Suffer ?

Microsoft Imposed Royalty Fees on Samsung for Manufacturing Android Based Hardwares

Undeniably, Microsoft has incredible reputation in manufacturing computers and IT industry. The Windows operating system by Microsoft is almost reining the IT industry. However, few of the other giant players such as Google has launched their Smartphone in the market and most of the mobile phone manufacturing companies have started producing Android based devices.

Microsoft has also made its presence felt in Smartphone section with its Windows Mobile phone running on windows operating system. Samsung deals with both the companies respectively, but the sale of the Android OS based Smartphone has increased tremendously, which has made the producer increase the production of phone running on this operating system.

This has come as a setback to Microsoft and they have imposed royalty fees on Samsung. Now let us get some insight on events happening between Microsoft and Samsung, and more:

What’s happening between Microsoft and Samsung?

  • Microsoft has taken a decision to impose royalty charge of 15$ on each of the Samsung Android based mobile phones.
  • Samsung has requested to cut down or lower down this royalty penalty from 15$ to 10$. It is currently being considered by the Microsoft, but they haven’t gone really public about their reconsideration on the loyalty fees as yet.
  • Microsoft has taken this step on the grounds of Patent troll activity or patent infringement. They argue that Samsung has misused its patent by under-manufacturing Windows mobile phone according to the volume as agreed. Samsung has also been accused of misusing the patent rights, in order to get a grip on bigger market shares.

What are the factors and facts behind Microsoft’s BIG decision to charge Samsung ?

  • Most of the people believe that Microsoft has wrongly filed a lawsuit against Samsung and used the advantage of being the most reputed company in the industry. People also think that the main reason behind charging a huge amount of royalty fee on each mobile phone is only to get back at the rival company.
  • There is another partners of Microsoft such as HTC, who only pay 5 $ as the royalty charge.
  • Few market experts argue that Samsung is only manufacturing the android based Smartphone to meet high volume of public demand. However, Microsoft has a valid reason to charge them with the royalty fee or have Samsung completely stop the manufacturing of android be smart phones.
  • The experts also conclude that this could be one of the reasons through which Microsoft is trying to win the market by eliminating their competitors.

How right is Microsoft ?

Critics are objecting Microsoft forcing Samsung to pay $15 huge on each android based hardware. They also state that it is unfair to penalize Samsung under the act of Patent Troll. It is very clear that Samsung deals with both companies and manufactures devices having two different operating systems. However, it is fortunate for Samsung that the android based mobile phones are high in demand. Microsoft must review and revise their terms and conditions before they could reasonably file a lawsuit against the partner company.

Develop Your Own Programs With Xbox Kinect SDK

The Xbox Kinect is one of the hottest selling electronic devices on the market. It’s completely hands free technology makes the user the remote and allows them complete control with body movements and voice commands. On June 16th Microsoft, teamed with Xbox, released the Kinect Software Development Kit to the general public. It is still in the beta stages, but the possibilities now available to everyone are limitless.

Requirements for the Kinect Developer Kit:

The developer kit requires only a few things; a Xbox Kinect device, and a computer that runs on Windows 7. Apart from that, it is up to the user to define their own limits. Once you hook your Kinect device up to your computer you need to download the free software development kit from the website. Don’t worry though, you needn’t be a computer genius, programming junkie, or coding expert to use this. It comes complete with numerous tutorials that show you how to use the voice command, facial recognition, movement tracker, and the other numerous features that the Kinect has.

The amazing thing about the release of this programming kit is the endless possibilities it has created. Using a device for hands free control of something is truly breakthrough, giving that power, and the ability to develop new applications for it to everyone, that goes beyond what words can describe.

To test the Kinect SDK, there was a small convention of programmers, developers, and other people with similar interests who were used as test bunnies. They were given the device, the programming kit, and a computer, and put to work to see what they could create. Many were able to make simple programs and find new ways to use the Kinect within just 24 hours!

So what exactly can people accomplish with this? Truthfully, anything is possible. There is even speculation that this program may help doctors and surgeons when it comes to performing surgery. Others want to use this new gift in an attempt to use it to help their football team. And even more have thought of ways to use the hands free abilities as a way to remotely control other devices.

Now what can we expect for the future? Thousands of ingenious ways to use the Kinect. There are so many people out there who have great ideas, but lack the means to implement them. There are thousands of gamers, enthusiasts, students, and people in general who are able to find new ways to use the Kinect that the developers at Microsoft and Xbox may have never thought of. I’m sure that with the release of this development kit, something amazing will be discovered.

The Hottest Electronic Device On The Market: Xbox Kinect

When it comes to innovative technology, Microsoft and Xbox hit the ball way out of the park when they launched their newest product; the Xbox Kinect. Their catchy slogan “You are the controller” speaks the truth and defines their product very well. With the Kinect, you literally are the controller and there are numerous options, combined with the amazing hands free technology, which appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

From gamers, to fitness seekers, movie watchers, and advent TV viewers, the Kinect has features that appeal to them all, making it one of the best consumer electronics available. The games combine movement with stunning video graphics and deliver an intense experience that gets everyone off the couch and on their feet. The completely hands free technology means that your every move is recorded and it also recognizes your voice so that you can give verbal commands from anywhere in the room.

For the people in the house who are not ‘gamers’ they can also benefit from the Kinect being installed. It gives you completely hands free control of your television. Allows you to sort through your movies, play live TV, and so much more! The versatile features on the Xbox Kinect make it the perfect product to market.

