DirectVobSub to Watch Multilingual Movies

Watch And Understand Movies Or TV Programs Of Any Language By Taking Few Steps!!

These days, subtitles are very common in movies, TV shows and films while watching videos and TV programs, which are in other languages.  Subtitles is the translation of the dialogs spoken in a movie or TV programs to understand the programs better for the people who are not acquainted with that specific language. These subtitles are also useful in helping those people with some kind of hearing impairment and for those who have problems with accent recognition and find it difficult in understanding the spoken language.

The most commonly used device to watch movies and video clips is the Windows Media Player but the problem in WMP is that it does not work with all versions of Windows even Windows Vista does not provide a built-in filter to load and display the subtitles in movies when videos are played.

Now, the Windows have introduced DirectVobSub, which is a new version of VSFilter or VobSub. DirectVobSub is a product, which is also known as DirectoShow Subtitle Filter. This software is useful to comprehend and perceive outward subtitles in accordance with the digital video playback.

There is an automatic integration of DirectVobSub with any other DirectShow-based media player to playback subtitles automatically and there is a facility of plugin for VirtualDub and AviSynth along with VSFilter.vdf file is re-enthrone from VSFilter.dll. DirectVobSub is known as a segment of Guliverkli2 project.

DirectVobSub is supportive to virtually all the popular formats of subtitle along with the below mentioned formats:

VobSub(.sub, .idx)

Advanced SubStation Alpha or SubStation Alpha (ssa, .ass)

SubRip (.srt)

MicroDVD and SubViewer (.sub)

SAMI (.smi)

PowerDivX (.psb)

Explanatory Name of Universal Format (.usf)

Structured Explanatory Format (.ssf)

The latest released DirectVobSub version 2.39 and DirectVobSub subtitle filter are compatible with DirectShow based player, easily downloadable from or it is easily downloadable from links.

The administrative DirectVobSub version filter through developer is available only in 32-bit(x64).  There is one more 64-bit(x64) DirectVobSub version available, which can be used with the media player of 64-bit.

This is to note that above mentioned downloads do not have setup installer. There will be only one filter file, VSFilter.dll contained into the ZIP package. Refer the below mentioned guide on how to establish the VSFilter.dll and DirectVobSub.filter.

Now, the question will be asked, how to enable and turn subtitles on Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player or DirectShow Player.

Before watching any movies or TV programs establish the DirectVobSub VSFilter. Users have to take some steps to activate subtitles of a movie in Windows Media Player, which are as below:

First of all, change the name of the subtitle file as the name of the video file, but don’t change the extension name of the file (both subtitle file and video file should have same name but extension should not be changed). Mentioned below is the example for correct subtitle file name and video file name.

Movie Name: Home alone.avi

Explanatory Title or secondary Title: Home alone.sub

Both the above mentioned files must be placed in one common folder.

After this, run the product (movie or video) with any DirectShow-based product movie player and the explanatory title will be displayed automatically on the video screen. There will be an icon of arrow with green color, which can be seen at the area of notification. This is the indication of successfully loading the subtitles in DirectVobSub.

If the subtitle does not display automatically on the screen, then to activate it, right click on the icon of DirectVobSub and modify the settings of the subtitles.

In the end, we can say that the DirectVobSub-based software has given freedom to those people who are fond of watching all kinds of TV programs and movies of their choice with subtitles and can understand it just like their own language.

Watch Your Favorite Movies and Other Digital TV programs By Using SkyBoxS9

Now You Can Watch Your Favorite Movies and Other Digital TV programs By Using SkyBoxS9

Many Digital Satellite Recorders to record movies are available in the market like Dreambox 800HD, but they are not so supportive to Personal Video Recording and not even capable with High Definition. If you are looking for one with High Definition and Personal Video Recording then here comes the name of Skybox S9 HD PVR. This device will allow you to receive and watch HD channels on your digital television and decode them with the facility of recording the channels at any time for media playback using USB 2.0 port. For doing so, you need to follow few below mentioned steps:

Connect your USB thumb drive to Skybox PVR. Within seconds, you will prompt with a message of ‘USB Device Connected’ on your television screen indicating that it is connected properly to TV.


