Open Multiple Outlook Windows

Microsoft Office Outlook with Instance of One Window of Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is mostly used for official purposes and it is very useful to open more than one Windows at a time. The power to use more than one Windows in Outlook is the basic nature of this software including all the older to latest versions. There are some chances when user does not like to open multiple Outlook Windows, especially, when they have the facility to access their Email account on the click of mouse or keyboard.

For example, at present there is one prototype Outlook.exe, which is a natural phenomenon happening at the moment, but people have doubts about the performance of other extra Outlook Windows, as one procedure can be spanned out many a times. To stop this from happening, there is one solution that is to unite the recycle parameterization with the command line target to the Outlook’s shortcut or icon.

This is to note that a new shortcut of Outlook.exe in Program Files folder can be created manually, if a user is unable to employ system installed shortcuts. The new shortcut of Outlook will reflect in Start Menu, Taskbar, or in desktop or it can be replaced with the shortcut of already installed on system to work.

AntiVirus To Protect Microsoft Outlook In Windows

ClamWin is Antivirus software available on Windows platform. It has features such as high rate of detection, automatic download of virus databases, scheduler and a facility to protect Microsoft outlook. The software as such does not have real time scanning facility, but together with Winpooch the software makes a potent combination.

ClamWin has a portable version which can be carried in USB flash drive, iPod or portable hard disk so that it can be used in any computer anywhere. ClamWin is Open source software which means that it can be freely downloaded and used. The user community worldwide provides the support for the new user and the feature updates happen very frequently.

ClamWin is much more effective in detecting viruses as compared to many commercially available antivirus software programs. One drawback is the speed of operation which seems to be on the slower side as compared to other programs.

Despite its ability to detect and isolate suspicious files in a proactive manner, ClamWin hasn’t become as popular as many of the commercially available software. The requirement to use another program for real time scanning is one reason, the other being the speed while the portability is an absolute plus. Once the software matures, it will become a real force to reckon with in the antivirus market space.

[ Download ClamWin ]

Alternative Software For Microsoft Outlook

What was earlier known as Microsoft Office Outlook, now is just Microsoft Outlook. There are two versions of it available –

1> you can use it as a personal information manager,

2> it can also be use as an Office suite.

The latest download-able version, available now, as I  type this post is Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Download free trial of Microsoft Outlook 2010

Alternative Software For Microsoft Outlook

1> Mozilla Seamonkey, is a free office suite.

How To Import Email Accounts To Opera From Other E-Mail Clients

Opera E-mail client has it’s own set of advantages that sets it apart from rest of the e-mail clients, some of the brilliant features being:

1> An e-mail client that handles (POP3/IMAP) which has an integrated messaging client. The beauty of this messaging client is that when ever you have conversation with anyone, it keeps track of the information of people who you’ve had conversation with,

2> In built news reader (NNTP),

3> In built RSS or Atom feed reader,

If you’ve made a shift to use Opera e-mail client or thinking about making a shifting to use Opera e-mail client there is one fact about Opera that you should know, that is Opera does not support importing contacts from other famous and widely used e-mail clients / software like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook express, Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail and such.

Manually typing address and other details of contact from one E-mail client to another can be a dreaded task. To simplify and ease this process, you need a third party tool which will save your time by speeding up the process of importing the contacts and coOpera is one such tool.

First, export contacts from your other email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook express, Yahoo! mail and gmail) in CSV format and save it in a folder on your system. Open the CSV file with coOpera and it will bring up a screen showing the list of your contacts contained in the CSV file. Choose the contacts you would like to be converted to Opera Browser format and export those contacts to a fresh ADR file or a pre-existing ADR file.

Leave the rest to coOpera and it will migrate all personal information about your contacts like E-mail, Phone, Web Site URL and Address automatically.

Import Email Accounts To Opera From Microsoft Outlook Express Gmail Yahoo! Mail

What otherwise would take hours to accomplish will be finished in matter of seconds. coOpera is free for personal, non-commercial use.

coOpera works on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista systems and requires Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer.

[ Download CoOpera ]