What to do About Pesky Toolbars?

Toolbars are the source of so many problems that users complain about for their computers. Here is the lowdown on what toolbars are all about and what you can do about them.

What are toolbars?

When you use your internet browser, do you notice that the size of the pages keeps on reducing and there are half a dozen search boxes on top? Toolbars are a simple bar below your browser’s address bar which contains a search bar and a bunch of icons for downloads functions and links to other websites. Depending on what kind of websites you visit, you will have anywhere from one to a dozen toolbars on your browser.

The search bar offers custom search engines. You can type in search terms on them and get results just as you do on Google, Yahoo or Bing. The icons placed by their side allow you to download things like MP3, screen savers, wallpapers etc.

Where do they come from?

Toolbars can be installed on to your browser from a variety of courses. The most common source is free download sites that you go to for downloading things. You may have been to a site that gives you a free photo editing service or maybe even dating service. These sites automatically install toolbars inside Internet explorer or Firefox.

Toolbars can also come from software that you install on your computer. Many a time, when a website gives you software for free, you are asked whether to install custom toolbar. Although, you don’t require it, you may forget or ignore to uncheck the boxes. This leads to many of the toolbars that magically appear without you even knowing about them.

Why they are bad?

The most visible trouble with toolbars is that they drastically reduce the screen space to view web pages. They make you scroll more than usual just to read content. Another bad thing that happens to your browsers is that they get really slow as there are more and more toolbars. Not only that they take ages to just start and even slow the computer down while the browser is running.

The worst part of toolbars however, is that they often contain links to malware. They download all kinds of viruses, spyware, and key loggers etc., which can track your private data and use them for malicious purposes. Needless to say, unless you know that you want a toolbar from a trusted source, it has no place on your browser.

How to remove them?

If you use Internet explorer, toolbars come installed as separate applications. Use your preferred uninstaller to do this. You can use Revo Uninstaller to complete remove all traces of toolbars as well as other software. If you don’t want to install yet another application, try Iobit Uninstaller, which is a simple executable that you can run even from flash drive.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, toolbars typically are installed as extensions. You can go to the extensions section and then remove them from there. The best solution is to not let toolbars be installed on your PC in the first place. Install an add-on like WOT for both Firefox and Google Chrome. It will give you a warning when you visit a suspicious website.

Boost up The Firefox Performance

Essential Changes To Boost up The Firefox Performance

This is the era of internet and seldom does a day pass by without being online.  The most crucial factor for many of us is the comfort level with the browser whenever we are online. Internet explorer is the oldest web browser in the market and over the passage of time several other web browsers were also available in the market. The web browser named Netscape started quite appreciably, but subsequently it washed out from the market. Presently, the Mozilla Firefox is one web browser, which has surpassed the entire competition. It is one of the most preferred web browsers.

For those who are not aware about Firefox, it is the free web browser provided by Mozilla. Presently, it is available for all the major operating system such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Considering that, Firefox offers all the awesome features, which a basic web browser would require, it is a strong competitor for IE. It features tabbed windows that facilitate to open more web pages within on single window of Firefox. You have the ability to choose any window from tabbed windows instead of opening different windows every time from the taskbar. It also has in built pop up protection feature. Additionally you will also find Google search option, inbuilt phrasing protection, etc.

All the Firefox configurations are prepared for enhancing the experience of web browsing. It is still possible for you to speed up Firefox. Several aspects play a crucial role in increasing the speed of the web browser. These aspects are internet connectivity, web server you trying to visit and most significantly the profile of your computer hardware. These tricks will help you to boost up the speed of your Firefox.

Initially you have to open up the editor in which you will be able to configure the Firefox. To accomplish this open Firefox and then type “about:configure” into the URL bar and press enter. A page will open up with a warning message. Read it cautiously as what you are going to do is actually for an expert user who exactly knows what they are doing. If you are not an expert, this guide will help you with all the essential details.

To begin with, you must be aware of the meaning HTTP. It means “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.” Whenever you open a webpage, a request has been transmitted to the web server through this webpage and reaction comes to the browser, which the browser displays on the webpage. All these transmission is done in HTTP. At this moment, whenever you open single page, browser is required to send several requests towards the particular web server for obtaining full data, which is required for displaying on the web page. A brand new technology pipeline is being used is Mozilla Firefox to overcome this issue. Utilizing pipelining, Firefox is able to send several requests to web server just before it gets any kind of response from the web server. It will reduce the loading time. For configuring Firefox type “Pipelining” in the “Filter” bar.

You will get numerous columns. All we need to consider is the “Preference Name” as well as “Value”. Search for entry “network.http.pipelining” in the listing and look at their values. If it is “false,” then double click and change it to “True”.

Changing value to “True” enables Firefox to send several requests. Now we will have to change property value name “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests.” change the value to 8 from 4.

Now in order to enhance Firefox capabilities, look for “network.http.proxy.pipelining.” change the value to “True” from default “False” value.