After this, switch to your favorite channel, and press the ‘Record’ button from your remote control. It will display the total time and length that it will take to record. The default time of recording is 2 hours depending on your computer’s memory capacity and you can choose it based on your own interest. Once finished with this, press ‘Stop’ button to stop the recording procedure.

Before Moving your recorded program or movies to your external PC for viewing and storage, make sure your program is recorded with the file extension name (.dvr format) by going to Menu-REC-Record Manager and you could view the recorded files with the facility to control like Play, Stop, Rewind, forward etc on your remote control.

These files can be easily moved and shared with others with the Windows Media Player’s playback compatibility and by following these simple steps, you can be enable to record your favorite movies with the help of Skybox S9 HD PVR without any trouble.

Free Video Converter To Convert, Split, Merge And Edit Movie Files

Use Free Video Converter For Converting, Splitting, Merging And Editing Movie Files

Free Video Converter by Extensoft is a powerful application that offers quick and easy video conversion and movie editing. With this Free Video Converter, you may convert, merge, split and edit your movie files quite easily. It comes with a user-friendly interface using which you can effortlessly execute your basic conversion jobs.

Free Video Converter supports a wide range of video formats as well as high definition movies which are captured using latest HD cameras. You may also join and split movie clips and perform batch conversion of movies in a single step.


Key Features of Extensoft’s Free Video Converter

  • Supports latest high-definition H.264 high quality format and offers multi-pass conversion for enhanced quality allowing you to create high quality movies at smallest size. 
  • Has the ability to open and convert from various file formats including FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, MPEG, RM, MTS, RMVB, WMV, QT (QuickTime )and many others that are supported by your system.
  • The Interface is simple and easy-to-use and has a timeline, movie preview area, editing area and video-clip management area.
  • Has an ability to convert to the output formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV and QT (QuickTime). Can save custom conversion settings.
  • Supports batch mode which allows quick conversion of multiple movies/selections to one or many output files.
  • Allows you to select movie sections and split and merge multiple videos.
  • Offers predefined conversion settings which help you make instant conversion to various movie formats which are supported by iPod, iPhone, YouTube, Web pages and HDTV.
  • Supports movie resizing or scaling, deinterlacing and altering frames-per-second.
  • Able to create HTML pages for playing converted videos in the form of Flash movies (FLV) to make it simple to publish to the web.
  • Allows you to save and load movie conversion projects.
  • Can be downloaded free of charge.

Glycine Incursore 2 And 3 – A Classic Gift With Some Differences !

After watching a romantic movie, it’s time for some classic gifts ! The well known Glycine Incursore collection is back with their ii and iii models. Costs being comparatively low, they come with different dials and styles in automatic and manually wound movements. The pricing on a manually wound Unitas 6498 is practically the same as automatic ETA 2924. When such is the case, who would want to choose a manual movement one over an automatic watch?

But yes, there are still people who consider buying it. The only difference between the two watches is that the seconds needle [in the auto] against a subsidiary seconds needles in the manual model. They have a 44mm wide steel case [100 mts water resistant] with a metal bracelet or a broad leather strap with some dial options. a ‘standard’ basic model with a combination of Arabic and Baton markers and a ‘California dial’ that has both Roman and Arabic numerals is widely available.

They come in black, aubergine and dark blue colour dials and different textures, well and superbly finished right to the case. While some bring out a polished look, some bear a brushed appearance, making it seem that Glycine is out to satisfy its customers of all kinds. Mainly because if the people have come upto a stage when they choose brands like Glycine, then they are at a stage when sapphires are far more pleasing than minerals, for their superior quality/clarity and high scratch proof quality.

Glycine is depending on the value proposition of these watches mainly for people looking for a Swiss watch with a traditional sporty style at a competitive price. It is priced at 890 Swiss Francs for a leather strap and 990 Swiss Francs for a metal case watch!

Free Playback And Download Of High Definition Movie Trailers

Free Playback And Download Of High Definition Movie Trailers

Movie Trailers are extremely important before the release of any movie. The trailers give the audiences the feel of the movie and helps in attracting the crowds when the movie releases. Movie Trailers in High Definition is what any viewer would like to go for. Users who vie only for HD trailers can find a great collection of them in HD-Trailers.

