The Future Of Tablets And Laptops Is Coming!

When you think of how much technology has changed in such a short period of time, it is truly amazing. To think of how our lives will be altered in 10, 25, and 50 years from now can seriously give you a headache! There are so many different avenues for humans to explore, and so much more technology that needs to be developed that it is impossible to think of how the future will be.

Despite all of the uncertainties, there are a few things that we, as consumers, are privy to. Companies love to release snippets of information about upcoming devices and products to heighten anticipation and increase sales. There has been a rumor floating around for the future of tablet and laptop devices, and finally it has been put into action.

Introducing the Rolltop:

At first this design was meant to be merely a means to receive feedback on an idea, but due to the immense crowd of web viewers who liked this idea the original designers of Rolltop decided to go ahead and try and make a real product.

The Rolltop starts off as a carrying device much like a tube with a strap. It folds out completely flat into a huge 17 inch touchscreen tablet. From there it can be converted to two devices; a laptop or a monitor. For the laptop you merely take part of the tablet, fold it up and lock it in place. The bottom part then turns into a digital keyboard where the top turns into a 13 inch laptop screen. If you wish to watch a movie you can simply fold the Rolltop back down to the tablet mode, lift it up, and prop it in the standing position with a small hidden stand at the back.

On top of all of the different ways this device can be switched up to suit the user’s needs, there are also tons of features that are built into this uniquely designed device. The tube that is used to roll up the screen sits up and serves as a handy standing speaker that comes equipped with a camera at the top. The strap that is used to carry around the Rolltop is converted into the power cord, and there are tons more features that can be viewed from their website at

MyRollTop in Action here:

The versatility of the device is astounding and the technology to build it is here. With incredibly flexible OLED screens this device could be put on the market soon. Fortunately the designers of Rolltop are looking for a partner to help make their dream possible. Hopefully this device is on the market fairly soon!


Use Web Pages Monitor To Stay Updated With Web Page Changes

Use Web Pages Monitor To Stay Updated With Web Page Changes

Most of us want to stay updated with their favorite websites, such as online news or online stock. When the news is released, we tend to watch it immediately. Now, lots of new applications are present with which you can check the website yourself and see if the new posts. One of them is “Web Pages Monitor”.

This application helps you to monitor the web pages. It alerts you instantly when any type of alteration is made in the website. In addition to this it keeps you posted with the availability of web server.

The application Web Pages Monitor is a free application. You can set the time interval to monitor the web page. It automatically monitors the web pages in every pre-defined time interval at background. If there is any change in the website, you will be alerted by the message that appears in the task bar. This freeware application is easy to use. You can also set the checking frequency of the web pages as of minutes up to hours and days.

It is capable of checking all kinds of web pages along with the textual contents for example html, php, jsp, asp and also binary files, provided that they can be accessed through HTTPS, HTTP and FTP protocols. You can start monitoring at the start up of windows and you can also monitor infinite number of websites or web pages.

Firefox Add-On Providing Check4Change for Monitoring Updates in the Websites

Firefox Add-On Providing Check4Change for Monitoring Updates in the Websites

From the name itself we can easily assume that Check4Change will monitor all the changes taking place on the websites for a specific period of time which will be mentioned by the users. They can save all hassles of having to manually do the refreshing job all the time, especially if they expect changes in the websites that are opened by them.

After download and installing it, you have to restart the browser of Firefox browsers so that it takes effect. After completing it, you have to open that website and choose the particular text which you are intending to monitor, which is followed by right click in that page and it will bring menu for selection.

Then scroll to Check4Change. The users may choose particular period on which the system may prompt for change in text (if required). After detecting the change in text, there will a notification of pop-up alert, with sound in background. You can also use features like Tab Animation and others which are totally configurable, based on user’s own preferences.

Bear in mind that it works only in opened Tabs, so the user may not be able to monitor those websites constantly, unless of course they keep those websites opened a door times. However, it definitely is better than the manual refresh on the already opened tabs.

Restart The Crashed Applications In Windows Automatically

Restart The Crashed Applications In Windows Automatically

Most of the computer professionals face the common problems of applications crashing out suddenly without getting restarted automatically. You have to check and update the applications periodically. Sometimes, you would not know that the application is corrupted until you actually get the need to use it.

This is not efficient in any way because you are not able to notice the corrupted applications in real time instance and restart it right away. Now, a freeware utility “Application Monitor” will assist to check and restart the applications instantly and automatically, if crashing out of system is detected.

  • You have to tick the checkbox to initiate monitoring for the added applications. If not, it will be seen only added in a list, with no monitoring.
  • The applications which are added in the monitoring list should be ended by *.bat, *.exe, *.scr, plus the extension have to be in small letter.

The test out time is the monitoring a reminder service, which is utilized to analyze how common you are interested in running the Application Monitor to supervise the pre-defined operating applications. To create a better effect, it lets you to enter an email address to receive automatic notifications. You will receive an e-mail whenever the software detects any kind of inaccuracy, in order to restart the monitored applications without you having to intervene manually.

 All actions that occur throughout the monitoring time are stored as output in a log file, and therefore you can look at the log file to evaluate the application crashing and auto restarting number of times.

Application Monitor is extremely useful mainly for those serious applications for example web server, mail server, client applications, database that exists in local computer environment.

This application will undoubtedly assist you to restart automatically without any delay whenever the application crashes, and hence it prevents negligible or apparent downtime for the end users. The service is compatible with the operating systems like Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows NT4 (SP 5), 2000, XP and Vista. However, you will need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher version in your computer.

