Introduction Of New Features In MS Word 2007 And Their Benefits

Introduction Of New Features In MS Word 2007 And Their Benefits

Microsoft has launched Word 2007 with the pretty new appearance along with some additional features when compared to previous version. The Microsoft Word 2007 helps to get the things done in more powerful and faster way.

However along with the fresh appearance of Word 2007, you will also need to know about the features and functioning of this brand new version. However, once you learn the tricks about using this office 2007, you might not really feel like the emerging to the older versions of Microsoft word.

Following are various newly enhanced features in Word 2007 which can speed up your efficiency in your everyday work.

1. Pretty Nice Graphics

New 3D effects along with transparency and drop shadow graphics are merged in SmartArt so as to provide a more beautiful look to your documents. To make use of the graphic into SmartArt, just click on the Insert tab and then go to the Ribbon, pick SmartArt.

2. Access Commands With Easy and Enhanced interface

Word 2007 includes latest, instinctive user interface which is named as Ribbon. This feature helps you to make documents more rapidly than you could in the earlier version of Microsoft Word.

Ribbon is provided with task oriented Command tabs with which you may reduce the clicks to execute assignment or commands, which were managed from the menus, dialog boxes and toolbars in the older versions. Ribbon feature provides you the simplicity to access the things, and it is much easier to use. For example, adding header and footer and add shapes, chart, table, and picture

3. Simply Compare and Merge Various Types of Document

There are several fresh superior features which facilitate you to track the modifications made into your documents. You may easily compare and merge various types of documents.

4. Remove Hidden and Unnecessary Comments

The feature Document Inspector detects and removes any unnecessary or hidden comments simply to make your data private.

You should go to Microsoft Office button   placed in the left most corner, after that click on Prepare, next Inspect Document. The pop up dialog box will be displayed to ensure that you have checked the Reviewing Versions, Comments and Remarks, after checking the click Inspect. Click on the tab “Remove All” to remove all unnecessary and hidden annotations.

Note: You should be cautious while executing this task because you can’t undo this utility once you’ve removed it.

5. Prevent Your Documents Editable By Others

You can mark as “Final” to create your document file as final version. Therefore, other people will not find the need to edit your document.

Go to the Microsoft Office button and click on Prepare tab and next click on the “Mark as Final” and after that save the file.

6. Save File as PDF and XPS Formats

One more well-liked feature demanded by MS Word users is the feature to save the file as PDF or XPS formats, and many users are very thankful to Microsoft Word 2007 for having finally given them this feature.

7. Enable the Reliability of Documents by Digital Signatures

You can make sure that the document is not altered after its creation by just signing the respective document by means of a digital certificate. You can attach the digital signature to your document by going through Microsoft Office button, and then click on “Prepare”, and then “Add a Digital Signature”.

Hit the OK button within the message box and enter the purpose of signing your file. Click on the “Sign” button.

8. Live Word Count

This feature keeps tracking the total numbers of words in the document while typing. The number of words in the document is shown in bottom left corner.

Text Copy/Paste Functionality Has Been Disabled In MS Word / Visual Studio/ Firefox

Copying Issues on the Web

Security has been a growing issue on the internet. Every website is trying to make its contents more secure. Some security features on some websites does not allow users to copy any data or information that are displayed on it. Usually these are done to safeguard copyright related features that the website owners do not want others to re-produce. We might want to copy some text from the browser, word processor, text editor, spread sheet, email client or any other application.

As such when we try copy anything from this webpage and paste it elsewhere, you might get the display a message telling you, “Text Copying Disabled”. The source text is not displayed at all. The copyright owner’s name is also displayed along with this message.

Being unable to copy and paste error affects all the other running programs in the system. When such a message is displayed, the user will not be able to copy from any other application as well, even if the other application is a non-browser editor. Here too the same error message is displayed. No matter what text the user tries to copy and paste, everywhere the result is the same, “Text Copying Disabled”. The exact text that has been copied does not appear.

The reason behind this error being transmitted to other non-browser application is still unknown. Even disabling the JavaScript on your web browser does not resolve this copy paste issue. This copying disabled problem keeps recurring. The block implementation is still unknown, and perhaps it is done through Flash or other similar web components.

When this error message is displayed the clipboard becomes completely inaccessible by the user. The user will not be able to copy any text or any images, pictures, or other graphics. The clipboard memory simply becomes unknown location and the system cannot hold any copy paste items.

Over days of research, it has been concluded that the “Text Copying Disabled” blocking has been created, loaded, and opened in any tab or window in that web browser. This usually occurs on the web pages that have data of marketing research or online survey. This is done by these websites to safe guard the data being copied by its visitors. They usually are the data that are pretty sensitive, and therefore they are protected from being copied by other users.

Some of the popular companies that use the disable text copying feature are Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates and PSB Internet Survey, or Opinion Guru.

To fix this copy paste issue, simply complete the survey on the web page that is not allowing you to copy data. After the survey is completed close the window or tab where the survey was open. If the problem persists, i.e. you are still not being allowed to copy paste from any other application, then close all the web browser that are open at that moment including Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any others.

If the copy paste function is still not enabled, then delete all the temporary internet files or empty all the browser caches from your web browsers. These steps will surely allow you to resume the copy paste operation on your system.