It is an excellent online source which provides the user with latest trailers of movies and that too in High Definition. While accessing this website, you can choose any of the available trailers. The trailers are sorted by text, date, poster and title. This provides more convenience for the user as he/she can easily find what is needed.

The user can easily search from more than hundred titles and always provides videos related to the one searched for. It also provides the user with an option to select and download videos with a resolution of their own choice. The three available options for resolution are Full High Definition or 1080p, High Definition or 720p and Standard Definition or 480p.

The website is of great help especially if you’re searching for some High Definition trailers which need to be played during a public gathering or any trade event. The best thing about this service is that you don’t have to face the hassles of signing up or logging in. Users can instantly play and download videos and don’t even need to download any special software for it.

Microsoft Offers Native Support For Divx, Xvid And Quicktime .MOV Movie Files

Microsoft Offers Native Support For Divx, Xvid And Quicktime .MOV Movie Files

While playing media files such as movies, video and audio clips on Windows media player, an exact codec is required to decode the formats of all the files. Video file formats like DivX, MOV and XviD are usually found among the Internet downloading and digital camera files. Such video files could not be natively supported by Windows OS, except Windows 7.

Now, Microsoft has introduced an inbuilt native support of XviD and DivX to play the video files and movies encoded in such formats. As per the announcement of Windows 7 regarding the new changes, a native support for .MOV file formats would be added to Windows Media Player.

Of course, this increased range of natively supported video file formats in Windows 7 Beta has gained much popularity. Before this addition, you could not notice a definite spot in the video file via Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player for AVCHD content that was imported from the digital camcorder. So that now, Microsoft has addressed this format, the problem does not persist.

In addition, the native support for video files from the digital camera is working very effectively. Microsoft is collecting more and more positive feedbacks about the broader set of native support.

Before playing .MOV files, Vista Codec Pack or Apple QuickTime or alternative players such as VLC Media player has to be downloaded and installed. This installation adds unnecessary stuffs in your system, like Apple Update and useless codecs.

Thus, now Windows 7 users will be able to playback XviD, DivX and QuickTime .mov files and for that there is no need of installing any additional software at all.

Kannada Movie – Just Maat Maathalli – Songs And Lyrics

One of the most brilliant romantic movie in which my two top favorite actors are in – Just Maat Maathalli. May be I’m a bit biased as I love Divaya a.k.a Ramya, well anyways do I really need to care ? 🙂

Update: We’ve started a new group for all Kannada musicians and guitarists who are interested in learning how to play Kannada songs on guitar. You’ll get updates of Latest Kannada songs Lyrics too ! You can join us on FaceBook here.

Please take some time to spread a word about our main page -TechBuzz- on FaceBook, so that we can reach more like minded people.

The sticking point of the movie is the songs and Raghu Dixit as done fantastic job in that department. One of my favorite songs from the movie is Munjaane Manjalli.

See Sirsi’s cover version of Munjaane Manjalli With Guitar Chords and Lyrics.

If any of you guys are interested in lyrics of the other songs, please leave a comment. I’ll make full effort to find every bit of the songs and chords and put it up here.


Download Free Avi Wmv Dvd Divx Movie Subtitles In English And Other Languages

Whether you are watching an Anime movie, or Greek, Chinese, or Dutch movie or even local language movies like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam, you can now download English/other language subtitles for most of the movies if you do not understand the language.

If you do not know what subtitles are, they are the printed text on the screen that run along with dialogues spoken in a movie or documentary. You may not understand dialogues in certain movies, either because the quality of sound may not be good or the movie may be in a different language, that’s when you need subtitles.

I have listed 12 sites below, from where you can download subtitles for most movies in avi, wmv, dvd, divx format.

1> Open Subtitles

2> SubScene

3> Subtitles – Images

4> Subdb

5> Divx Subtitles

6> Subtitles Box

7> Any Subs

8> Movie Subtitles

9> All Subs

10> Divx Movies Subtitles

11> Movie Subtitles

12> All 4 Divx