Our Conclusion

These are the most essential settings, which will enable you to boost the Firefox performance. With the help of these settings you will be able to browse internet at amazingly great speed. To do the required changes you should be aware of what you are doing, you must have the knowledge of HTTP and various other things so that there will be no problem with your web browser.

Tricks to stay signed in for longer days

Tricks to stay signed in for longer days

There are many sites which ask for password and username every time you open that site. The sites which we use every day, makes it very annoying to log in every time.

They automatically make us log out because of the cookies that are being stored in our computer by the website. Thus extending the life of cookie will solve the problem, so let us see how to do it.

To extend the life period of a cookie we will use a greasemonkey script. This script can be downloaded, just follow the steps mentioned below:

Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, your work is done. You will be logged to your regular site for longer period. You don’t have to sign in again and again every time you visit that site.

Boost Your Firefox Browser

How To Boost Up Your Firefox Browser?

Firefox browser has become the number one browser with its unique features such as beautiful themes, various plug-ins, security features, and regular updates. It has already become a default browser in many computers. However there is a major drawback of Mozilla Firefox is that it runs very slow. In fact it consumes more resources, and that’s why it takes time to start and run slowly

There are some methods to speed up our Firefox browser performance instantly. All you have to do is disable those unusable programs that run continuously. The basic idea of disabling those programs is to increase system memory resources in order to boost up firefox browser performance.

You can disable many inbuilt options in firefox browser such as languages, website details, system compatibility etc. you can disable those plug-ins that are not in use frequently. These tips are really result oriented ideas that works.

There are many programs that run in background without you knowing about them. Therefore search for them thoroughly and disable all those programs temporarily. When you need to use those programs, you can enable those programs again. By applying these tips you will get rid of slow working browser and enjoy the new experience of surfing with high speed browser.

Your Gmail contacts can be integrated with Gravatar

Your Gmail contacts can be integrated with Gravatar

With the help of greasemonkey script add-on in Mozilla Firefox you can integrate Gravatar with Gmail Contacts. Because of add-on, every individual’s gravatar icon is displayed on the left of the email ID.

This Gmail Hack is made by Jon Fox. The graver icon is displayed only while reading a single person’s mail; it doesn’t work with multiple messages. This is a whole new and fresh idea. To make this trick happen a person should have a gravatar account.

You can try this trick with your Gmail and for that you have to download the hack.

Reduce Firefox Tab Width to the Size of Its Favicon

Reduce Firefox Tab Width to the Size of Its Favicon

Mozilla Firefox allows users to open multiple tabs in a single Firefox window eliminating a need for opening multiple windows and constantly switching between them. Firefox tabs have a fixed tab width which seems to be excessively long and the whole space gets occupied the moment you open about six tabs in a Firefox window.


However, it is possible that you change the tab width to make it equal to the size of its favicon. For doing so, you need to use a Firefox plugin known as “FaviconizeTab”. Simply follow the below mentioned procedure to install FaviconizeTab and enable it to resize the Firefox tab width.

  • You need for download FaviconizeTab and install it on your PC. 
  • Restart the Firefox browser to make the plugin active. 
  • Once you restart/ reopen Firefox, you will notice installed extensions listed within add-ons pop-up window that appears. If you do not see any add-ons pop-up window, you need to go to Tools menu and select “Add-ons” to open the add-ons window. Locate “FaviconizeTab” and click on the button “Options”.


  • In the Preference Window of FaviconizeTab, under the section “Quick Faviconize”, set the method for activating FaviconizeTab feature. The options include Alt + Click, Ctrl + Click, Shift + Click and Double Click.


For instance, select “Double-click”, if you wish to activate the FaviconizeTab feature by double-clicking on the tab.

  • Now, to check if the settings are working, open a new Firefox tab and just double-click on it. The tab width will reduce to its favicon size.

Remove or Uninstall Spb Wallet Toolbar from Internet Explorer

Removing or Uninstalling Spb Wallet Toolbar from Internet Explorer

Spb Wallet is one of the popular and secure digital wallet storage which is proficient in managing sensitive and critical information such as user IDs, passwords, important access codes and several other credentials. With Spb Wallet, you can easily access data on your PC and portable mobile device as it has the ability to coordinate between them.

For better convenience and easy access, Spb Wallet installs a Spb Wallet Toolbar as an add-on in web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Spb Wallet Toolbar enables you to fill in the login details like username and password automatically into the login pages of websites.

With the help of this toolbar, you can also capture a card (with details such as username, password, email, URL etc) directly from a web browser. The built-in password generator in Spb Wallet Toolbar lets you create a hard-to-guess and secure password instantly whenever required (For. E.g. while signing up for a new account).

However, there is a small issue related to removal of Spb Wallet Toolbar. Even if you uninstall or remove Spb Wallet from your computer or laptop, Spb Wallet Toolbar does not get uninstalled. It still appears within the toolbar area in Internet Explorer.

You may stop it from appearing in Internet Explorer by hiding it. You need to simply right-click on the toolbar and deselect Spb Wallet Toolbar as a Toolbar item. However, this will temporarily hide Spb Wallet Toolbar but it will still be there on your system.

