How Can I Disable Microsoft Word Spell And Grammar Check

Tips To Disable Spelling And Grammar Checking in Microsoft Word 2007/2010

Spelling checking attribute in the Microsoft Word is fantastic for those people who are in a hurry to complete the work. Without manually going through the spelling errors, the integrated attribute of spelling and grammar checking helps to filter and display mistakes for additional correction. On the other hand, not all the users prefer this feature particularly when you are working on programming scripts. You do not have to worry about this anymore, as you have the option to disable such automated spelling checker so that you will not get the words underlined with red lines.

Steps to Disable Microsoft Spell And Grammar Check

If you want to disable the spelling and grammar check then follow the below mentioned procedure

  • Launch Microsoft office, on the menu bar click office button in word 2007 and file button in word 2010, after that go through the Word options at the bottom of the right corner.
  • A new window will come up, where you need to click on “Proofing” on the left panel.
  • Scroll down the cursor to the “Exception for” where you can select the option for all documents or for the current document.
  • After selecting, go to the check hide spelling and grammar error for current doc only.
  • To save changes click save

If you are a writer / blogger or if you are learning English, then this grammar tips resource will be very helpful for you.

Tips for Changing and Displaying Month Number as Name Text in Excel

Tips for Changing and Displaying Month Number as Name Text in Excel

Microsoft Excel has numerous functions that allows adjustment involving date and time, one of which will be MONTH (), which usually returns 12 months of a year with variety which range from 1 (for the month of January) to 12 (December). Several ‘Microsoft office‘ Excel users might prefer the month to be shown or perhaps shown as month name within text as an alternative to number, in the form of Jan, February, March and so forth, or just Jan, February, Mar along with and so on, instead of 1, A couple of, 3…

If you want to turn the number to month inside text message file format to show the name of month, make use of the subsequent operate inside the cell, which the name of the month will be displayed.

=TEXT(DATE(2010, A1, 1), “mmmm”)

Here, 2010 is a model year, the cell number A1 is where you’ll find the number of month and the day is by default 1.

In the event the cell contain a month rather (and never the month number), it is possible to use the particular MONTH () function in order to obtain month number. The particular dummy year and day can be substituted for YEAR () and DAY () functions to provide year as well as day number of the date, that could be helpful for adjustment later. For example

=TEXT(DATE(YEAR(A1), MONTH(A1), DAY(A1)), “mmmm”)

The text format of TEXT() task could be delineated to return the month name (and even year, day or date) in prefer format. Use the following format_text (to replace “mmmm”) for showing different name of the month in text:

“mmmmm” = Here it displays first alphabet of the month          

“mmmm” = Month is spelled out completely

“mmm” = 3 letter short form of the months like Jan, Feb, Mar and so on

“yy” = Last two digits of year without century

“yyyy” = four digits format of the year

“d” = distinct number screening 1st – 9th day of the calendar

“dd” = 2 numbered day displaying with 1st – 9th day of the calendar supplemented with 0 as a prefix

“Guide For IT Pros For Microsoft Office Apps” An eBook Is Available To Download

“Guide For IT Pros For Microsoft Office Apps” An eBook Is Available To Download

The Microsoft Office app is the online tool to supports word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint, which enables users to instant access, view and edit the files online from personal computer or phones. This office online app is present for the users via windows live and to business professionals with Microsoft 2010 version licensing and documents management solutions.

In order to expedite the usage of this application amidst business professionals on Microsoft shared point 2010, Microsoft launched “Guide for IT Pros for Microsoft office apps” an eBook in PDF, DOC and XPS format.


 The “Guide for IT for Microsoft office apps” is basically aimed to the professionals of IT sectors who use Microsoft apps on Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The content of this eBook is the copy of office web technical library contents.

Contents in this eBook are following
• Understanding the office web apps.
• Planning the office web apps
• Deploy the office web apps
• Broadcast slide show of PowerPoint
• Understanding the broadcast slide show. (Office Web Apps)
• Planning the broadcast slide show. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the broadcast site. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the broadcast slide show performance. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the group policy settings. (Broadcast Slide Show)
• Manage and organize office web apps
• Activate office web apps feature on the site collection
• Manage office web apps cache
• Configure the open behavior for browser-enabled documents. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the PowerPoint service application setting
• Configure the word viewing service application settings
• Configure the excel services settings. (Office Web Apps)
• Technical references. (Office Web Apps)
• Windows PowerShell for office web apps
• Excel web apps cmdlets. (Office Web Apps)
• Office web apps cmdlets
• System center operation managers related knowledge articles. (Office Web Apps)
• Merge failure high
This eBook is available to free download without any registration or signup. You can download this eBook in three formats such as PDF, XPS, and DOC.

Doc Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.doc
PDF Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.pdf
XPS Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.XPS

Mac Users Can Now Use Staroffice Version 9

Mac Users Can Now Use Staroffice Version 9

The latest version of the StarOffice productivity suite from Sun Microsystems is now supported on the Mac. StarOffice 9 is the first version with native support for Mac systems, aiming to be a low cost alternative to the popular Microsoft Office.

Like the 3.0 which was released sometime back, StarOffice 9 is an open source as well, sharing the same code with the

With this release, Sun Microsystems also added support to read Open XML files which was introduced by Microsoft in Office 2007, but options to edit existing XML files or to save new XML files are missing.

According to Iyer Venkatesan, the Product Manager for StarOffice, StarOffice may add full Open XML support in the future if the market demands it. Beside that, it also has support for other file formats like Open Document Format (PDF) which can be read and edited as well.

The software cost $35 for individuals and $25 for each user inside a business.