The Xbox Kinect has been one of the fastest selling electronic products in history. In the first 60 days of its release, the Kinect sold an amazing 8 million units. As of March 9th of 2011, there have been 10 million units sold. Those numbers are mind boggling. As I type this Microsoft is already working on new ways to expand the features of the Kinect so that it appeals to an even wider range of people. Facebook, Bing, Fun lab, and tons more new and inventive features are on their way for consumers!

Appear Offline On Windows Live Messenger 2011

Appear Offline Now Even With The Windows Live Messenger 2011

Everyday, the big Software Development organizations like Google and Microsoft are working on introducing new features in their already developed applications to give their customers more user friendly applications. However, when they add new features, they remove some very useful attributes from their applications too. It happened recently with the launching of Windows Live Messenger 2011 in which many new attributes and characteristics were introduced and many popular attributes have been removed too. The main removed attributes among them is Windows Live Messenger 2011’s block list.

Block list facility in messengers and other application is always useful to stop unwanted messages and emails and to ignore the people whom you don’t want to interact with due to some personal reason or due to your busy schedule. When a user blocks a person on their messenger or email, it is not possible to see them appearing online or offline and message and email from the blocked person will not be delivered.

In new version of Windows Live Messenger 2011, the facility to block contacts has been removed. The removal of this has made all blocked contacts be reappeare at online status and are able to see the status of contacts who download the upgrade version of Windows Live Messenger 2011.  

Unfortunately, the users will not be able to block directly an unwanted person or contact in Windows Live Messenger 2011. However, they still can be on sn offline mode to the people or group of contacts by taking some workaround steps. This is notable that they cannot block the contacts, but can appear offline to the other parties and they will receive the messages and IM sent by other parties and the detail of the unwanted person like name will still be appeared in the contact list of WLM 2011.

If users want to appear offline to some contacts or group of contacts, then take below mentioned easy steps to do so:

Log in to Windows Live Messenger 2011. From your messenger’s list, right click on the person’s name in the list whom you want to be offline and click on the option “Apear Offline To This Person“. and it is done. That’s it.

Speed-up Internet Explorer 8

How to Speed-up Internet Explorer 8?


Internet Explorer 8 is among the most preferred web browsers over others in spite of having a few setbacks. However, IE9 claims to be much safer, better and faster use than internet explorer 8. If you are utilizing it and facing some issues like internet explorer taking too much time to load a website, then you can fix this problem easily.


The time taken for loading a website differs from browser to browser. Internet Explorer appears to perform a more effective or even equivalent job when compared to the other browsers. There are times that few of the computers do not work as expected and people end up being unsatisfied with their web browsers. Here are few of the things that you could do and enjoy using speedy IE8.


Disable Plug-ins


Generally, internet explorer 8 incorporates several attributes like accelerators, Plug-ins and other that you can easily install, such as different toolbars. These add-ons will slow down the downloading of a website results and consuming a lot of your time while you are looking for some vital information.


Antivirus Setting


Inappropriate settings of antivirus also have the negative impact on internet explorer.  To check it out, turn off antivirus program, then open a safe website such as or If the problem still persists, then there are other factors that are interrupting the opening of a webpage. On the other hand, if the problem is fixed, then check your antivirus and firewall settings.


Eliminate the Slow Add-on


It might also be possible that one add-one is causing the slowness while opening a website. In this case, you should disable all the add-ons, so that your browser works properly. Now you will have to enable add-ons one by one to find out the corrupted add-ons. To disable: Click > Tools > Manage Add-ons.


Our Conclusion


To speed up internet browser, you can also follow the below mentioned steps:


·         Turn off Automatic Configuration


Go to start Menu then > click Control Panel then > Click Internet Option Click LAN Setting. Now uncheck the Automatic Configuration Boxes.


·         Increase Maximum Connections/Server.


Start then Run

Enter “regedit

Navigate it HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings by:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Internet Setting

Now Edit then New then DWORD Value

A box will appear, enter the name “MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server”, Press Enter

Now select Base “Decimal” and 10 in Value data

Now Close Editor

Reboot computer

Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 with Free Unlock License Code

Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 with Free Unlock License Code

Are you planning to install Back-up programs for your computer? Would you like to try Ocster Back-up Pro 5? Ocster Back-up Pro 5 is a window based back utility, which supports local backup, online backup, Network backup and outlook backup. The Backup application is built to automatically generate backup files and simply maintain backup copies network drive, especially secured Oscter secure storage if necessary or an external hard disk. The Oscter Backup Pro 5 is furthermore incorporated with fantastic aspect, which is known as “versioning” for preserving numerous versions of data files, which can be accessible whenever you want.

Features of Oscter Backup Pro5


Fully Automatic:                   Generates fully automatic backup copies for your data

Versioning:                               Conveniently accessibility and restoration of diverse older variants of

                                                 your files        

Automatic Pausing:             Back ups are performed automatically in the background and are paused immediately in order to avoid slow down.

Outlook help –                         Support Microsoft Outlook e-mail as well as wall calendars using a individual mouse click.

Stop and Resume–                Backup copies could be stopped and started again.

Back-up Reports –                 Detailed back-up reports can be produced every time the actual backup is actually updated.

Backup statement emails– Back-up reviews can be instantly provided for their email.

Network help –                         Documents as well as folders about community pushes can also be backed up.

File encryption –                     Backups tend to be firmly encrypted as well as protected using a person password.

Compression –                         Backups are usually compressed intelligently to save lots of space.

Scheduled –                                Backup copies could be started either automatically with planned times or perhaps personally by clicking on a button.

Storage space Types –         Backup copies could be stored upon hard disk, USB sticks, network hard disks, and Ocster Safe Storage.

Incremental backup–          After a preliminary full back up just the adjustments towards the previous state is stored. This saves area and decreases move times.

Open document assistance – Documents and folders, which are used, can be supported as well.

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