Motorola DEFY Cost In Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Review

With an effort to bring in an interesting change in the Android world, Motorola has come up with its latest Android mobile phone, the Motorola DEFY on T-Mobile. True to its name, it is strong and tough as it is water proof, dust proof and scratch proof too, says a proud Motorola. Yet again it contains the Gorilla Glass, another feather to its cap.

Let’s see what its amazing features are:-

DEFY is loaded with the latest version of Advanced MOTOBLUR 1.5 and Android 2.1. It still doesn’t have the latest version of Android – Froyo on it yet, however it’s said that the Froyo update will be up soon.

Some of the other features are:  A 3.7 inch WVGA capacitive touch screen, exactly like the DROID 2, a 5 mega pixel camera powered by the 800 MHz OMAP 3610 processor with an LED flash. It is similar to the other Motorola devices. 1.25GB on-board memory. A micro SD slot to make up the storage capabilities on the DEFY. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1; and GPS.

So this device can be expected to hit the Android market on Nov has been said to be best suited for the tough users, yet possessing great features, just like any other Android phone. Basically its popularity lies in the fact that the user can be as rough and tough as he wants and it does not need nay special care.

What’s more it is available for $99.99 only! On other words just a penny less that $100 on contract. Many tough mobiles may have reached the stands but nothing tough enough for you to poke a pencil into it, or dip it in water/juice, even when it is on! Now, that is the tough quality of the TMobile, although it may not be considered as the quickest of handsets.

You can check out more details here.

As mentioned earlier it’s the resistance to impact, dust water, and scratch which is the most prominent selling secret. People doing much physical labour, or do a lot of traveling find it most convenient to use the Motorola DEFY. To add to this, the Motorola DEFY for T-Mobile USE was announced at the 25th season premiere of the famous ‘Oprah Winfrey Show!’

How To Use Indian Rupee Symbol In Mobile / Cell Phones

The pre-requisite for using Indian Rupee Symbol in Mobile or Cell phones, is that the character should be embedded in the mobile set.

Not many phones have this embedded in their phones as of now, however Lava B5 has accomplished the mission. Other phone users might have to wait for a while before they get to use the Indian Rupee Symbol in their Cell phones.

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Handhelds and mobile computers these days are for everyone

Mobile phones… those little instruments with miniature keys hit the market to provide voice communications. But soon the ubiquitous cellphone has taken over the role of several other gadgets. The digital diary, watch, scheduler, voice recorder, e-mailing device, pager etc. The constant use of thumbs to type messages in the mobile phone has caused strain injuries in several users. But injury, discomfort, difficulty, price nothing comes in the way of people acquiring new mobile phones and to match the demand companies are launching newer, revolutionary and feature-filled handheld phones. Some of the latest phones come with a full keyboard and match the features of the personal computer.

More importantly mobile phones of various types and styles have taken over the world because of the style statement the user can make with them. Yes they are very easy to use, handy, helps being in touch always but then more than all this they are stylish. The mobile phone’s flickering lights, soft keypads, ear pleasing music, eye cooling videos etc are highly appealing to everyone and even boring corporate executives have begun to appear glamorous when they tote an ultra-modern handheld.

The first generations of phones were only capable of voice and text communication. But the latest phones can accomplish a host of functions and some even double up as a computer. With so many different types of phones available in the market, each offering an array of features, it is often confusing to decide on which one to buy. Here is a small review of four of the latest model mobile phones to help you decide which would be most suitable for you. Depending on the features, the phones have been classified so that it would suit a particular category of high-flyers who want to appear cool and trendy.

India Now Nokia’s Second Largest Market?

Was skimming through some news and found an article which said India is second biggest market by means of sales, after the quite obvious giant China.

The company claims to have shipped more than 60 million hand sets in less than a record break time of 60 months! Not surprising at all … did you read my post where the statistics said there are over 3 billion cellphone/ mobile phone users worldwide? Now, 60 million is a drop in the ocean isn’t it ;).

And Nokia feels the demand for mobile phones will increase and continue to remain strong.