Keyboard Shortcut To Turn Off Or On A Monitor

Shortcut To Turn Off Or On A Monitor

It is often seen that many computer users have to multi-task other work and also run their applications on the computer at the same time. So every computer user is aware that switching the monitor off for such tasks will not hamper the process, but it also conserves power. This is said to be an efficient way of managing the monitor.

An enhanced tool called PushMonitorOff allows a user to use few keys from the keyboard to switch off the monitor. This freeware is user friendly and gives one the freedom of switching monitor off and on directly from the keyboard.

PushMonitorOff tool is a complete package for managing all your monitor requirements. It allows one to control a monitor by using Shift+F1 keys from keyboard. It also provides greater flexibility by allowing a user to change the shortcuts keys from the keyboard. This monitor controlling tool generates an icon on the system tray region which can be used to alter any ciphers or initiate a configuration directly from the tool.

PushMonitorOff is a great tool that controls and manages the monitor directly from a keyboard. The keying options can be configured according to a user’s wishes. Download this great tool to control a computer’s monitor.

A Monitoring Tool To Keep A Check On Website Downtime

A Monitoring Tool To Keep A Check On Website Downtime

Many internet users are least affected by website downtime, but bloggers and commercial webmasters who generate revenues from websites keep a good check on this problem. As it is a matter of their bread and better, website downtime matters a lot to these bloggers and webmasters.

Website Downtime can be very hazardous to professionals. A downtime for a short interval of time leads to huge losses while one for a longer or extended period of time might lead to losing subscribers or followers. The best and effective way to reduce downtime is by monitoring it all the time. An out and out monitoring of websites will lead to a reduction of website downtime.

URL Guard, a useful and free tool helps users to keep a check on the downtime of websites and reduce it as much as possible. It is one of the numerous downtime monitoring tools, but is considered to be the best amongst the rest.

The URL Guard guards the websites’ URL and resides in the system tray. Its principle is to monitor and keep a tab on the websites defined and check whether they’re working or not. This checking of websites is completed at a regular interval of time. If any of the defined website is down, this tool will notify the user about it via a notification or an email alert.

Some of the features of this useful tool are

  • The user can add URL’s and chains directly from the interface
  • The user can easily change the default configuration settings

Monitor Your PCs Memory Usage With The Help Of Usage Monitor

Monitor Your PCs Memory Usage With The Help Of Usage Monitor

You must have noticed that some applications consume a lot of memory while running as a result of which your computer becomes slow or sometimes even stops responding. To prevent your PC from being overloaded due to unnecessary memory consumption, you need to monitor its memory usage.

Usage Monitor is the best software utility that helps you monitor your PC’s memory usage. It also alerts you so that you can take appropriate action before your PC stops responding. Usage Monitor allows you to set a predefined maximum memory usage limit. It efficiently monitors the memory usage by various applications and alerts you the moment it hits the predefined limit.


This tiny utility which consumes just 1.16MB of disk space is capable of monitoring the memory usage by any kind of processes running on your Windows OS from the background. Apart from monitoring memory usage, Usage Monitor also helps you keep track of user object or GDI. It allows you to set a maximum memory usage limit for any process that you wish to monitor.

The moment the limit is hit, Usage Monitor alerts you using various different ways depending on how you have configured the alarm type. You can opt to show a message box, to display a pop-up message at the taskbar, to show a flash effect on the Taskbar or to execute a file. Version of Usage Monitor can be downloaded free of charge. This utility supports Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage And Internet Traffic With iTraffic

Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage And Internet Traffic With iTraffic

Many of the internet plans for which users pay on a monthly basis impose a specific data limit depending on the plan chosen. In such cases, if you wish to utilize the limit to the maximum without hitting the peak threshold, you can make use of iTraffic, an excellent freeware that helps you monitor the internet traffic data flowing from/ to your PC along with the bandwidth usage.

The moment you install this software utility and run it, you need to choose the network interface that you wish to monitor. For Example, you can monitor standard LAN Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port, VPN client packet or Bluetooth transmission and wireless transmission. Once you configure the utility, you can supervise network bandwidth in a graphical view.


To check the network bandwidth usage, you may just view the summary by clicking on the option “Reports” that appears in the right-click context menu. The summary will be displayed on daily, weekly and monthly basis offering an overall idea if your internet data plan is under-used.

Apart from this, you can also monitor the connectivity speed so as to keep track of any interruption in the connectivity, especially when you are in a process of downloading a massive file. This utility supports all Windows Operating Systems and can be downloaded free of charge.

Tile And Resize Your Monitor Screen With Winsplit Revolution

Tile And Resize Your Monitor Screen With Winsplit Revolution

To get the work done efficiently, one should use multiple monitors instead of using a single for numerous works. However, if the addition of some more monitors in your work is going out of budget, then simple software applications will surely help you. The utility named, WinSplit Revolution will allow you to manage your work more systematically. This helps you to view and make cross reference among all of the windows in a very easy way.

The installation process can be carried out in two ways. The first way is to install this program as usual and as a second way, you could just copy all the utility files in a specific folder and use it as a portable application. You could also transfer this folder to the removable devices so that, it can be used in other systems.

After normal installing, a small icon will take place on the system tray. When you click on the icon, a small pop up menu will be displayed. With this pop up menu, you could resize any window to the top right, center, bottom left and etc and thus, to do so, there is no need to adjust them manually.


Now you can change the layout of windows with your own choice. While going to combine them with hotkey settings, the program simplifies the necessary steps for moving a particular window to its desired location. All you have to do is just hit the specific hotkeys and you’ll get all your working windows arranged nicely on your tiny monitor screen.

WinSplit Revolution works great with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista including 32 bits and 64-bits OS. The software is absolutely free to download and you could download it using this link.