Moreover, if you try to delete/ remove Spb Wallet Toolbar by going to “Manage Add-ons” and “Enable/ Disable Add-ons”, you will notice that the toolbar can only be disabled and cannot be uninstalled, removed or deleted. The “Delete” button corresponding to Spb Wallet Toolbar appears to be grayed out.

In order to remove Spb Wallet Toolbar completely from the toolbar area in Internet Explorer, you need to make the following changes in the system registry.

  • Click on the “Start” button to display the Start Menu. Select the option “Run” to open the run command box. Type in “RegEdit” and press the “Enter” key to open the Registry Editor.
  • Locate the registry key mentioned below:

 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar

  • Within the right window pane, check for the registry entries having value name “Spb Wallet Toolbar”. Remove and delete all such entries.
  • Exit the Registry Editor.
  • Restart the Internet Explorer application to make the changes effective.

Now, you will notice that Spb Wallet Toolbar no longer appears in Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox – Get Rid Of SPB Wallet Toolbar

Mozilla Firefox – Get Rid Of SPB Wallet Toolbar

SPB Wallet Toolbar which is basically an add-on in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer helps you fill in username and password into the respective credential fields on the Website login pages automatically. Even after you uninstall the Desktop version of spb Wallet, spb Wallet Toolbar still remains active and intact within the Firefox toolbar customization.

Moreover, if you try to uninstall “spb Wallet Toolbar” via “Add-ons” Window in Mozilla Firefox, the “uninstall” button corresponding to the add-on “spb Wallet Toolbar” will be disabled and appear to be grayed out.

SPB Wallet Toolbar is nothing but a globally installed extension which needs to be removed or deleted manually from the Firefox web browser. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Navigate to the Firefox installation folder. You will generally find it at the location “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox”.
  • Within the installation folder, double-click on the folder “Extensions” to open it.
  • You will find a sub-folder by the name “[email protected]”. You need to simply delete this folder to remove or delete SPB Toolbar from Mozilla Firefox.

Before deleting the folder “[email protected]”, you may verify whether it is actually the extension corresponding to “Spb Wallet Toolbar”. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You need to go to the folder “[email protected]”, and look for the file “install.rdf”.
  • Now, open the file “install.rdf” in any text editor such as Notepad.
  • Search for the line “<em:name>Spb Wallet Toolbar</em:name>”. This line signifies that it is extension corresponding to “Spb Wallet Toolbar”.

Not Happy With Google’s New Favicon? Revert Back To The Old One

Not Happy With Google’s New Favicon? Revert Back To The Old One

Google has changed its favorite icon (favicon.ico), which normally appears on the tab of the web browser while the user browses the Google website. A favicon basically functions as the website’s identity and also appears on the Address Bar and in Bookmarks (Incase of Mozilla Firefox) or in “Favorites” (Incase of Internet Explorer).

The new favicon of Google is an image file of 16×16 pixel, which is the standard size of most favicons. It has the text “g” in lower-case in bluish-purple color set inside a transparent rectangle with rounded corners. You can download this new Google favicon from the link http://www.google.com/favicon.ico.

The old favicon of Google had the text “G” in upper-case in blue color set inside a rectangle bordered having red, green and blue color.


Many users are not really impressed with the design and style of the Google’s new favicon. If you happen to be one of those who prefer the old favicon to the new one, you can follow the below mentioned trick to get back the old favicon.

  • Download Mozilla Firefox and install it.
  • Install the Greasemonkey extension in Firefox.
  • Now install the script for Google’s Old Favicon from userscripts.org. Once the installation process is over, Firefox will display Google’s Old favicon instead of the new one.


You need to note that, this trick will change Google favicon only for on-screen web page display. If you wish to change the Google’s new favicon to the classic old one in Firefox Bookmark list as well, you can do so by installing Favicon Picker 2 (For Firefox 2 only) and setting the Google bookmark icon of your choice.

Close All Tabs Related To A Single Website Domain Simultaneously Using TabCloser 1.03 Add-on In Firefox

Close All Tabs Related To A Single Website Domain Simultaneously Using TabCloser 1.03 Add-on In Firefox

If you have a habit of opening large number of tabs under a single window of Mozilla Firefox, you must have had problems while closing all tabs related to a single website domain one by one but keeping the main Mozilla Firefox window open. The task of closing the tabs individually, one at a time becomes quite irritating if you are in a hurry.

To take care of such situations, Mozilla Firefox has come up with TabCloser 1.03, an add-on which helps you close the all the tabs related to a single website domain with just one click. You do not need to close the tabs selectively, one by one.

Download and install TabCloser v1.03 add-on. Re-launch Mozilla Firefox so that the installation becomes effective. Now, when you right-click on any tab, you will notice that an extra option “Close All tabs” has been added above the option “Close tab”. The moment you click on the option “Close All tabs”, all tabs related to that particular website domain will be closed instantly.

This add-on is very much beneficial if you have opened many tabs related to one particular website and the tabs are no longer required. You may download TabCloser v1.03 for free by accessing the website Here.