Microsoft Office Live Small Business For Making A Free Website

Microsoft Office Live Small Business For Making A Free Website

Microsoft Office Live is designed as a set of net-based services for helping the clients and small businesses, which use websites for sharing and storing documents online. Microsoft Office Live comprises of two services, one being Office Live Workspace and the other is Office Live Small Business.

Features of Microsoft Office Live Small Business

Hosting and designing Web sites – Office Live small business offer access to online website designing tools and templates for non-technical users’ web development freely.

Business e-mail together with domain name registration– Domain names may be chosen and registered within Microsoft Office Live Small Business. Clientele who previously have a domain name with a different provider can readdress it to Office Live Small Business.


Contact Manager – In order to systematize client information, contact history, and sales information in single place, and making it accessible by means of the web to their whole organization, the Contact Manager is designed.

Document Manager – Document Manager can be used as an online warehouse for documents so as to make them easily available to employees to assist collaboration.


Team Workspace – This application construct a website for posting business information to share with employees, customers or business partners.

Resources and support – Free 24-hour technical phone support for 30 days is being provided by Microsoft.

System requirements:

Loads of the features of Microsoft Office Live, including sign-up necessitate Internet-connected computer operating on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Macintosh OS X 10.2.x and later, along with either of the following browsers installed:

• Firefox 2.0 or later
• Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Storing, Sharing Microsoft Office Word, Excel And Powerpoint Documents Online With Password Protection

Storing, Sharing Microsoft Office Word, Excel And Powerpoint Documents Online With Password Protection

Microsoft Office Live Workspace, a unique innovation of online addition of Microsoft Office lets you and the people around you, with whom you work with, share and store Microsoft Office documents under a high security environment from almost anywhere online.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace offers:

  • Store space of over 1,000 Microsoft Office documents on the Web
  • Synchronize contacts, tasks, and calendar events with Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Set permissions to control who can view and edit documents
  • access large documents from anywhere, online


Uploading a file (can even be large in size) and easily sharing it with group members can be easily done with the help of Office Live Workspace. The sharing file can even be updated by the group members and can send it back.





Online storage – Microsoft Office Live authorize users to save information in many file formats. For this purpose it offers up to 5 gigabytes (GB) of memory space which can be utilized from any PC with a net connection, even if Microsoft Office is not installed.


Information sharing –Workspace is intended to facilitate computer users for sharing a single file or a workspace holding multiple documents.


Software compatibility –Office Live Workspace has software compatibility as it works with MS Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Outlook. It also facilitates user to save documents of other file types.


Resources and support – For supporting the users, a Community Support website, which includes a blog, how-to videos, wiki is created by Microsoft. This gives the opportunity to the customers to ask questions about Office Live Workspace.

Convert Microsoft office files online

Convert Microsoft office files online

For the office users Microsoft office is out with new extensions such as .docx for Microsoft words and .pptx for Microsoft presentation. While you need to have Microsoft office 2007 along with Microsoft office 2010 in your machine so as to open open .docx or .pptx files.

Well this sometimes makes it very difficult to work with but not anymore, because you can convert the files like .pptx to .ppt and .docx to .doc online. The process of converting the files is mentioned below:

Zamzar is an online service provider that helps you to convert the file to your desired file format in no time. The basic features of Zamzar are mentioned below:

  • You can convert the compressed files to any other formats
  • With Zamzar you can also convert video files to your desired formats
  • Even you can convert your favourite music files to any other music formats
  • If you want you can even change your image formats.
  • Any kind of documents can be changed to any other type of formats.
  • The .pptx files can be converted to .odp, .pdf, .swf, .pcx, .png, .ps and many more file formats.
  • And last but not the least you can convert the .docx files to .pcx, .ps, .doc, .odt, .txt and many more formats.


With Zamzar converting a file into other formats is way more easy and reliable. You just upload the file you want to convert and click the button called convert and your work is done.

Are There Free Alternatives To Microsoft Office

As we all know, Microsoft products are priced very high, but at the same time, are filled with programs, and also new products are being introduced year after year. MS Office can be considered as yet another costly product from the MS house, ranging anywhere from150-500 $, based on its edition.

Like all other MS products, this too has its free supplement. Even if they do not contain all of the MS Office original features, they do carry adequate features so as to perform the same tasks as MS Office and they are absolutely free to download!



This is a famous Open Source Office Supplement which takes care of most of your work, which the MS Office Edition does. It can be utilized for word processing package, text editing, export files to other formats like swf files, create presentations etc. Open Office even provides Add-ons to enrich the features of the products based o its users needs. This can therefore be a highly sought after supplement!


Look at Plus Office, one more addition to the list of MS Office supplements, which is very much similar to Open Office. This assists in your drawing vectors, makes high standard presentations, opens and edits spread sheets files. You will be pleased to learn that Plus Office as simple easy to handle interface, and lets you Save file format to PDF Extensions. What’s more, you are free to use this license [free of cost] with any number of computers, whether for yourself or for any business.

Requirements to get most out of the Speach feature in Office XP:

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

One of the most exciting features for me on Office XP is voice dictation and voice-activated commands. If your computer is outfitted with a speakers, sound card and a microphone (you can also manage with an earphone headset), you can dictate information into your Microsoft applications, such as word and excel. You can also make use of this feature to activate the menu system in most Microsoft Applications.

Requirements to get most out of the Speach feature in Office XP:

To make the Speech feature useful, you will need a fairly high-quality microphone. Microsoft suggests a microphone/headset combination. The speech feature also requires a more powerful computer than the other Office XP applications typically need. Whereas Office XP needs only 32MB of RAM (memory) on a computer using Windows 98/Me (64 MB of Windows 2000).

According to Microsoft a Pentium 2+ with 128 MB RAM is ideal, but with computers going cheap day by day, one can go for Intel Core duo with 1 GB RAM, which is optimum according to me, as a computer exceeding the normal standards get the best out of the Speech feature.